TRAILER: Who Attacked Ken Barlow?

Did someone have it in for Ken? Take a look at the suspects and decide who you think could have done the dastardly deed!

Ken was discovered unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and the presumption was he had suffered another stroke.

But in Wednesday night’s episode the family will be given the shock news that the police are launching an attempted murder investigation, after discovering evidence that Ken was hit on the head and pushed down the stairs.

So who did try to kill Ken?

The police have a list of suspects which includes a murderer, a drug dealer, a former alcoholic and a student with a history of violence, and that’s just his family! Add in a builder with a grudge and a young girl who blames Ken for her aborting her baby and the cops are going to have their work cut out.

Here we take a look at the suspects, their movements on the night and their possible motive for wanting Ken dead.