Preview Pictures: Mon 31 Oct - Fri 4 Nov

This week on the Street: Alex becomes Gemma's knight in shining armour, a devastated Yasmeen uncovers the truth, the Rovers hold a Halloween party and has something happened to Caz?

Gemma admits to Alex that she’s secretly sleeping in the kebab shop as she daren’t return to the estate as she fears for her life.

But when Chesney stumbles across some of her things is the gig up?

Alex very kindly lets Gemma use the shower.

Just as Cathy comes home - will a clearly smitten Alex have some explaining to do?

Especially when he asks whether Gemma can be his guest to their wedding!

Zeedan pours his heart out to Rana, telling her how much he misses his parents.

But when he stuns her with a shock proposal how will Rana respond?

Dev shows Zeedan the gym accounts which show a transfer of £14k to Sharif’s personal account. Zeedan’s shocked. Entering No.6, Zeedan confronts Sharif and demands to know what’s going on. Will he get an explanation?

Sharif suggests to Sonia that it’s time to end their fling but, unbeknown to them, a shocked Yasmeen overhears everything!

Later as the Nazir's have a get-together, Sharif presents Rana with Jamila’s necklace and Zeedan makes a heartfelt speech.

No longer able to contain her anger, no longer able to contain her anger, Yasmeen announces that Sharif has been having an affair for years!

We'll let you imagine how well that little piece of news is going to go down with Zeedan...

Gary assures David he knows the crash was an accident and doesn’t blame him for Anna’s injuries, but David’s still consumed with guilt.

Not wishing to be a burden, Anna tells Kevin she doesn’t love him any more and they’re finished, but is this what she really wants?

Elsewhere, with the evidence mounting, officers question Maria about her marriage to Pablo - is it only a matter of time before her calm facade slips?

Kirk and Aidan arrive at Maria's flat after she finds turned upside down. Kate barges in demanding to know what's going on.

Kate plays a voice message from Caz sounding terrified and telling her Maria has locked her in the bathroom and she fears for her life!

Can Maria convince them all that she hasn't harmed Caz!?

Fiz is speechless when she shows Tyrone a blood stained rug which she found in their bin.

Clearly shaken, will Fiz and Tyrone go to the police?

The Rovers Halloween party takes place with staff and regulars dressed up.

Although it looks like someone might have stolen Steve's thunder!

Preview Clips: Friday 28th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Johnny lays down the law with Alya.

Get it earning it's keep - same goes for you!

– Johnny Connor

Michelle is in turmoil when Amy discovers something she shouldn't...
After a pretend row with Maria on the phone, Caz tells Kate she’s nowhere to stay.
And, Peter and Audrey arrive just as Simon is reading aloud to Ken at his bedside.


Beth makes one last desperate plea to Kirk. Can she win her man back?

I'm like a cheese sarnie with no pickle.

– Beth Sutherland

The genetic counsellor breaks the news of his results to Steve and Michelle will they get the outcome they’re all so badly hoping for?
Caz feeds Tyrone a sob story telling him how Maria’s gone nuts and sends her abusive texts!
And, Faye’s appalled and when Seb steals a bottle of wine from the corner shop!

Preview Clips: Wednesday 26th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Having become quite attached to Liam, Eva suggests he could stay with them until Maria comes home.

Fine, I'll have a word!

– Aidan, Eva and Liam - Coronation Street - ITV

Can Sarah resist the temptation of Gary?
Peter begs Tracy for a chance to help out and make up with his Dad.
And, can Alya win Johnny over?

Preview Clips: Monday 24th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Has Amy overheard Michelle discussing that there might be something wrong with Steve?

This is so unfair!

– Amy Barlow

As Ken struggles to speak the doctor assures Tracy that his recovery will take time.
Alya has some work to do if she's to make her latest venture a success.
And, Caz packs her bags.


Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers, but what will Michelle make of Steve’s kind-hearted gesture?

I get a bad press...

– Peter Barlow

Leanne takes a worried Simon to see Ken in hospital.
With encouragement from Kirk, Liam asks Aidan if he can spend the night with him and Eva.
And, Gail orders Sarah to stay away from Gary and focus on her family.

Preview Pictures: Mon 24 Oct - Fri 28 Oct

This week on the Street: Gary and Sarah finally get together! Amy finds out about the baby, Craig plans to get Beth and Kirk back together and will Alya double-cross Sinead?

Sarah texts Gary, asking him to meet her.

Apologising for giving him mixed signals Sarah admits she really wants him and they kiss passionately!

Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers, but what will Michelle make of Steve's kind-hearted gesture?

Liz inadvertently lets slip to Amy that Michelle is pregnant, how will she react at the prospect of a little brother or sister?

Especially when Amy learns that there is a chance that baby could be born with MD.

Will Leanne offer much help with the situation?

Or, will Robert become an unlikely confidant?

Eva enjoys having Liam to stay and texts a picture of Aidan and Liam to Maria.

Can Aidan hide his discomfort?

Elsewhere, Caz arrives back but Kirk is firm - Maria's back on Monday and she has to be gone by then!

Kirk is friendly towards Craig but completely blanks Beth. Can Craig form a plan to reunite them?

Alya puts pressure on Sinead insisting she runs up some mock up uniforms for the kebab shop.

Dev is really impressed with the uniform designs.

But, how will Sinead react when Alya fails to give her any of the credit?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 19th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Anna worries that Peter is going to increase her rent - will Kevin have a solution?

Will desperate David find a way to put his plan into action?
The impact of Peter's return sends shockwaves through the Barlow household.
And as Gemma and Craig wait nervously to be called to give evidence in court, will Beth arrive in time?


TRAILER: Will David get his revenge?

Preview Clips: Monday 17th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Ken is all set to go away on his trip until the shock return of a familiar face leaves him dumbfounded...

David puts his plan into action having found out that Clayton is attending court today.
Steve braces himself to get tested at the hospital.
And, Gary confides in Luke, Tyrone and Andy about his troubles with Sarah.


Is Steve about to reach breaking point?

Simon is delighted to have his Dad home but Peter admits he has nowhere to stay...
The Platts work together to stop David but will they be too late?
And, Gary attempts to build bridges with Sarah.


TRAILER: Will David get his revenge?