Preview Clip: Thursday 22nd March

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In the Bistro, having become convinced the Platt's woes are caused by Richard Hillman's curse, Gail tells Rosemary she will find the time and money needed to get rid of it.

With a spirit as malevolent as Richard Hillman, we're going to need quite a few sessions so I completely understand if you want to leave it.

– Rosemary Piper

Preview Clips: Wednesday 21st March

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When Michelle confides in Carla that she wishes Ali would come to the wedding, Carla vows to put things right. But will she be able to?

It breaks my heart that he has no interest in being part of my life whatsoever. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I say sorry...

– Michelle Connor


When Fiz is forced to confess that it was Hope all along causing the problems, a furious Tyrone is stunned that Ruby has been taking the blame. Is this the final straw for them?

It was Hope who blocked the plughole and Hope who locked them in the factory. And Hope who nearly got Joseph to fly from the top of the stairs which I never even told you about. You name it, Hope did it.

– Fiz Stape

Preview Clips: Monday 19th March

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Having woken up that morning with the horror he's been raped, David returns home. But he’s stunned when Josh arrives, casually chatting with Gail. How will he react?

You need to pull yourself together...

– Josh Tucker


There's a frosty atmosphere in the kebab shop, as Chesney refuses to forgive Gemma. Is this the end of their friendship?

Because when you forgive folk they're only grateful for a while. And then they start to see you as a doormat. Fiz don't know that yet but she will...

– Chesney Brown

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Coming up: Carla's good deed doesn't go to plan, Robert turns to Steve for help and are things over between Fiz and Tyrone for good?

Carla's good deed

Carla persuades Ali to come back to Roy's flat, in a bid to get him to change his opinion of Michelle.

She is left shocked when Ali admits he has always had a crush on her.

Ali leans in for a kiss. Is Carla's mission for Michelle forgotten?

Unlikely Allies

Explaining how hurt Michelle is, Robert asks Steve to convince Ali into joining them both for a drink.

Can the unlikely team-up make headway with Ali?

Preview Clips: Friday 16th March

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Liz, Moira and Robert overhear an argument at the medical centre between Ali and his legal mother Wendy. What's going on?

Her and Michelle both had babies and at the hospital. After they were born, they were swapped over. Oh it's very confusing...

– Liz McDonald


Josh sets about getting David drunk before comparing stories of their families. Is their friendship about to take a darker turn?

One day he just got off. No goodbye. Wearing his shiny suit one day and, the next, just a shadow where his suit used to be.

– David Platt

Preview Clips: Wednesday 14th March

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Summer and Amy put themselves in danger on the search for Billy...

That other bloke said he'd seen a vicar here yesterday...

– Summer Spellman


Audrey is shocked when Rosemary says, not only is she in contact with Alf, she also has a message for Gail from her dead husbands! What will they have to say to her?

Has Ivy got a message? Mind you I'd be surprised if she hadn't, she had enough to say for herself when she was alive.

– Audrey Roberts

Preview Clips: Monday 12th March

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Having spotted Gemma sneaking out of No.9, it seems the cat may be out of the bag. But can Gemma get Rita to agree to keep quiet?

It was just nice to spend the night with someone decent like Ty. Think they might actually care...

– Gemma Winter


Billy swears to Peter he is trying to get clean. But is leaving him at the house, while you go to get Eileen, the best idea Peter?

I can never forgive you for what you did to Susan. But you've suffered enough. Do this for Summer...

– Peter Barlow

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Coming up: Is David in danger? Fiz discovers Tyrone's secret, Audrey gets a message from the other side and Ali has an argument with his mother.

David's darkest hour

David is gutted when Josh says he needs to get medical advice before he can fight. Will Ali rule him out of the boxing match?

Whilst out looking for boxing locations with David and Josh, Alya spots the car used in the attack on the garage.

David and Josh wrestle the owner to the ground and get him arrested.

Later, David and Josh go for a drink in town but when David goes to the gents, Josh spikes his drink...

A message from the other side

Despite being told by Maria and Gail that she is a fake, Audrey makes a booking with Rosemary the clairvoyant.

Audrey is shocked when Rosemary says not only is she in contact with Alf but she also has a message for Gail from one of her dead husbands!