Preview Clip: Wednesday 5th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Audrey, Nick and Gail are horrified when they see posters of Clayton dotted around the Street...

He wants the world to know who killed his wife, he's obsessed.

– Nick Tilsley

Eileen is suspicious when Tim tells her he dropped Vinny off at a casino will she go after him?
Norris offers to give Freddie a ballroom dancing lesson.
And, will Gemma win the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award?

Preview Clips: Monday 3rd October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Steve lets slip to Tim that Michelle's new wedding client is County football player, Tommy Orpington...

I'm not going to make a fuss!

– Tim Metcalfe

To keep Gail happy David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session.
Keen to commit to her new role Eileen resigns from Street Cars!
And, will Steph like Andy's latest story?


Phelan takes a raging Vinny to the pub to try and calm him down...

You had me at heartbroken!

– Vinny

David is viciously attacked by a menacing figure at the Dog and Gun!
Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the party with Freddie.
And, Leanne offers Steph the manager’s job whilst she’s on maternity leave.

Preview Pictures: Mon 3 Oct - Fri 7 Oct

Coming up on the Cobbles: David has a very bad week, Steve and Tim make a new friend, Norris gives Freddie ballroom dancing lessons and will Sarah and Gary go for a drink?

David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there.

Later, David is viciously attacked by the menacing figure at the Dog and Gun.

Will he make it home in one piece?

To make matters worse, the police turn up at No.8 and arrest David on suspicion of perverting the course of justice - what’s David done now?

Later, David sets his sights once more on his revenge plan...

Heading to the hospital David finds Macca fighting for his life.

Michelle is embarrassed when she finds Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawning over her new wedding client Tommy Orpington.

But things turn sour when Steve learns that Tim has invited Tommy round for some home brew and accuses Tim of trying to steal his new friend!

Andy shares his latest story with Steph and hopes she'll sing his praises.

But when Steph is horrified by his fictional tastes, Andy is left fuming and feels unsupported.

Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the Zambezi Club party with Freddie.

But when she sees them return to the Street later, Audrey decides to mark her territory...

Freddie is panicked when Audrey wants to take him dancing and he confides in Tyrone and Luke that he has two left feet.

In a bid to help him out, Tyrone calls upon the help of Norris who gives Freddie a ballroom dancing lesson.

What could possibly go wrong?

Vinny reminds Phelan that if they can keep the game up for another two months then they'll be on a beach sipping cocktails enjoying their new wealth.

But for how much longer can Vinny endure Eileen's interfering?

Sarah’s perturbed when Izzy tells her they saw Bethany out running on her lunch hour.

Grateful to Gary for his support, Sarah invites him out for a drink.

But can the two put their problems aside for the evening and will their date be a success?

Preview Clips: Friday 30th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah's uncle Steven offers to buy back her shares in his business but will she accept the unexpected windfall?

Take the money

– David Platt

Todd and Phelan are at a stand-off, who will come out on top?
When Maria tells Caz that she has to go to visit Pablo in London, she’s shocked when Caz invites herself along too.
And, David's furious when he gets some news about Clayton!


Phelan and Vinny decide they need some insurance for dealing with Todd...

There's no point in pussyfooting around is there?

– Pat Phelan

Maria tells Caz that she only sees her as a friend, how will she react?
Bethany finally gets a victory over bully Lauren. Is this the last we'll hear of her?
And, David agrees to go to grief counselling to keep Gail quiet.

Preview Clip: Thursday 29th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan offers to help as Maria prepares to say goodbye to an old friend.

Is there anything I can do?

– Aidan Connor

Todd insists on helping Billy with a community project to try and get back in his good books.
Tyrone tries to gently broach the subject of marriage with Roy and questions him about him and Cathy.
And, Gail announces that Michael is moving back in.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 28th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Roy and Tyrone have a heart-to-heart about Cathy.

I have to learn that Cathy is not Hayley.

– Roy Cropper

Billy gives Eileen food for thought about Todd and Phelan.
Maria and Kirk are devastated by some shocking news.
And, will Sharif have landed himself in even more hot water?

Preview Clips: Monday 26th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


When Aidan tells Alya that they’d need in order to bulk produce her designs would cost up to £14k, Alya vows to get her hands on the money...

Watch me!

– Alya Nazir

Roy tries to protect Alex from Cathy's anger.
Beth resolves to fight for her man!
Erica is sceptical but Dev is impressed by the twins’ business enterprise as they arrange flowers from the school garden into bouquets for him to sell.


Alex tells Roy and Cathy that he's moving away. Will Roy be able to stop him?

Thanks for having me.

– Alex Warner

Sharif is in turmoil as Alya and Sonia make demands. How is he going to get out of this one?
Beth is devastated when she heads off to court with neither Craig nor Kirk by her side.
And, Aadi and Asha tell Tracy they’ll stop selling flowers at Dev’s if she sacks Mary...

Preview Pictures: Mon 26 Sept - Fri 30 Sept

This week on Coronation Street: Can Roy stop Alex leaving for Scotland? Maria and Kirk get some devastating news, Billy tempts Todd back to the light and Gail and David have a little chat...

Roy is shocked when Alex announces that he's going to live in Scotland with his mum and Cathy does nothing to dissuade him.

At the allotment, Roy tries to brush off Alex's concerns but Roy is aghast when Alex hits the nail right on the head.

Can Roy make Cathy see sense and encourage Alex to stay?

Beth tries to persuade Kirk to support her in court, will he find the strength to say yes?

Kirk and Maria are left devastated when a close family member passes away, but Caz relishes the opportunity to be a pillar of support to a grieving Maria.

Knowing she has to have an honest conversation with Caz, Maria explains to her that she only sees her as a friend. How will she react?

Sharif is at a loss as to where he will find the funds to appease both Alya and Sonia. He needs to come up with an idea and soon!

Erica tricks Aadi and Asha into admitting to Dev where they've really been getting their flowers from. How will Dev react?

Eileen is gutted when she witnesses Billy refusing to give Todd the time of day.

In a dramatic turn of events, Todd and Billy find themselves in an A&E waiting room together.

Todd realises how much he wants Billy back and decides he needs to do the right thing and pull out of his partnership with Phelan.

Sarah is delighted when she unexpectedly receives a large sum of money and decides to approach Phelan about buying one of his flats for her and Bethany.

But, when Todd learns what Sarah is doing he confronts Phelan, ordering him not to rip off his close friend or he will blow the whistle on him and Vinny. Will Pat listen?

Gail and Audrey are curious about David's constantly beeping phone and decide to check it, but are left gobsmacked by what they find.

Can Gail convince David to go to grief counselling?