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Coming up: Phelan returns to the Street looking for revenge, Steve kisses Michelle before her wedding and David finds the courage to get Josh is arrested!

Wedding Nightmare

Steve tells Michelle about Robert's steroid abuse and insisting she is too good for him, kisses her.

But, Robert walks in and sees it all! How will he react?

As Michelle waits for the ceremony to begin, Daniel confides in Carla that Robert has run away. Can they convince him to stay?

Phelan's Revenge

Elsewhere, Gary and Joe track down Phelan and break into his caravan.

A fight breaks out between Gary and Phelan but Joe manages to knock him unconscious! Tying him up they load him into the van!

Preview Clips: Friday 25th May

Coming up on the cobbles...


The stags gather in the pub - can you guess who they're all supposed to be dressed as?

I just thought the more the merrier, you know, what with you not having many mates.

– Ryan Connor


How will warring Tyrone and Fiz react when they realise Hope has been intentionally stirring things between them?

Hope told me you've had some fella round here and he was wearing your flaming dressing gown!

– Tyrone Dobbs

Preview Clips: Wednesday 23rd May

Coming up on the cobbles...


Josh is rattled when his old training partner Claire tells him that Shona called in the gym asking questions...

Did she not say what she wanted?

– Josh Tucker


Sarah visits Nicola with some old baby clothes. Will her olive branch be accepted?

I think I need to get on with bump here, especially as I'm going to be seeing him a lot round our place.

– Sarah Platt