Preview Clips: Friday 3rd March


Bethany's evasive replies about Nathan raise suspicions with Sarah. What is Bethany hiding?

We did nothing okay, just sat there staring at the wall...

– Bethany Platt


Robert offers Michelle a shoulder (as well as some tequila and a board game) to cry on.

You're a human being, there's no learning curve. I went out with Tracy Barlow... Twice..

– Robert Preston

Preview Clips: Monday 27th February


A devastated Michelle vows revenge on Steve. But how far will she go?

I'm going to need your help.

– Michelle Connor


Gemma and Dev offer Chesney dating advice. But have his hopes been raised again?

There are lots of lovely ladies out there waiting to be wooed, and I have got the game to make you sound irresistible.

– Dev Alahan

Preview Clips: This Week On The Cobbles

Monday 13th February


Sophie hears some home truths from Tyrone about the financial state of the garage.

These money problems we're having, I don't think Kev's told you the full story.

– Tyrone Dobbs


Tracy is furious when she hears the truth about Luke's 'romantic' getaway.

You know I got my passport out, I started Googling beautiful places with famous bridges like some kind of mug...

– Tracy Barlow

Wednesday 15th February


Brian tells a shocked Sally about the scenes of destruction at the allotments.

What's happened?

– Rosie Webster

Thursday 16th February


A change of career offers new possibilities for Sophie and Rosie.

The amount of times over the years I've woken up to some hairy face bloke staring through my windows fag in one hand, rag in the other...

– Eileen Phelan

Friday 17th February


Nathan puts Bethany in an awkward situation. How will she react?

It doesn't feel right though lying to the police...

– Bethany Platt


A mysterious woman takes Adam's fancy.

Sounds like a bit of a bad boy.

– Adam Barlow