Preview Clips: Wednesday 31st August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Accusing the management of spying on them, Sally leads the girls out on strike.

You can't do that!

– Johnny Connor

As Maria comforts Liam and promises him the burglar won’t come back, her phone rings but there’s nobody there.
Liz is stunned when a determined Steve lays down the law.
And, Todd tells Eileen she’s mad to invest in Phelan’s project but is she prepared to listen?

Preview Clips: Monday 29th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Maria struggles to hear about how well Eva and Aidan's relationship is going.

Take the hint Eva!

– Maria Connor

Sally and Phelan go head-to-head over the development.
Later, as Maria and Liam walk Ozzy on the Red Rec, they’re shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench.
With the bosses out for the afternoon the factory staff decide to have a little fun.


Phelan sets his sights on Alex, will he be able to win him over?

I would love to pick your brains about something.

– Pat Phelan

Finding the door to her flat open, Maria enters with trepidation as a burglar lurks in the shadows.
Nick and Leanne put the past behind them as she moves the last of her things into his flat.
And, Craig explains to Bethany how Gary has asked him to keep an eye on her.

Picture Previews: Mon 29 Aug - Fri 2 Sept

This week on the Street: Maria is attacked, Craig uncovers Beth's secret, Alex could put a stop to Phelan's fiendish plans and Gary makes a stand for Bethany!

Maria's shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench. But pointing out she's already had her fingers burnt once, Maria hands her some cash and tells her she'll have to sort herself out.

Maria comes home to find a burglar in her house! Shoving Maria out of the way, she falls and cracks her head on the edge of a table.

Caz calls at Maria flat and is horrified to discover she's been attacked.

While tending to Maria's wound, Caz phones the police to report the burglary.

Maria and Caz comfort Liam but as Caz prepares to leave, Liam finds his dad's watch in Caz's bag. Will she be able to explain?

Craig's devastated when Beth admits to Craig she concealed the truth about his dad from him.

When Johnny catches the Underworld staff out for slacking Sean wonders who grassed them up.

We can't think who it might be!?

But are Jenny and Johnny about to be busted!?

Sally explains to Phelan how the building he intends to pull down currently houses a film club which Alex attends. Will this put Phelan's plans in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, Todd tells Eileen she's mad to invest in Phelan's project but is Eileen prepared to listen?

Steve lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can't disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can't risk losing Michelle.

Bethany's shocked when Gary turns up at school and tells the Head that Lauren is has been making Bethany's life hell and they need to do something about it!

Preview Clips: Friday 26th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan and Maria just need to act normal around each other - how hard can that be?

Keep it normal.

– Aidan Connor

Nick's got an announcement to make and Gail's not going to like it one bit!
Concerned about Bethany’s health, Gary drags her to the café insisting they need to talk.
Phelan brings Vinnie in on his plans to scam the money from Eileen.


Eileen tells Phelan that Jason has come to a decision about investing in his development project. Is he in?

You're going to string this out as much as you can aren't you?

– Pat Phelan

Is Steve's dark secret about to be revealed?
Telling Aidan what a lovely girl Maria is, Eva resolves to find her a new man!
Bully Lauren tracks Bethany down to the gym and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 24th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michael offers to help Gail with the kids.

Sorry Mister, can we have our ball back please?

– Michael Rodwell

Bethany collapses at the gym, will she be okay?
Tracy sees something she shouldn't but can she keep it to herself?
And, Sharif and Sonia have a heart-to-heat.

Preview Clips: Monday 22nd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Leanne says goodbye to Weatherfield, but does Simon have other ideas?

If we get there...

– Simon Barlow

As a celebration of Kylie’s birthday, David buys a garden swing for Max and Lily.
Sharif and Yasmeen arrive home and are utterly thrilled to find their grandchildren have arranged a surprise 45th wedding anniversary party.
Michelle books an appointment at the doctors to discuss her pregnancy.


Bethany is horrified to realise that Craig’s posted a photo of her online.

I thought you'd find it funny!

– Craig Tinker

After some prompting, Nick comes to a decision.
Sharif’s clearly agitated by their new houseguest.
And, how long can Aidan put off moving in with Eva?

Preview Pictures: Mon 22 Aug - Fri 26 Aug

This week on the Street: Can Nick stop Leanne from leaving? Gary to the rescue as Bethany collapses, The Nazir's celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary and Phelan introduces Eileen to Vinnie...

Leanne reveals to Steve that she's leaving Weatherfield.

As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begs Leanne not to go and that he knows about the baby!

Leanne's stunned. As Simon waits with bated breath will the pair admit their love for each other?

Of course they will! Later, Nick accompanies Leanne to her first baby scan.

But you can imagine Gail's reaction when Nick announces that he and Leanne are back together and she and Simon will be moving in with him!

While the Platts argue, Tracy approaches and asks Leanne when the baby's due! All eyes turn to Leanne and Steve watches, his heart in his mouth.

Convinced she's overweight, Bethany secretly pops two of her diet pills.

While Gary oversees Craig's induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine.

Suddenly, Bethany collapses! She quickly regains consciousness and assures Gary she's fine but Gary's not convinced.

Worried that Gary is about to reveal her health problems to Sarah, Bethany quickly shoves the envelope containing her exam results at her mum, warning her that she's done really badly.

Back at the gym Lauren tracks Bethany down and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Bethany finally snaps and punches Lauren in front of Gary.

Bethany begs Gary not to tell Sarah about the bullying. Gary agrees on condition they report Lauren to the school.

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Preview Clips: Friday 19th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Steve hides at the airport to avoid Michelle's baby making regime. Will he pluck up the courage to tell her how he really feels?

Yes Mother, I'm aware she's looking after me!

– Steve McDonald

Leanne breaks the news to Simon that they’re going to live with Toyah in Liverpool.
As Eva enthusiastically shows Aidan some house brochures, it’s clear his heart isn’t it.
And, Izzy asks Gary to move out.


When Zeedan reveals the plan for their grandparents anniversary party, will Alya be on board?

Steve puts his foot in his mouth with Michelle, how's he going to wriggle his way out of this one?
Leanne gives Simon the choice, he can either move to Liverpool with her or stay in Weatherfield with Nick.
And, Eva finds the perfect place for her and Aidan.