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Coming up on the cobbles: Gary discovers Bethany's secret, Summer returns, Anna gets her verdict and Gemma throws Henry a surprise party!

Adam finds Billy on the floor of the community centre and offers to get him some stronger painkillers. What is he up to?

Later, Eileen takes Billy to see Summer but they are shocked when she turns up alone.

Eva finds Toyah in tears and she tells her that her surrogate has lost the baby.

Preview Clips: Friday 19th January

Coming up tonight on the cobbles...


When Toyah overhears Carla reminiscing about old times with Peter, she’s consumed with jealousy and decides it’s time she engaged her enemy. When Carla offers an olive branch in Roy's Rolls, will Toyah accept?

Is that why your back... you've gone through all the fellas in the South West and you're back for Peter?

– Toyah Battersby


Alya mourns the loss of Luke and talks to Zeedan about her sorrow. How will she get over the heartbreak?

Look I'm wallowing, alright, that's what people do when someone dies. They look at pictures and they wallow...

– Alya Nazir

Preview Clips: Wednesday 17th January

Coming up tonight on the cobbles...


Eva visits the medical centre and tells the doctor she thinks she might be pregnant. Begging for a scan as soon as possible, will her fears be realised?

I just don't get it. I've had absolutely no signs that I might be pregnant...

– Eva Price


The police question Phelan who lies that he was alone at No.11 when Luke was shot. Will his deceptions work this time?

Can I just ask a question. Who was it who put my name forward?

– Pat Phelan

Preview Clips: Monday 15th January

Tonight on the cobbles...


At the prison Eileen struggles to hide her unease as Anna quizzes her about Seb. Anna warns Eileen to watch her back as Phelan will turn on her one day. Will she listen?

I think that feeling in your gut is getting stronger. And I think that scared little voice inside your head is getting louder and louder and you can't ignore it any more...

– Anna Windass


Craig's appalled as Bethany explains she enjoys working as a lap dancer as it gives her a sense of power over men. She tells him that if he can’t accept her job, then it’s over between them.

This is my choice. I want to do it! I'm not embarrassed or ashamed, in fact, I enjoy it...

– Bethany Platt

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Cobbles

Coming up: Anna's trial begins, tensions rise between Toyah and Carla, Craig discover's Bethany's secret, and Gemma plans a party for Henry.

Craig and Jess are called to a disturbance in a Lap Dancing club, but how will Craig react when he sees Bethany working there?

Bethany comes up with a plan to destroy any future relationship for Gary and Sarah by getting her friend Sam to flirt with Gary in the Rovers.

Eileen visits Anna in prison who warns her that she should watch her back as Phelan will turn on her one day.

Anna's trial begins and Phelan is called as the first witness.

Lying through his teeth, Phelan makes out that Anna pushed Seb off his ladder.

Eileen's suspicions heighten as the police take Phelan in for questioning.

Preview Clips: Friday 12th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Eileen visits Anna in prison and quizzes her on Seb's accident.

Seb reckons that Pat set you up.

– Eileen Phelan


Leanne, Eva and Toyah confront Simon about the money he has taken from them.

I hate living here.

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 10th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Chesney invites Henry to his wedding as Gemma's plus one. How will he react?

You should come to our wedding.

– Chesney Brown


Craig is nervous about going round to Bethany's house.

Do you know when the time is right?

– Craig Tinker

Preview Clips: Monday 8th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Rana overhears Rosie and Sophie talking about Kate.

You can't both play hard to get.

– Rosie Webster


Eileen breaks the news about Luke's death to Phelan and Sean.

Luke's been killed.

– Eileen Phelan