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Coming Up: Is it game over for Kayla? Carla makes an offer and Tyrone gets some devastating news.

Game Over?

After reassuring Craig he doesn't have to do his rituals the pair head out in Kayla's car.

But then she deliberately slams the breaks on, blaming a cat in the road.

Causing Audrey and Gail to crash into them!

As Kayla fakes an injury, Craig is worried it is all his fault.

Later, when Bethany realises Craig has missed his police medical, she calls at Kayla's to see if he is there.

Having left Craig at the hospital, Kayla is at home and reluctantly lets Bethany in.

A horrified Bethany spots a photo of Neil and Kayla - what will she do now she knows the truth!?

A furious Kayla kidnaps Bethany and ties her up in the garage.

Preview Clips: Friday 20th July

Coming up on the cobbles...


Kayla swears to Neil that she'll prove his innocence and get him out of prison. But will her plotting work?

I know that my dad is innocent and I'm going to prove it!

– Kayla Clifton


Tracy is fuming when she walks in on Eileen and Dev trying to convince Steve to break up with her!

Will their plan work?

Do you know something Eileen, you are a sad, lonely old cow who's never going to get a fella again!

– Tracy Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 18th July

Coming up on the cobbles...

Eva is distraught when Susie goes missing! The police promise to do everything they can to find her but will it be enough?

You need to find Johnny Connor.

– Eva Price


Having accompanied Jude to see a marriage guidance counsellor, Angie admits she’s lost all respect for him and feels trapped in her marriage. Is this the end for them?

We can make it work. That's what you want isn't it love? For us to be a family, stay together.

– Jude Appleton

Preview Clips: Monday 16th July

Coming up on the cobbles...


Gemma tells Chesney she's read on social media that Henry has got engaged. Can Chesney turn her frown upside down?

What did you see on your phone that's made you so upset?

– Chesney Brown


Can Sally and Kevin lean on each other for support through their difficult times?

I know you Sal. And even if you did something wrong, you did it for the right reasons.

– Kevin Webster

TRAILER: Stealing Susie

Battle lines have been drawn across the cobbles as the feud between Eva and the Connors continues to escalate.

But when grieving Johnny spirals out of control and Susie goes missing what lengths will they all go to save the baby?

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Coming up on the cobbles: Johnny kidnaps susie! It's Chesney v Henry for Gemma's heart and is Abi back on drugs!

Stealing Susie

Eva, Johnny and Jenny attend a mediation session to discuss Susie's future.

But Johnny pulls out the fake birth certificate... Has he ruined their chances of coming to an agreement?

Later, Eva wakes up to find Susie missing. She panics and immediately suspects Johnny.

In a hotel room, Johnny struggles to cope with Susie. Meanwhile Eva makes an emotional appeal for her to come home. Will she be able to get through to Johnny?

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Coming Up On The Cobbles...

Monday 9th July


In the hospital, the doctor examines Jack's foot and asserts that the treatment is not working. Meanwhile, Kevin is angry at Sophie for wanting to sue the Medical Centre.

Jack can hear you, we need to stay positive!

– Kevin Webster


Sean's loyalty to Liz is forgotten when Toyah offers him a job back at the Rovers.

It's like I've never been away, I've even found my notch!

– Sean Tully

Tuesday 10th July

8pm (Hour long episode)

Everyone is feeling the pressure at Underworld. Sarah asks Alya for an advance but she declines. Is Sarah planning to pay off Ryan?

We're in this too deep!

– Beth Sutherland

In the Bistro, Carla opens up to Peter. Has she realised he could be a useful ally?

Water under the bridge.

– Carla Connor

Friday 13th July


Tim is concerned when Duncan asks Sally if she can fast track the funds as he has found a good deal for equipment for the hospital. Will Sally be able to help?

Well I don't trust him.

– Tim Metcalfe


Cathy tells Chesney she will play Cupid and help him win Gemma's heart. Will Cathy succeed?

Watch out, Cupid's got nothing on me!

– Cathy Matthews

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Kevin gets some devastating news about Jack, the Underworld staff are under pressure and what does Kayla have planned for Craig?

Kevin's Despair

The doctor informs Kevin that Jack has sepsis and it's going to spread if they don't amputate his foot.

Later, a heartbroken Sophie overhears Kevin saying he wishes he had never left Jack in her care.

When Kevin arrives home he sees Jack's football boots and breaks down. Will Jack be okay?

Is Craig In Trouble?

Kayla fails to turn up for a date claiming that she's ill.

Craig is shocked when he goes looking for her and she reveals she has quit her job and that it's over between them.

Later, an upset Kayla sits by Neil's hospital bed, after he has been attacked in prison.