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Coming up: Leanne, Simon and Eva move in to the Rovers, Aidan turns to Carla to try and save underworld and Tracy and Steve reunite.

Fiz is delighted when Tyrone and the kids surprise her with an early Christmas dinner.

Peter and Toyah welcome Chris, their new B&B guest, to The Rovers.

Later, Chris gets chatting to Leanne and she joins him for a drink. But does he have an ulterior motive?

Chaos reigns at the Rovers as Leanne, Simon, Oliver and Eva move in. Peter and Simon feel outnumbered by the women.

Brian returns early from his walking holiday having missed Cathy.

Aidan asks Johnny to sell him the factory but admits that he can't match Matthew Singh's offer. Johnny turns him down.

Following his bad luck with Johnny, Alya and Aidan approach Matthew Singh about becoming business partners but he doesn't want to work with Aidan.

With no other option, Aidan turns to Carla for help, explaining to her that the business is on the brink of collapse. How will she react?

Steve and Tracy enjoy some festive entertainment at the Carol Concert.

Passions flare on the cobbles...

Preview Clips: Friday 15th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Fiz apologises to Beth for suspecting her of arson and the women hug and make up. Fiz then suggests that perhaps Ruby has inherited Kirsty’s violent streak. Will her worst fears be realised?

I know, that's what I keep telling myself. But what if she's, you know, a chip off the old block...

– Fiz Brown


Leanne is back from visiting Stella and compares dating websites with Steve. A reluctant Steve agrees to mind Oliver so that Leanne can meet up with an internet date. How will it go?

Anyway, I've been chatting to this lad for weeks. I was gonna meet him for a coffee at, get this, an art gallery. Yeah, I was feeling really positive about it...

– Leanne Battersby

Preview Clips: Wednesday 13th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Chesney tells Sinead he’s taking her for a romantic dinner at the bistro. In the bistro, Chesney slips the engagement ring into Sinead’s glass of Champagne. Sinead’s shocked whilst Daniel watches, absolutely gutted.

You can't have an engagement without a ring...

– Chesney Brown


Nervous Craig arrives at No.8 wearing his best shirt. Oblivious to his feelings, Bethany flicks on a DVD and snuggles up to him on the sofa. Is this the start of something?

Don't be daft, it's fine, you look smart. I would have made an effort myself if I'd known you were.

– Bethany Platt

Preview Clips: Monday 11th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Awash with self-loathing, Robert tells Michelle how sorry he is and wouldn’t blame her if she walked away. But Michelle insists they’ll face their problems together. Can their relationship survive this?

The number of times I called Steve a loser. Said he didn't deserve you. How could I tell you that I'd just managed to run the business into the ground.

– Robert Preston


Zeedan is questioned by the police about the break-in at the bistro. When he confirms that he was working in his food van all evening, Rana steps in and makes out she was with him, giving him a watertight alibi. What does this show of solidarity mean for them?

For the record my husband is the most honest and hard working man I've ever met. He'd never rob anyone. And it's that's what Robert is saying he'll have me to answer to...

– Rana Nazir

Preview Pictures: This week On The Street

Coming up on the cobbles: Kate and Rana continue their affair, Leanne returns, Chesney has a run in with Daniel and Anna goes on the run.

Whilst in The Rovers back yard, Fiz, Beth and Liz notice smoke rising from the back of No. 9

Fiz discovers that their new trampoline is on fire and immediately points the finger at Beth.

Eva and Toyah are thrilled when Leanne returns from Spain with baby Oliver.

Sinead throws a beauty party and the girls ask about her wedding plans. Tracy senses her reluctance to get married.

Later, Chesney takes Sinead for a romantic dinner at the Bistro and slips an engagement ring into her champagne glass. Daniel watches from afar.

Crafty Chesney fakes food poisoning and suggests someone might have tampered with his meal. Sinead's given food for thought.

Following recent events, Daniel confronts Chesney in the Rover's back yard telling him that he knows Sinead still loves him.

Sinead is shocked to find Chesney with blood dripping down his face with Daniel standing over him. What has happened?

Kate and Rana take advantage of having the Bistro to themselves.

Startled by a masked intruder, Kate lashes out.

The police question Zeedan about the break in. But he confirms that he was out in his food van all evening.

Imran turns up at the Nazir's and announces to Rana and Zeedan that his marriage is on the rocks.

Kevin visits Anna in hospital and hits her with the news that their relationship is over as he needs to put Jack first. Anna is devastated.

Anna escapes from the hospital and goes on the run from the police.

While in the park, Anna spots Craig and is forced to hide in a bush.

Preview Clips: Friday 8th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Tyrone and Kirk wish their respective wives would drop this ridiculous feud so they can resume their friendship as normal.

And she'll go through my pockets and discover the receipts. And the text messages, it's always the text messages that get you. And I'm no good at lying under pressure. She'll be on to us...

– Kirk Sutherland


As they prepare to leave the hospital, Robert breaks the news to Michelle that he lost every last penny at the casino and the reason he sacked Zeedan is that he can’t even pay the staff wages. How will a stunned Michelle react?

Because I'm stupid. At the casino. I lost a lot of money. I asked the bank to help us out but they said I could whistle.

– Robert Preston

Preview Clips: Wednesday 6th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Luke calls at No.11 for Andy’s address. Annoyed at his interference, Phelan surreptitiously consults his laptop and scribbles down the address of a flat to let. Will his deception work?

I'm going down to Birmingham today so I can drop his post off for him if you'd like...

– Luke Britton


Bethany tells Jude and Mary to sort out their differences while she takes George out for a walk in the pram. Can they salvage their relationship?

It's a shame that you met me. How we never crossed paths. You never would have resented me...

– Mary Cole

Preview Clips: Monday 4th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah’s stunned when she receives a call from Joe informing her that there’s been an explosion in the Ukraine and they fear Gary has been killed. What will this tragic news mean for the Platts?

Joe, that's Gary's boss, he couldn't tell us much. But there are no witnesses, and no survivors.

– Gail Rodwell


Luke drops the bombshell on Kate that Rana’s pregnant and has no intention of leaving Zeedan. How will a devastated Kate cope?

Listen, I've told Rana she has to come clean to Zeedan. You're right, it's not fair us going behind his back. She will tell him, I know she will...

– Kate Connor