Previews: Monday 2nd February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David's furious when he find Callum paying Max a visit.

Roy agrees to look after Joseph whilst Chesney is visiting Sinead.
Maddie and Simon get on Norris' nerves (it doesn't take much).
And Gavin/Andy's ex-girlfriend turns up at the Bistro...


Is Andy's secret about to be revealed!?

David tells Katie who Callum really is.
Maddie seeks revenge against Norris.
And, Craig offers to be Faye's bodyguard.

Picture Preview: Mon 2 Feb - Fri 6 Feb

This week on Coronation Street: Roy attempts to say a final goodbye to Hayley, Callum comes looking for Max, Faye struggles with bullies at school and Michael gets ready for his operation.

Callum pops into Roy's Rolls to share a milkshake with Max.

Which worries David into researching his legal rights as Max's dad.

Callum turns the charm on Katy, will she warm to his sob story?

Later, Callum asks David to act as his alibi, or he'll tell Max who he really is!

Will David lie to the police?

Previews: Friday 30th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sinead breaks down with Beth.

Callum pays Max a surprise visit.
Jealous Todd starts whispering in Jason's ear.
And, Chesney wants a word with Steve.


Steve builds up the courage attend his first session with the therapist.

Jason finds Tony and Eva at the house, will they tell him what they're up to?
Sinead’s lifted to see her great grandmother when Agnes arrives at the hospital.
And, Anna and Owen row over his constant digs at Gary.

Preview: Wednesday 28th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Eva tries to give Jason some good news, but will he be willing to hear what she has to say?

David worries that with Kylie gone, he has no parental rights over Max.
Craig tells Tim he saw Kevin and Sally acting suspiciously.
And, Steph puts pressure on Andy to track down Michael’s real son.

Preview: Monday 26th January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michelle reveals that Steve has depression.

David gets a call telling him Kylie’s been caught shop-lifting in Rochdale.
Eva confides in Tony and Todd that she’s going to ask Jason if he’d like to buy a place together.
And, Gary starts work in Roy's Rolls.


Steve attempts to visit Sinead but Chesney sends him packing, making it clear he’s not welcome.

Desperate David goes to greater lengths to find Kylie.
Jason worries that he can't afford to move in with Eva.
And, Craig helps Tim with his window cleaning round.

Picture Previews: Mon 26 Jan - Fri 30 Jan

This week on the Street: Todd plots his revenge, David and Eva try to track down Kylie and Sinead awaits news from the doctors.

Eva confides in Tony and Todd that she plans to ask Jason if he’d like to buy a place together.

But she’s gutted when Jason says he doesn’t want to.

But as Tony gives her a hug, fiendish Todd forms a plan…

Knowing Tony and Eva are in the flat looking to buy under Jason's nose, Todd conspires to make Jason walk in on them. Will they tell him what they're up to?

Never missing an opportunity to stir things up more, Todd suggests that it's good that Eva and Tony get on so well and spend so much time together. Will Jason start to think the worst?