Preview: Monday 22nd September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Peter is summoned for a beating.
Michael tries to back out of seeing the doctor.
And, Todd's family continue to blank him.


Ken and Deirdre hatch a plan to save Peter from Jim - by asking Liz to speak to him.
Jason moves out, to get away from Todd.
And, Tim’s not happy that Sally didn’t warn him about Kevin’s return.

The Trouble with Todd

Bad boy Todd has burnt a lot of bridges, but is he completely irredeemable? We spoke to Bruno Langley to try and salvage the situation.

"Todd never set out to physically hurt Tyrone," says Bruno. "He knows he’s made a mistake and he spends a long time trying to make things better."

"He doesn’t seem to realise that whatever he does is not going to help. He needs to just keep his mouth shut but Todd can’t help himself, he’s trying to help his brother but he’s just making matters worse."

Preview: Fri 19th Sept 7.30pm

Peter slips up when talking to Tracy. Will he tell her about what Jim's really been up to?

Michael tries to track down his long-lost father.
Maddie's plan to save Eccles is put under threat.
Dev and Julie head out for a drink together. How will Mary react?