Preview Clips: Friday 28th April


Nathan assures Bethany she’ll have Neil eating out of the palm of her hand. How will this end?

For you, I can do anything.

– Bethany Platt


Rosie is torn between exposing Gina and trusting Leah's words that she's been unwell and unsupported. What will she do?

Well I am sorry to hear that. But you need to up your game...

– Rosie Webster

Preview Clips: Monday 24th April


The love affair continues. As Rob tells Tracy he plans to leave on Friday, will she be able to resist her true feelings towards him?

By the way, all that happily ever after stuff you were banging on about yesterday. It would have been amazing!

– Tracy Barlow


Convinced that Adam was his assailant Ken starts to build bridges with the rest of the Barlows.

You know if Adam did attack me, I don't think I could ever forgive him...

– Ken Barlow

Preview Clips: Friday 21st April


A departing Freddie tries to make amends with Rita. But will she remain unmoved?

Any news round here usually gets in here first.

– Rita Tanner


Turning on the charm Nathan assures Sarah he only wants what’s best for Bethany. Will Sarah thaw towards him?

I wish I'd had a mum like you, nagging me about school, when I was her age.

– Nathan Curtis