Preview Clips: Friday 12th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The police come for Simon.

What former incidents?

– Simon

Beth's itching for a fight but will David come clean?
Izzy confides In Erica that since in terrible pain with her hip.
And, Ken steps down as Sally's campaign manager. Who will she choose as a replacement?


Norris v Mary - who will Sally choose?

I'm making them sweat Tim!

– Sally

The police grill Simon, will he admit the truth?
Beth and Kylie continue to hurl abuse at each other, can Audrey save the day?
And, Erica gives Izzy something to help with the pain...

Preview Clip: Wednesday 10th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Leanne tells the police everything about Simon!

I can't let that happen again.

– Leanne

Anna and Kevin join Tim and Sally on a double date - we're sure it will go fine!
Erica offers to help Izzy when she sees her struggling with some fabric.
And, Todd proudly shows off his first bouquet, what will Tracy think?

Preview Clips: Monday 8th Februay

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Simon sees red on the pitch!

You deserved that!

– Simon

Phelan plays dirty to keep his job.
Eva sneaks into Underworld to help Marta.
With Audrey recuperating at home, David’s run off his feet at the salon - lets hope he doesn't make any mistakes...


Johnny and Jenny share a drink...

How come you're not avoiding me like the plague?

– Jenny

Leanne decides the time has come to take drastic action against Simon.
Gary warns Anna that she’s pushing Kevin away.
Eva confesses to Aidan that Marta has been hiding in Underworld.
And, there's an incident in the Bistro with Beth!

Preview Pictures: Mon 8 Feb - Fri 12 Feb

This week on the Street: Leanne makes the hardest decision of her life, Anna doesn't take kindly to Sally's council, there's a discovery at the Factory, Izzy finds a friend in Erica and Beth is itching for a fight!

As Leanne arrives to watch Simon play football, she’s surprised to see Tom there (the guy who she got talking to last night) whilst Simon’s furious to see her chatting up the manager.

As the football match hots up, Simon tackles another player, bringing him down and causing him to writhe in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

Concerned that Simon is totally out of control, Leanne decides the time has come to take drastic action.

With heavy heart, Leanne reports Simon to the police, listing all the occasions on which he’s abused her and explaining about the latest incident involving Kyle.

Under the police officer's’ gaze, Simon admits that sometimes he sees red and can’t stop himself from lashing out. Ken puts his arm round him to show his support.

Elsewhere, when there’s a problem at the Arches, Phelan tells Kevin they can sort it but it’ll mean another week’s work. Kevin’s grateful, while Anna tells Kevin she reckons Phelan tampered with it himself as she knows he’s short of work. Will Kevin buy this?

Later, Anna calls in the garage and apologises to Kevin for her recent tantrums and suggests they wipe the slate clean. Kevin agrees and at his suggestion they join Tim and Sally for dinner.

Sally bores Anna to death about her council campaign. Anna loses her temper and thrusting some cash at Kevin, storms out of the bistro.

Sean’s furious to discover his new coat is missing. As the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta suddenly emerges from behind some boxes wearing Sean’s coat and makes a dash for it. Everyone watches open mouthed.

As Eva, Sean and Sinead fuss round Izzy, she confirms that her hip was hurt as Marta barged past.

Later, Izzy confides in Erica that since dislocating her hip, she’s been in terrible pain and her painkillers aren’t working. Erica offers to get her some cannabis but Izzy’s not keen. Will she take her up on the offer?

Meanwhile finding Jenny alone, Johnny buys her a drink and assures her that the factory girls will come round eventually. Jenny’s glad of his company.

Dressed up and sporting her new hair do, Beth and Kirk also head to the Bistro. But halfway through the meal, her skin becomes itchy and blotchy and blaming the bistro food, Beth insists Kirk takes her to hospital

Beth shows David her awful rash and tells him Nick can expect a visit from Environmental Health. Beth’s furious when David reveals that her rash was caused by hair dye and is nothing to do with the Bistro food.

Preview Clips: Friday 5th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Jenny gives a warning to Kirk!

You know what happens to flies, don't you? They get swatted!

– Jenny

Jack wanders off as Kevin, Sophie and Tyrone search frantically, worried sick that Jenny may have snatched him again
Sinead tells Aidan that he’d be best to use real women for the O’Driscolls modeling campaign. Aidan likes the idea.
Kate implores Aidan and Johnny to bury the hatchet, threatening to cancel her wedding if they don’t.
Leanne decides to let her hair down and goes clubbing with Eva.
Mary is surprised with the wave of support she receives from the factory girls.
Sally calls Ken and Tim together for an election campaign meeting.


Eva has an unlikely encounter...

I want to know who you are and what you're doing up here!?

– Eva

Jenny's guilty until proven innocent.
Leanne's head is turned by a handsome stranger.
Kate orders Johnny and Aidan to iron out their differences for the sake of the family.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 3rd February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sally's gives Jenny a piece of her mind.

What exactly do you think you're doing?!

– Sally

Carla orders Johnny to stay out of her personal life.
Fiz and Tyrone are touched when Luke offers to increase his rent by £50 a month.
Simon’s thrilled when he’s picked for the football team.
Erica attempts to cheer Mary up. Will she succeed?

Preview Clips: Monday 1st February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Johnny discovers Carla's secret!

How can he work with Nick knowing what we did?

– Carla

Kate's caught in the middle of Sophie and Jenny.
Fiz sets off to sell her engagement ring, insisting she has no choice as they need the cash.
Kevin apologises to Anna for not being more understanding. Will they kiss and make up? Mary remains convinced that everyone’s laughing behind her back.


Eva saves the day!

You've got a good one there!

– Julia O'Driscoll

Johnny menacingly reveals to Robert that he knows about his fling with Carla.
Aidan offers Jenny a trial as the cleaner at the factory.
Tyrone banks on Fiz's forgiveness.
As Phelan, Jason and Eileen enjoy a drink, Phelan smirks at Anna unnerving her.

Preview Pictures: Mon 1 Feb - Fri 5 Feb

This week on the Street: Jenny's reunited with Jack, Johnny lays down the law with Robert, Aidan invites Eva to dinner with the O'Driscolls and Phelan worms his way in with the Grimshaws.

Jenny's nervous as she prepares for her first day at work - things get worse when she's accused of being a thief!

Later, Kevin, Rita and Sophie search frantically for Jack, worried sick that Jenny may have snatched him again.

In the factory, a tearful Jenny hugs Jack closely.

Kate tells Sophie how deeply sorry Jenny is for what she did. Will Sophie be prepared to listen?

As Jenny loads her things into a cab, Kevin approaches. Can he convince her to stay?

Meanwhile, Johnny shoves Robert into the ginnel, telling him they need to have a little chat.