Preview Clips: Friday 3rd June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Todd promises Jason he'll figure out the truth.

All you've got to do is trust me.

– Todd Grimshaw

It's Bethany's 16th Birthday but will anyone be in the mood to celebrate?
Norris' building work doesn't go quite according to plan.
And, when Zeedan learns he's got a free house for the evening he excitedly texts Rana.


Michelle’s shocked to find Amy grilling Will about how they know each other!

So, are you and Michelle friends?

– Amy Barlow

Todd's got a dilemma on his hands.
Gemma angrily accuses Jason of murdering Callum.

Preview Clips: Monday 30th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sinead is forced to turn down a modelling job to spend time with Chesney.

No offence Mr Connor but it sounds a bit dodgy that.

– Sinead Tinker

The police arrive on the Street and begin making arrests.
Callum's mum, Marion, shows up looking for David.


Phelan v Norris - this could get messy!

Are you talking to me?

– Pat Phelan

David points the police's crosshairs at someone else on the Street.
When Sinead's evening doesn't go to plan she vents her frustration over Chesney while knocking back the wine...

Picture Previews: Mon 30 May - Fri 3 Jun

This week on the Street: David tries to protect his family as the investigation into Callum's death begins. Sinead makes a pass at Aidan - don't tell Eva! Will returns looking for Michelle and Zeedan has a decision to make...

Marion slaps David - blaming him for Callum’s death.

Shortly after, the police arrive to arrest David and Kylie!

But the police also want to talk to Jason...

Jason's unnerved when DS Kerr points out that he had a strong motive for murder and the opportunity to dispose of the body.

Jason furiously accuses David of trying to implicate him to cover his own tracks. Gail and Eileen weigh in to defend their sons.

But Gemma certainly believes Jason could have killed Callum.