Previews: Monday 9th March

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Gavin has a few words of Michael on his wedding day.

Linda makes a confession to Owen.
There's a disaster at the Kebab shop.
And, Todd persuades Eileen to join an internet dating site.


Anna walks in on Linda and Owen...

The real Gavin introduces himself to Gail.
Kal offers Leanne and Simon a place to stay.
And, Todd makes some improvements to Eileen's dating profile.

Picture Previews: Mon 9 Mar - Fri 13 Mar

This week in Weatherfield: It's Michael and Gail's big day, Eileen starts internet dating, Linda throws a spanner in the works and Faye struggles with her secret.

It's the morning of the wedding and Andy's on tenter hooks when real Gavin pops over to say hello to Michael.

But Michael's not the real reason Gavin's on the Street. He wants to introduce himself to his future step-mother.

Will Gail make it to the wedding in time?

Or will Andy and Steph's worst fears come to light!

March on Corrie

Watch our dramatic advanced preview of what's coming up this March on Coronation Street.

Andy and Steph go to great lengths to protect Michael in the build up to his and Gail's wedding. FIND OUT MORE

Linda sets the Armstrong Windass clan against one another, but will they be strong enough to get through it? Especially with Faye's secret threatening to shock them all.

Elsewhere, flashy Callum works to drive a wedge between David and Max.

And Sarah Lou returns!

Previews: Friday 6th March

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Erica returns during Gail's hen do!

Steph and Andy wonder how they're going to pay off Gavin.
Anna and Owen continue to argue...
And, David struggles as Callum takes Max out for the day.


Gavin sees Michael for the first time!

Todd offers to help Eileen to start online dating.
Owen learns of Callum's 'business' dealings...
And, Nick and Erica pick up where they left off!

Preview: Wednesday 4th March

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Gavin demands to know whats been going on!

Faye dreads a parents’ meeting about a school trip.
Eileen's doesn't seem to be improving behind the bar, is it time to let her go?
And, Roy and Sharif compete for an allotment plot.

Preview: Monday 2nd March

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Jenny tries to settle a score with Rita.

Callum calls at No.8 with some trendy clothes for Max.
Anna insists on taking Faye to see the doctor....
And, Tony tries to get back into Tracy's good books.


Steph meets the real Gavin!

Owen tries to make an effort with Linda.
David considers letting Max see Callum.
And, Tim and Sally speculate over Faye’s row with Craig.