Preview Clip: Thursday 26th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Gail’s granny flat finally gives up its gruesome secret as a body is found under the floor...

If either of you have any bright ideas about how to save our skins, say them now!

– David

As the murder investigation begins David, Kylie and Sarah get a visit from the police. Carla prepares to bid farewell to Weatherfield.


Preview Clips: Wednesday 25th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


As the residents react to the drama at the wedding an oblivious Cathy plans a surprise proposal!

How can you be so sure?

– Cathy

Events take an even more dramatic turn when a shock incident changes the Platt’s future forever.


Preview Clip: Tuesday 24th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick turns to David for advice.

Bit overdressed for putting the bins out aren't you?

– David Platt

With Jenny now guarding a captive Tracy for Johnny will she be able to escape and stop the wedding before it has even begun?


Preview Clips: Monday 23rd May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Jenny stumbles onto Johnny's plot to save the wedding from Tracy - how will she react?

Don't tell me you're playing hide and seek?

– Jenny Bradley

With Johnny nowhere to be found Roy offers to walk Carla down the aisle.
But as she comes face to face with her husband to be Carla tells Nick she wants to speak to him in private.

Will the ceremony go ahead?


Picture Previews: Sun 22nd May - Fri 27 May

This week on the Street: As Carla and Nick's wedding day approaches the residents of Coronation Street are about to discover that you can’t keep secrets buried forever...

Determined to ruin Carla's big day, even after being warned by Robert, Tracy phones Michelle's florist and has Carla's flowers sent to the wrong venue.

Realising that Tracy is up to no good, Johnny assures Michelle that he won't let her ruin Carla's big day.

Dressed to the nines, Jenny approaches Johnny and suggests she could be his plus one at the wedding but Johnny's preoccupied and Jenny's left feeling crushed.

Meanwhile, when Todd calls round with the bride's bouquet, Carla is furious to hear that Tracy has been up to no good. Jittery Carla wonders what other stunts Tracy's planning.

Preview Clips: Friday 20th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick spills his heart out to Robert.

I can't do it, I can't move away.

– Nick

Izzy fills Gary in on her terrible day but Anna doesn't have time for her excuses.
Will Carla tell Johnny about Tracy's blackmail?
And, can Jenny get a step up in Underworld?


Carla turns to Roy and Johnny for advice.

I do my best.

– Johnny

Kevin's dinner doesn't go according to plan.
Jenny bags herself a private sewing lesson from Johnny.
And, Leanne calls to see Yasmeen to talk about Kal.