Picture Previews: Mon 24 Nov - Fri 28 Nov

This week on the Street: Michael builds up the courage to tell Gavin about his heart condition, things get worse for Steve and Dev and Julie go on a date!

Michael introduces Gavin to Audrey, but he's a little guarded after she bombards him with questions.

Later, Gavin offers to help out at the Bistro and immediately hits it off with Steph.

But when Michael collapses, will the truth come out about his hereditary heart condition?

And if so, how will he take the news?

Previews: Friday 21st November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


A furious Michelle finally tracks down Steve. Will he open up to her?

Disaster strikes Mary and Julie is forced to step in, as Dev's plus one.
And, Owen, Anna, Gary, Katy and Faye move into the bookies flat, determined to make the best of it.


Michael finally meets his son Gavin.

Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum, either he tells her what’s wrong or she’s leaving.
Meanwhile, Callum continues to text Kylie.
And, Julie hits it off with Dev's friend Dominic - much to Dev's annoyance!

Previews: Monday 17th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sophie and Maddie catch Tim and Anna together.

Desperate to avoid Michelle, Steve sneaks out to the bistro and guiltily orders up a cocktail.
Alya applies for a job as trainee manager at Underworld.
And, Michael and Gail go in search of his son Gavin.


Tim is forced to tell Sally the truth.

Everyone worries when they can't get hold of Steve.
Carla interviews Alya for the job.
And, Faye confesses to Craig how miserable she is because of her families financial troubles.

Picture Previews: Mon 17 Nov - Fri 21 Nov

This week on the Street: Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum, Michael finds his long-lost son Gavin and Dev gets jealous when Julie hits it off with his friend.

Michelle is busy preparing for the hoedown party...

But it's clear that hungover Steve is in no condition to help.

Later, Michelle is mystified when Steve impulsively buys a sports car.

And then offers to help work at the Bistro, instead of helping Michelle with the business.

Michelle demands Steve tell her what's wrong or she's leaving. Will he remain tongue-tied?

Previews: Friday 14th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Peter tells Simon his plans. Will he understand his decision?

Leanne catches Alya and Gary kissing!
Sally notices Tim and Anna are spending a lot of time together...
And, Michelle rearranges the rotas so that she and Steve have to work together. Will her plan pay off?


Will Chesney make peace with Cilla, before she and Fiz say their goodbyes.

Peter tries to talk to Simon, can Carla help?
Leanne confronts Gary and Alya.
And, Sally is convinced that Tim is having an affair...