Picture Preview: Mon 19 Sept - Fri 23 Sept

This week on the Street: Alya uncovers Sharif's affair, Todd goes back to the dark side, Cathy pays Alex's dad an unwelcome visit and will Johnny go for a new business venture at Underworld?

Alone at No.6, Sonia, suggests to Sharif they make the most of the empty house. Will Sharif be able to resist temptation?

Of course not! Sharif's guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia but as he places a hand on her back, Alya walks in and clocks their intimacy...

A stunned Alya works out that Sharif is buying Sonia's silence by setting her up in a flat. Sharif admits it but insists he loves Yasmeen and begs Alya not to betray his secret. Will she agree to keep quiet?

Later, Alya and Sinead Tinker excitedly outline their bespoke design ideas.

Aidan is impressed but sceptical Johnny demands facts and figures before the venture can proceed.

Troubled Sean reveals to Billy that he took a call on Todd's mobile from the Bishop. Billy's stunned by the obvious implications...

Vinny and Phelan are gobsmacked when Todd announces that he wants in on the deal!

Declaring he's reverting to type and back on the dark side, he'll happily fleece the neighbours but Eileen and Jason mustn't loose a penny!

Phelan's impressed as Todd effortlessly charms the locals.

But Todd's uncomfortable when Phelan gets him to target Alex and seeing Billy watching with disapproval, guilty Todd abandons his sales pitch.

Eileen hears Anna warning Cathy and Alex against buying a flat from Phelan.

Eileen steps in to assure them it's a sound deal and agrees to hold a flat for Alex, if Cathy can raise the funds.

Cathy goes to Alex's dad Nigel's house for help. But when Cathy knocks on the door, a hostile Nigel refuses to discuss Alex and slams it in her face.

And, as Erica's patience with Aadi and Asha wears thin...

Dev confronts Mary with a copy of her contract, pointing out she's breaking its terms by leaving Erica to cover her duties.

Preview Clips: Friday 16th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


This is it. Will Phelan's dastardly plan all come together?

Will you stop checking your phone, you're putting me on edge.

– Pat Phelan

There’s another shock in store for Beth when her past catches up with her.
Anna tackles Roy about sharing his bedroom with Cathy.
And, Billy is torn as Todd promises to move out.


We're not sure we'd let Phelan take us up in a tall building!

You do trust me?

– Pat Phelan

Todd panics when he can't get hold of Eileen.
Kirk's life is turned upside down.
And, Freddie and Audrey go on a proper date!

Preview Clip: Wednesday 14th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Craig goes to visit his dad in prison...

Hello son.

– Darryl

Billy rails at the injustice of being unable to have a proper love life within the church.
Roy agrees to review the sleeping arrangements in the flat.
And, Andy and Steph are planning a night out but will Robert stand in their way?

Preview Clips: Monday 12th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Caz kisses Maria but how will she respond?

What would I do without you!?

– Caz

Faye confides to Anna that she’s written to Craig’s dad in prison on his behalf. Will Darryl respond?
Sean celebrates his birthday in the Rovers.
And, will Steph take on more than she can chew at the Bistro?


Billy accuses Sean of complaining to the Bishop about his new living arrangements.

You're just a sad, bitter little man.

– Billy Mayhew

Tim counsels Craig on the pros and cons of meeting his dad. Will Craig make a decision?
Maria clashes with Aidan over Caz.
And, Steph saves the day but will her efforts be recognised.

Preview Pictures: Mon 12 Sept - Fri 16 Sept

This week on the Street: Craig meets his dad, Caz kisses Maria, Billy gets in trouble with the Bishop, Todd makes his move against Phelan and Audrey and Freddie go on a proper date!

Craig and Beth are furious to learn that Faye has written to Craig’s dad in prison!

But when a letter arrives for Craig he tears it open and announces that his dad wants to see him. Beth's devastated.

After drowning his sorrows in the Bistro, Craig returns to No.4 and throws up on the carpet.

We'll let you imagine what Sally's reaction is going to be!!

A nervous Craig meets his dad Darryl for the first time and they get on famously, much to Craig's delight.

But things take a turn when Darryl reveals his true colours.

Will there be long-lasting repercussions for the family?

Maria tells Caz that Aidan's got her an interview for a job at a local factory.

Grateful Caz instinctively kisses her on the lips, leaving Maria confused...

Later, Maria berates Aidan for tricking her about the job for Caz and makes a dig about his honesty in front of Eva - will she twig that something is going on?

Sean's birthday ends in an argument when Billy hears that someone has told the Bishop about Todd moving in with him.

The Bishop is sympathetic as he informs Billy that since Todd's presence at the vicarage is causing disquiet among the congregation, he must leave.

Billy rails at the injustice of being unable to have a proper love life within the church.

It’s celebration time in the Rovers when Vinnie takes a call confirming that the planning permission has been granted...

But Todd is determined to bring down Phelan and calls the police. Will they find anything underhand going on?

Audrey and Freddie go on a proper date!

But, Freddie's shaken when his old friend Angelica rails at him for dating again so soon after Sadie's death.

And, Cathy's puzzled when Roy offers to move into her bedroom, freeing up his for Alex.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 7th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Beth’s hopeful for a reconciliation with Craig after Sally's invites her around for a mediation session.

A pineapple? It's not Christmas!

– Kirk Sutherland

To Phelan and Vinny’s annoyance, Eileen insists she wants to be heavily involved in their building project.
Bethany faces bully Lauren at school but this time she has Sarah and Gary to back her up.
And, Dev promotes Gemma to Assistant Manager.

Preview Clips: Monday 5th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick confronts Steve about the baby...

Come on, let's go for a walk.

– Nick Tilsley

Sean plans to ruin Todd's romantic break with Billy.
Sally’s not best pleased to have Craig kipping on the sofa.
And, Audrey and Maria are thrilled to see that they’ve made it through to the final of the Regional Stylists’ Awards.


Sarah accuses Gary of spending too much time with Bethany and questions his motives.

Can Leanne stop Michelle learning the truth from Nick?
Is this the end of Billy and Todd?
And, Tim and Craig have a heart-to-heart about Beth.

Picture Previews: Mon 5 Sept - Fri 9 Sept

This week on the Street: Nick puts the frighteners on Steve, David gives Bethany's bully Lauren a taste of her own medicine, Sally holds a mediation session for Craig and Beth and Todd gets frustrated with Billy.

Nick drives Steve to a piece of waste ground and threatens to tell Michelle everything unless Steve moves away.

When Steve refuses, pointing out his whole life is in Weatherfield, Nick sends a text and Steve reels.

Michelle’s phone beeps, seeing that the incoming text is from Nick, Leanne nervously hides the phone. But when Michelle's phone rings in Leanne's pocket, Leanne is forced to hand it over.

As Michelle reads Nick's text, Leanne's heart is in her mouth. Has Nick blown everything?

Sarah ask Gary to come with her to Bethany's school meeting.

But Lauren plays the victim, twisting the situation to make it seem like Bethany is the bully!

Later, Gary warns Sarah to keep an eye on Bethany. Clocking their exchange from across the street, Izzy is puzzled.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds Bethany all alone and delights in putting the frighteners on her...