Picture Previews: Mon 15 Sept - Fri 19 Sept

This week on the Cobbles: Steve finally visits Jim in prison, Neil's manipulation of Andrea goes too far, Todd gets back to his old tricks - don't tell Tony! And, Simon, Sophie and Maddie put a plan together to save Eccles!

Jim's thrilled when Steve agrees to visit, will the pair reconcile?

But back in the cells, Jim makes it clear that he doesn't want Steve to find out that he supplied the booze that almost killed Peter.

And, just to make his point, Jim leaves Peter a clear message. Will Peter bow down to his threats?

Neil threatens to do something stupid after Andrea starts divorce proceedings. Fearing for his life, Lloyd goes to check on him...

Lloyd's furious when he learns that it was just another ploy by Neil to see Andrea.

But Neil's not finished yet and Lloyd and Andrea are shocked to find that he's called the police on them!

Gail encourages Michael to search for his long-lost father online, but will he like what he finds?

Tyrone and Luke return to the garage to find the doors unlocked, lights flashing and music blaring...

Has Todd been up to his old tricks?

Dev and Julie head out for a drink together, leaving an upset Mary to babysit again.

Maddie promises to help a distraught Simon rescue Eccles, before Tracy gets her put down.

But how will Ken react when he uncovers their plan to dognap Eccles?