Previews: Friday 24th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The doctor has some good news for Sinead.

Gail prepares for her wedding - will this one go off without a hitch?
Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day
And, Sharif has a plan.


Is this the end of Luke and Maria?

Will Gail confess all to Michael?
Bethany causes a scene.
And, Roy takes a stand.

Previews: Monday 20th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David's got a plan for Andy.

Sean and Billy get a little closer.
And, Jenny starts acting suspiciously.


Andy is trapped with Callum.

Kevin and Sophie clash over Jenny.
And, Todd pushes all of Eileen's buttons.

Picture Previews: Mon 20 April - Fri 24 April

This week on Coronation Street: Callum wants to teach David a lesson, Sophie is concerned about Jenny's behaviour and will Gail and Michael finally tie the knot?

Maria is shocked when Luke is violent towards Andy.

Michael and Gail try to tie the knot (again), but will she feel guilty when she spots Andy's black eye?

Later, Callum is stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him to the pub for answers.

Callum's furious when he finds out David masterminded the whole scheme.

Callum insists that David needs teaching a lesson...

But what has Callum got in store for him?

Previews: Friday 17th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Suspicious David follows Gail.

WATCH: Jack P Shepherd on Detective David

Sean and Billy run into difficulties at a B&B.
Tracy continues to drip poison in Tony's ear.
And, Eileen prepares for her date.


Callum and Sarah can't keep their hands off each other!

David confronts Gail with what he's discovered.
Faye starts to make an effort with the baby.
And, will Steve fall into Tony's trap?

Previews: Monday 13th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Owen tells Faye he will try to make it better.

The Platts have a family meal - we're sure that will go smoothly...
Tracy continues to play with Tony.
And, Carla receives an official looking letter.


Will Sarah sleep with the enemy?

Owen tries one last roll of the dice.
Could a romance be growing between Nick and Carla?
And, Tracy reveals her plans to Tony.

Picture Previews: Mon 13 April - Fri 17 April

This week on Coronation Street: Sarah and Callum hit it off, David uncovers Gail's secret and will the strain break Anna and Owen?

Callum gatecrashes Sarah and Bethany's leaving meal.

Sarah gets a call from work and rushes home to email an urgent docuement.

But gets interupted by Callum... Just as they head upstairs, David, Max and Bethany arrive!

Will Sarah have to face the consequences for her actions?

Tracy puts her plans into action by filling Tony's head with ideas...

Just as Steve learns that Tony's the one who's offered to pay for the wedding - he won't be impressed!

Later, Tony tells Liz he's in debt to a loan shark and he needs the money quickly. Will she make an offer he can't refuse?

Owen and Anna struggle to reconcile after everything they've been through...

Could this be the end of the Armstrong-Windass clan?

Determined to make an effort, Faye asks Anna to show her how to change a nappy and announces she's naming the baby. Is she turning a corner?

Sean and Billy book a room for the night, but face a disapproving landlord...

Eileen and Adrian go on another date but Todd keeps on stirring.

Suspicious David follows Gail to the graveyard...

Will Gail admit the truth about Gavin!?