Preview Clips: Friday 19th May


As Jenny and the workers in the factory discuss Underworld's upcoming anniversary party, Kate's suspicions are raised by Johnny's unexplained absence.

This all sounds great but I think it's better off squaring it with Aidan first, I don't want the blame when Johnny sees the bill.

– Jenny Bradley


Having discovered Bethany passed out drunk at Nathan's, Sarah brings her daughter back to No.8 and tells Gary she's never letting her out of her sight again.

Every time I try to see her it feels like he does something to stop it.... It's my fault, I never trusted that man I should have done something.

– Sarah Platt

Preview Clip: Wednesday 17th May


As the Battersbys and Platts gather in the bistro for Oliver’s naming ceremony Nick is nowhere to be seen. Where has he got to?

It's not a christening it's a naming ceremony, and to all intents and purposes Nick is Oliver's dad... not Steve.

– Gail Rodwell

Preview Clips: Monday 15th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Tracy's got some big news for Peter, could things be looking up for the Barlows?

One thing we can be sure of in our family is our unpredictability.

– Tracy Barlow


Anna demands answers when she catches Faye waiting in Phelan's van!

Do you really think that man does something for nothing!?

– Anna Windass

Preview Clips: Friday 12th May


Michelle’s cut to the core when she overhears Steve telling Liz he’s taking OIiver to the beach for the day.

Because we are going on a little adventure aren't we?

– Steve McDonald


Shona takes a drunken David home and sets about trying to sober him up.

You're too nice, that's your problem.

– David Platt