Picture Preview: Maria's lies

Maria has been struggling in the fallout after Marcus' betrayal, but will it lead her down a dangerous path?

Leaning heavily on Tyrone for support, Maria begins to have feelings for him again and leans in for a kiss!

More than anything, I think Maria wants to be loved. She sees Tyrone and Fiz together and it’s just a reminder of what she doesn’t have - what she’s lost.

– Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria

Later, Maria texts Tyrone to apologise, but because Tyrone doesn’t have her new mobile number, he automatically thinks it’s from the newly released Kirsty and is terrified.

Turning to Maria for support, she feels needed and decides to let him carry on thinking it’s Kirsty…

"Maira wants him to need her" says Samia, "And because Tyrone doesn’t think he can lean on Fiz he turns to Maria for support."

"It’s twisted but Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and because of that she finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty."

Will Maria get caught out? Or will she come to her senses before any more damage is done?

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