Preview Clips: Monday 28th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The Platts live in fear...

Rita issues Sally with some tough love.
And Yasmeen rails at the injustice of Tracy walking free.


It's Roy and Cathy's first date!

The Platts try to focus on the future.

Sally is forced into action with Tim.
And Tracy is rattled when Yasmeen vows to get justice for Kal.

Preview Clips: Friday 25th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Life will never be the same again for the Platts, after the events of the night before...

Tim tries to come to terms with Sally's betrayal.
Roy and Cathy agree to take things slowly.


Can Tim forgive Sally and Kevin?

Terror continues to reign at the Platts.
And Steve and Lloyd reminisce about the good old days.

Preview Pictures: Mon 28 Sept - Fri 2 Oct

This week on Coronation Street: Sally wallows in heartbreak over the mess with Tim. Yasmeen vows not to rest until she has justice for Kal, Fiz and Tyrone receive more news about Hope's condition, and Roy and Cathy are in new territory...

Rita orders Sally to buck up and try to sort things out with Tim.

Yasmeen is outraged to see Tracy back on the cobbles...

And Tracy is rattled by the hostility.

Meanwhile Zeedan is struggling to run the gym, and Sharif checks out the bills.

Fiz and Tyrone get the results of Hope's biopsy.

And Roy waits anxiously for Cathy in the Bistro, but will she show?

Preview Clips: Monday 21st September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Callum gives his final warning!

The Platts are horrified to see Callum back on the street. He blackmails them - either they get him £20,000 and he will leave them alone forever, or they're in big trouble!

Meanwhile Jason's anger shows no sign of subsiding as he searches for revenge on Callum.

And Cathy unveils a mystery birthday surprise for Roy - a trip to a steam fair in Blackpool.


Will a place filled with so many painful memories prove too much for Roy?

Sarah is playing a dangerous game with Callum as she texts him to come over - what is she up to?

Sally asks Sophie to keep quiet about her kiss with Kevin. But little do they know, Anna is eavesdropping in the garden next door.

And Lloyd and Steve get locked in the cellar together - can the booze thaw relations?

Preview Pictures: Mon 21 Sept - Fri 25 Sept

This week on the cobbles: Cathy pulls out all the stops for Roy's birthday, Callum continues to terrorise the Platts, and Jason wants revenge. Sally's secret is in danger of being exposed, and Steve and Lloyd get locked in the cellar together!

Cathy whisks Roy off to Blackpool for his birthday.

But will a place filled with such painful memories be too much for Roy?

Callum is back to cause more trouble for the Platts!

And Sarah is playing a dangerous game.

Meanwhile, Jason is hellbent on revenge.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 16th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Eva returns to the cobbles, with plenty of drama!

Max is in danger as he runs into the path of Nick's car, whilst trying to escape Callum.
Leanne arranges for Simon to go and stay with Peter, hoping his behaviour will improve.
And Lloyd makes a big decision...