Preview Clips: Monday 18th September


Norris and Mary arrive at the radio station for the Mr & Mrs competition where they meet Colin from Marketing. How will they do?

Norris Cole. Age... Jurassic. Pet likes, unusually shaped vegetables and water skiing. Pet peeves...Shoplifters and tense silences.

– Colin Cullan


Aidan admits to his affair with Maria but assures Eva it was the biggest mistake of his life.

I know i'm not fit to lick your boots, but i'll be waiting for you at the bottom of that aisle. Just hoping and praying that you'll give me a second chance.

– Aidan Connor

Picture Previews: This Week On The Street

Coming up: Gary and Nicola! Mel returns to Weatherfield, Leanne and Steve join forces to help Michelle and Andy forms a plan of escape.

Clearly struggling with his new secret life, Gary goes on an all-nighter and reacts badly when Sarah tackles him about it.

Later, Gary opens up to Nicola about his time in the army while she shares tales of her own past.

Will one thing lead to another or will Gary come to his senses before betraying Sarah?

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Will Eva get her revenge on Aidan? Is it bad news for Rita? Norris and Mary face the gauntlet of the Mr and Mrs competition and Michelle discovers the truth about Will!

PLUS: Starting this week - an extra episode every Wednesday!

Eva is determined to go ahead with her final act of revenge against Aidan

But the wind is taken out of her sails when a contrite Aidan seeks her out on the morning of the wedding to confess his affair!

Having arrived at the wedding venue, Toyah is horrified to catch a glance of Maria and tracks her down.

Toyah lures Maria into the bathroom and jamming a chair under the door handle, locks her in.

Meanwhile a nervous Aidan, with Kate by his side, waits for Eva, hoping against hope that Eva will turn up.

Eva arrives just in time but as she faces Aidan in front of all their family and friends…

Maria escapes and crashes the ceremony... Will she ruin everything?

Preview Clips: Friday 15th September


Eva reveals her devious plan for ruining Jenny's hen party - will Toyah and Leanne help?

Fasten your seatbelts ladies, it's going to be a bumpy night!

– Eva Price


Rita begs Gemma and Jenny to bury the hatchet, as she’s going to need both their support.

Look at me.... go on..... what do you see? I'm everything I never wanted to be.

– Rita Tanner

Preview Clip: Wednesday 13th September


Adam has set up a secret meeting with Matthew Singh. Is this all part of Eva's revenge on Aidan and Johnny?

Surely you'd be able to blow them out of the water wouldn't you?

– Adam Barlow

Preview Clips: Monday 11th September


Phelan reveals to Andy he's going to free him for good behaviour and get him to France. What will happen next?

I'm going to miss you Andy, strange as it sounds.

– Pat Phelan


How will Sarah react when Gary reveals that he has accepted another contract in the Ukraine.

I've decided I'm not gonna chuck the job in after all...

– Gary Windass

Preview Clip: Sunday 10th September


Seb is furious when Faye reveals her plans to run away and how she’s bought them ferry tickets to Ireland. What is he hiding?

Look.... I can't believe what you've done. Right now I'm in trouble, all because you've behaved like a stupid little kid.

– Seb Franklin

Picture Previews: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Can Andy escape Phelan's clutches? Seeing is believing when it comes to the double Connors' stag and hen parties, Gary finds an unexpected confidant and are Peter and Toyah's surrogacy plans scuppered before they've even begun?

Phelan bundles a terrified Andy into his van, telling him they are leaving for France with his fake passport. But then the van crashes!

With Phelan unconscious at the wheel, Andy kicks open the door to the van!

Will Andy make a run for it?