Preview Clips: Monday 18th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David struggles to come to terms with Kylie's death.

Steph notices that Leanne's hiding something...
Maria invites Caz to move in with her while she tries to build bridges with Kate.
And, Jenny suggests Johnny gives her a trial as a machinist.


David and Gemma try to talk about Kylie.

Leanne pours her heart out to Steph and admits she’s pregnant.
Sophie provides a sympathetic shoulder for Kate.
And, the factory girls gather round Jenny’s machine and cheer her on.

Preview Clip: Friday 15th July


Kylie’s walking on air, excited at the thought of a new life in Barbados.

Me David and the kids, we're upping sticks. We're going to go and live with my sister!

– Kylie Platt

When Clayton calls in the kebab shop hoping to offload more fake £20 notes, Gemma stands her ground and throws him out. Chesney’s proud of her.
Kate gives Caz the boot! Will Caz be able to talk her round?
Maria gently ribs Audrey, suggesting she enjoyed her date with Freddie more than she’s letting on. When Freddie calls in the salon and invites Audrey to join him for a drink later, will Audrey accept?

Preview Pictures: Mon 18 July - Fri 22 July

This week on the Street: Leanne tells the baby's father about her pregnancy, Sarah gets told about Kylie, things hot up in the factory and Sally's party doesn't quite go to plan!

Leanne meets up with Steph for a drink in the bistro but she’s suddenly overcome by a wave of nausea. Steph guesses she’s pregnant and promises not to breathe a word.

Meanwhile, Simon confides in Amy that Leanne’s behaving strangely and he’s worried she might have cancer. While Leanne’s distracted, Simon checks her phone. When he sees a text confirming a doctor’s appointment, worried Simon shows it to Amy.

Simon tearfully demands to know what’s wrong with her. Leanne plucks up the courage and breaks the news to Simon that she’s pregnant. She makes Simon promise to keep the baby a secret but refuses to discuss who the dad is.

Simon’s hurt and Leanne feels guilty, so Leanne heads to the Rovers, but realising her news would be best delivered without an audience, she phones the daddy and summons him outside.

Elsewhere, David and Bethany visit Sarah in hospital and break the news to her of Kylie’s death. Sarah becomes jittery, convinced Callum is in some way connected to it.

Later, David visits Kylie in the Chapel of Rest and tells her how much he loves her and misses her.

Meanwhile, with the factory short-staffed, Jenny suggests Johnny gives her a trial as a machinist. Sally’s sceptical about her sewing skills but Jenny sets about proving her wrong.

Jenny meets up with Johnny for an after hours sewing lesson and the chemistry between them is evident.

Soon they kiss passionately and Johnny asks to take Jenny out for dinner.

However, when he doesn’t turn up, Jenny heads to the Rovers with Kevin!

An excited Sally reveals to Tim that the Mayor of Weatherfield and his partner will be attending their soiree, however when he arrives, Sally’s put out to see they’ve brought their dog with them.

As Sally lights the sparklers on her croquembouche, angry Yasmeen barges her way in demanding they turn their music down.

To Sally’s horror, the mayor’s dog escapes through the open front door.

Also gone missing is Steve's wedding ring and he's horrified! As Steve searches frantically for his wedding ring, Michelle reveals that she took it away and had it engraved.

Preview Clips: Thursday 14th July


At breaking point, Kylie tells David that as long as they remain at No.8 the memory of Callum will ruin their lives and they need to move away.

He's living in the house where I killed his dad!

– Kylie Platt

Kate learns the truth about Caz's injury, how will she react?
Chesney takes the rap for Gemma, but warns her she needs to choose between her dodgy mates and her job.
Macca and Clayton cause trouble in the Rovers.

Preview Clips: Wednesday 13th July

Kylie picks up Bethany’s phone and is horrified to read all the bullying texts from Lauren and her mates.

I thought you said this was over with.

– Kylie Platt

Caz turns to Johnny for help.
Leanne is in denial about the baby.
When Ken tells Freddie that he’s thinking of going to see a play the following evening, Freddie suggests he should invite Audrey along too.
In the kebab shop, Clayton forces Gemma to change some forged £20 notes for him by threatening to reveal her dodgy past to Chesney if she doesn’t comply.
After a pleasant afternoon shopping together, Gail buys Michael a drink in the bistro.

Preview Clips: Monday 11th July


Billy gets an unexpected visit from the Bishop!

You can't come tonight, it's cancelled!

– Billy Mayhew

Leanne's delivered a bombshell!
Troubled Kylie plays cupid.
Audrey puts her foot in it with Freddie!
Macca and Clayton call in the kebab shop and force Gemma to give them free kebabs.


As Michael and Gail chat away in the annexe, the chemistry between them is evident.

Made for each other. Like Judy was made for Punch!

– David Platt

Leanne reels from her shocking news.

It's game on for Billy and Todd!
Chesney arrives back from the wholesalers to find Sinead and Gemma at loggerheads. Aware of Audrey’s interest in Ken, Freddie offers to put in a good word for her. Kylie sets about putting her own stamp on the annexe with some new soft furnishings.

Preview Pictures: Mon 11 July - Fri 15 July

This week on the Street: Leanne receives some shocking news, David and Kylie plan to make a new life for themselves, Caz's secret is rumbled and Todd meets the Bishop - much to Billy's dismay!

The doctor prescribes some new drugs for Leanne's back pain and questions whether or not she could be pregnant. But she couldn’t be, right?

Masking her inner turmoil, Leanne meets Nick for a drink.

But when he suggests a glass of wine, she panics and rushes out.

Kylie’s excited about the thought of moving to Barbados, so when David reveals he's put the wheels in motion to formally adopt Max she’s over the moon.

Michael and Gail finally admit that they've missed each other and kiss.

With some encouragement from David and Kylie...

Gail’s in such a good mood she eventually comes round to their way of thinking and accepts a fresh start is what's best for the kids.

Later, Bethany breaks down to Kylie, admitting that how the bullying is still going on and how she’s messed up her exams.

The welfare officer confronts Caz, telling her they need to discuss her court martial proceedings and wanting to know why she missed her physio appointment.

Later, Macca’s brother, Clayton tries it on with Kate

Caz flies into a rage, throwing him out of the Rovers.

Kate’s shocked to realise that Caz’s ankle isn’t injured at all - how will she react?

At the kebab show, angry Sinead clashes with Gemma, accusing her of stealing from the till and giving away free food.

Suddenly Clayton barges his way into the shop and demands that Gemma hand over the cash.

Gemma refuses and a scuffle ensues. Will Craig step in and save the day?

Things get awkward when Todd calls at the vicarage with flowers and wine while Billy's entertaining the bishop! How will Todd talk his way out of this one?

Preview Clips: Friday 8th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Amy struggles with the anniversary of Deirdre’s death.

I want to be on my own.

– Amy Barlow

Todd's conflicted as Sean and Billy get ready to leave for London.
Chesney is forced to go to Wolverhampton to see Cilla, leaving Gemma in charge of the kebab shop.
And, Leanne admits to Nick that her new job is awful.


Tracy makes an emotional visit to Deirdre’s grave.

If you were here, you'd knock our stupid heads together.

– Tracy Barlow

While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss.
Simon mischievously suggests that Leanne should get back with Nick.
And, Macca turns up at the kebab shop demanding free kebabs and threatening to give Gemma a hard time.