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This week on the Street: Are Eileen and Nicola in danger? Michelle uncovers the truth about Ali and Carla, David's behaviour continues to spiral and who will save Rana?

Break In At Eileen's

When Eileen and Nicola return home to find the back door open, they realise there is an intruder in the house.

Eileen grabs a frying pan to defend herself, but who will she find?

Later, Seb's mum Abby pays Eileen a visit. Will she let her stay the night for Seb's sake?

Preview Clips: Friday 13th April

Coming up on the cobbles...


Now everything is out in the open, Craig tries to use the new techniques to control his OCD.

I've been doing this tapping thing, I read about it online.

– Craig Tinker


Toyah tells Peter that some money has been stolen and suspects Simon. Will Simon deny it?

I always get the blame for everything!

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 11th April

Coming up on the cobbles...


Robert is pleased to be asked to model for a calendar but Michelle isn’t sure how he will react when he realises what it is for...

Robert's doing a calendar.

– Michelle Connor


Eva opens up to Toyah about how she is feeling about the baby and Toyah suggests that she should tell Aidan the truth.

If you don't at least try, you will regret it forever.

– Toyah Battersby

Preview Clips: Monday 9th April

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It's the day of the charity boxing match and everyone gathers for the event. Will it go off without a hitch?

May the best man win!

– Yasmeen Nazir


Aidan confesses to Johnny that he isn’t sure he can cope with the responsibility of running Underworld. Can Johnny put his mind at ease?

You've done it before, you can do it again.

– Johnny Connor

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up: It's Luke's charity boxing match, Aidan get's a surprise and does Gary have something to ask Sarah?

Boxing Day

It's the day of the boxing matches, the residents gather to show their support.

Unknown to onsite doctor Ali, Robert hands in Tyrone's urine sample passing it off as his own before he fights Zeedan. Has Robert got something to hide?

As the fights commence, all is going well until David forces his way into the ring and insists on taking Tyrone's place in the ring.

David quickly looses control as weeks of tension come to the surface.

The crowd watch in horror at David's act of violence. What will be the consequences?

Later in the Rovers, Ali is convinced David must have taken steroids and that's the reason for his violent outburst.

David insists he has never touched steroids, will Ali believe him?

Aidan's Surprise

The Connors throw a birthday brunch for Aidan in the Bistro. Carla arrives with the news she has secured a big order for the factory. She then hands Aidan a gift, what will it be?

Meanwhile, Eva admits to Toyah how she is really feeling about the baby.

Toyah suggests if she is struggling with the deal, she should tell Aidan the truth. Will Eva take her advice?

Later, not knowing what to do for the best, Eva makes a big decision about the baby.

Preview Clips: Friday 8th April

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Michelle is oblivious to the attraction between Ali and Carla as she joins them for a drink, but for how long?

She can never find out about it.

– Carla Connor


Gary tells Sarah he plans to be part of his baby’s life. Can they find a way to make their relationship work?

We can be one big happy family...

– Sarah Platt

Preview Clips: Wednesday 4th April

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Mary is disappointed when Jude rejects her idea of inviting his work mates over for dinner. Should she think the worst?

He's ashamed of me...

– Mary Cole


Craig finally comes clean about his condition to his loved ones, can they persuade him to go and see the doctor?

Will you come with me?

– Craig Tinker

Preview Clips: Monday 2nd April

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The fallout from Phelan's horrible crimes is felt across the whole Street.

Do you think the police would crawl all over our house like this on a hunch?

– Yasmeen Nazir


Shona questions David about what's troubling him - will he open up to her?

You can't just crumble every time life kicks you in the face

– David Platt