Preview Clips: Monday 12th February

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Eva plans to tell Adam she is going to America on a beauty course for 4 months but can't bring herself to tell him when she realises it's the anniversary of his mother's death.

It's the perfect plan, he thinks I'm doing a beauty course.

– Eva Price


Bethany is devastated when she is sacked from the club. Did Craig have something to do with it?

I've been fired, someone's shopped the club to the police.

– Bethany Platt

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Coming up: Blind dates, match-making, break ups, and even a shock proposal - Cupid will have his work cut out on the cobbles this Valentine's Day!

After attending a disturbance at Tassels, Jess tells Craig she has no option but to report Bethany for underage lap dancing.

Craig arrives at the Platt's with Valentine's roses for Bethany, but will she be happy to see him?

Later, Liam catches Craig performing ritual after ritual, checking switches and clocks. Will he keep his secret?

Preview Clips: Friday 9th February

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In the cab office, Phelan overhears Steve taking a booking from Faye to take her to Nicola’s flat. Has Nicola and Gary's plan been rumbled by their worst threat?

Just one, for you. If you even think of eating my wife's cake, you're a dead man... hahaha

– Pat Phelan


In the Rovers, having managed to fool Leanne and Adam, Eva swigs on lemonade disguised as Prosecco. Meanwhile Adam' has a stab of conscience and refuses to get a desperate Billy any more pain killers.

I need some more of those pain killers. Now... I've run out, I can't be a proper dad like this. I need some more, whatever you've got...

– Billy Mayhew

Preview Clips: Wednesday 7th February

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In Roy's Rolls, a forlorn Steph tells Gary she's sure there's more to Luke's death than the police suspect. But when Phelan sees them together, what will he do next?

Alya reckons they should be chasing the old one. What she just told them, just because the Parker's have alibis doesn't mean they're genuine. They could have bribed people or anything.

– Steph Britton


As the Connors' gather in the hospital, the doctor informs them of the severity of Carla's condition and how time is of the essence for a possible transplant.

That's something, I was starting to think the milkman and the paperboy were in on in too...

– Johnny Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 5th February

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When Rana's parents turn up at the house, to her horror Zeedan hands round glasses of whiskey and forces her to confess about her affair. How will they react when he reveals her lover is a woman ?

It will be our secret. I won't tell anyone. And we're good at keeping secrets aren't we Rana...

– Zeedan Nazir


When Chesney overhears Hugo and Henry discussing that they are only going out with the girls for a bet he decides Gemma should know the truth. How will she take the news?

I give free kebabs to a tramp with better manners than you...

– Gemma Winter

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This week on the street: Carla's secret is revealed, Gemma learns the truth about Henry and Summer is worried about how Billy is coping.

Carla collapses in the Rovers! Peter thinks she's drunk but is horrified when Roy reveals the truth.

After finding out that Carla needs a kidney transplant, the Connors begin the tests to be a donor.

As the family gather around Carla's bed, will they be able to find a donor?

Preview Clips: Friday 2nd February

Tonight on the cobbles...


Tyrone, Shona, David, Maria, Gemma, Jude, Angie and Sophie meet Josh to find out who they will be fighting in the boxing match. Who will be fighting who?


Amy puts herself in an awkward situation when she lies to Tracy and Steve and attends a party with her friends. How will they react?

I lost my phone...

– Amy Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 31st January

Tonight on the cobbles...


As Luke’s mates gather in the bistro to raise a toast Rana is upset at seeing Kate with Sophie. But Kate tells Rana she needs to stay away from her as she hates seeing her with Zeedan. Is this the end for them?

Every time I look at you and Zeedan it hurts. It physically hurts... I can't be around you pretending everything's okay. Just stay away from me.

– Kate Connor


An enraged Steph calls Phelan an evil liar and accuses him of blackmailing Andy into burning down the garage. Is she putting herself in danger?

Do not call me sweetheart. Or pretend that you give a damn. I know what you're like, you're evil and you're a liar.

– Steph Britton