Preview Clips: Friday 10th March


Bethany reassures Nathan that no matter what she doesn't care what Sarah will think of their relationship. His plan is working...

She's gonna take one look at us together and she's gonna ask herself, what's a 35 year old man doing with a 16 year old girl... and I honestly don't blame her.

– Nathan Curtis


It's party time in the Rovers as Sinead celebrates her birthday. But only a select few know her secret...

There's a big wonderful world out there and it's yours for the taking. I can't bear the thought of you missing out on it.

– Ken Barlow

Preview Clips: Monday 6th March


Sally channels the spirit of the 'Iron Lady' as she prepares for her meeting with the building firm.

Suits are very empowering when a woman enters what's known as a man's world.

– Sally Metcalfe


Adam puts his family first and shows his (usually hidden) compassionate side to his cousin Amy.

You're the only one who's taken any notice of me...

– Amy Barlow