Preview Pictures: Mon 10th - Fri 14th July

Sarah arrives home with Neil in tow and explains to Bethany that he's kindly agreed to have a chat with her. Bethany does her best to mask her fear.

Craig calls at No.8 and again questions Bethany about Neil. Bethany breaks down and admits Nathan forced her to have sex with Neil against her will.

Bethany puts pressure on Craig, making him promise not to report Neil as it'll only make matters worse.

Craig's conflicted as he asks to talk to the Chief Inspector. Will he go against Bethany’s wishes?

Meanwhile, Sarah and Gary are searching for some of Nathan's other victims.

As they make to leave, they're distracted by two girls arguing.

Sarah's taken aback to see that one of the girls is Shona!

Back on the Street, the Platt family mark the anniversary of Kylie's death with a picnic in the garden.

When David the Dog escapes, David the human chases after him but is horrified to see Billy helping Shona into number 11.

David rails at Billy ordering him to keep Shona well away from him.

Aware that leaving her beloved pub will be a huge wrench, Sean presents Liz with a lucky charm to take with her to her new job.

Peter, Toyah and Steve watch as Liz finally signs over her half of the pub.

Moira heads out to a meeting leaving Liz in charge of reception. As the queue of patients buckles and the phone continually rings, Liz struggles to keep her temper. How will battleaxe Moira react?

In the garage, Kevin confides in Rosie how Anna recoils whenever he goes near her and he fears their relationship might be over.

Handing him the address of a hotel, Erica heads off leaving Kevin conflicted. Will he join her?

Mary confronts Norris with a letter. What’s he been up to now?

Gary’s old Army pal, Joe tells Gary he's running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, the money is fantastic and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react?

When Aidan reveals he's buying the kebab shop flat, Eva goes ballistic, pointing out she wanted a house with a garden in Didsbury.

Preview Clips: Friday 7th July


In the Rovers, Johnny laments to Liz how much he misses Jenny. Misreading the situation, Gemma and Norris plan to advise Jenny to reciprocate Matthew Singh's advances as Johnny’s been unfaithful.

I'm gonna go over there and bang their cheating heads together...

– Gemma Winter


There is a flirtatious spark between Kev and Erica at Dev's dinner party. How will this play out?

Don't you dare. There's a mini tiramisu in the fridge with your name on it.

– Erica Holroyd

Preview Clip: Thursday 6th July


Whilst Todd looks round Adam’s new office, Adam’s first client arrives. Todd’s stunned to realise it’s Summer. What does she want?

The card says medical negligence, you're a specialist right?

– Summer Spellman

Preview Clip: Wednesday 5th July


As Billy and Todd arrive for Drew’s funeral, they’re hurt when the vicar explains that Drew’s parents want family only at the service.

Perhaps you could take a course in how to be less patronising.

– Todd Grimshaw

Preview Clips: Monday 3rd July


Adam returns from London and announces he’s renting No.10 Victoria Street as his new business premises

Yeah, well I reckon I'll be coming into a bit of money soon...

– Adam Barlow


Gina plays Sally and Sophie off against each other over the money she has borrowed from each of them

What I want to know why you bought a dog plate with the money that I gave you for your electricity bill.

– Sally Metcalf

Preview Pictures: Mon 3 July - Fri 7 July

Adam confronts Aidan for money in return for his silence, Sinead finds Daniel and an injured Chesney, Sarah receives a visit from the police, And will Kevin and Erica be able to resist each other?

Adam corners Aidan and having revealed that he took the photo of his illicit kiss with Maria, demands £5k to secure his silence.

As Eva and Maria settle down to a drink in the hotel bar, they're surprised by the sudden arrival of Aidan.

After a heart to heart Chesney and Sinead agree to give their relationship another chance, but will it last?

Chesney promises to go see Daniel at the bistro to lay their differences to rest.

The Bistro is in chaos as a clearly wired Rich is demanding Rob launder his drugs money or he will reveal Rob's past to Michelle.

Rich grabs a broken bottle as Chesney enters the bistro.

Rich swings the bottle, slashing Chesney who collapses to the ground clutching his stab wound!

Sinead rushes to the bistro to see a blood soaked Daniel cradling Chesney and assumes Daniel must have attacked him.

Eileen is put out to find Phelan perusing some old love letters.

Billy and Todd arrive for Drew's funeral to find out that Drew's parents want family only at the service.

Despite the vicar's warning, Billy and Todd enter the church, determined to pay their respects to Drew.

Summer makes a heartfelt reading, will it all prove too much?

Later at Adam’s new law firm his first client arrives. Todd's stunned to realise it's Summer. What could she want?

Will Kevin and Erica be able to resist each other?

Later, Jenny goes on a date with Matthew.

Johnny arrives and spotting Matthew with Jenny, flies into a jealous rage. Will the truth finally come out?

Sarah receives a visit from the police. Will they have good news in the care against Nathan?

Preview Clips: Friday 30th June


Gemma encourages a hopeful Chesney to try to win back Sinead.

My name's Chesney and I'm a tiger!

– Gemma Winter


When Robert refuses to launder Rich’s drugs money, Rich threatens to reveal a few home truths about his past to Michelle.

You can't just walk in here and ask me to launder your drugs money!

– Robert Preston