Previews: Friday 3rd July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michelle and Liz break into the Builder's Yard.

Dev tries to win Julie around.
Roy and Carla race to help Cathy.
And, Nick and Erica need to talk.


Will Julie wave goodbye to Weatherfield?

Leanne tries to hide her shock when Liz introduces her to Dan.
Roy and Carla are stunned by Cathy's secret.
And, Nick and Erica have a decision to make.

Preview Clips: Monday 29 June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michael tells Gail about kissing Eileen...

Brian accuses Dev of having eyes for Talisa.
Roy wonders what's behind Cathy's strange behaviour.
Jason, Kirk and Gary arrange a poker night in the Rovers.


The Platts watch in horror as Gail and Eileen brawl on the cobbles.

Julie confronts Dev and Talisa.
Carla muscles in on the poker game.
And, Nick tries to talk to Erica.

Picture Previews: Mon 29 June - Fri 3 July

This week on the Street: Tracy gets arrested, Gail and Eileen come to blows, Steve's back from Spain and Roy discovers what Cathy's been hiding.

Liz serves up a nice big dish of cold hard revenge on scheming Tracy.

Michael and Gail try to clear the air, but in the interest of honesty Michael reveals what (who) triggered his heart attack.

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Furious, Gail wastes no time in hunting down her arch nemesis Eileen.

And they're soon brawling in the Street!

Could this be the last straw for Michael?

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Dan's not happy when Carla invites herself along to the boy's poker night - and wipes the floor with them!

Later, Steve arrives home and is pleased to see his mum is moving on from Tony.

But when Liz introduces Dan to Leanne, both hide their shock at seeing each other. What is their history?

Preview Clips: Friday 26th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Alya tells Jason that she can't live with their guilty secret any longer.

Brian makes a grand gesture.
Nick braces himself for the worst.
And, will Faye be able to give Miley up?


Nick and Erica get tragic news.

Tracy comes up with a plan to get rid of Brian.
Anna and Tim face a heartbreaking goodbye.
And, will Alya accept Gary's proposal?