Preview: Wednesday 17th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Is this the end of Alya and Gary?

Kylie tries to talk her way out of trouble but David admits he’s struggling to trust her.
Will Tracy take up Tony's offer of further dodgy dealings?
And, things get cosy between Nick and Erica...

Previews: Monday 15th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Callum turns up at the salon - the look on Kylie's face says it all!

Alya has doubts about her future with Gary.
And, Carla’s unnerved when an uncharacteristically pleasant Tracy insists on walking to school with her.


Erica makes an impression on Nick (and Gail!)

Tracy continues her charm offensive, but can she keep it up for long?
And, Sean’s desperate to make a good impression as Billy arrives at No.11 for tea.

Preview: Friday 12th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The secret is out when Kal catches Gary and Alya together!

Kylie goes all out to be a good mother and wife.
Audrey gives Maria some dating advice.
And, Kirk asks Chesney to be his Best Man.


Will Maria and Luke's date go as planned?

Gary and Alya face Kal's wrath.
David tries to get to the bottom of who Kylie's drug dealer is.
And, Julie and Dev are smitten after their first date.

PREVIEW: Kylie's Secret

Kylie's time is running out. David wants to know what she's been up to - but will he be able to handle the truth?

Watch our extended preview of the hour-long special episode.

Coming Sunday 7th December, at 7pm on ITV.

You DO NOT want to miss this!

Preview: Sunday 7th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...

7pm \- One Hour Episode

David catches Kylie buying drugs...

Family photos at the Community Centre causes more trouble than expected.
Elsewhere, Luke rides to Maria's rescue.
Tim worries he's going to let Faye down.
And, is Kevin’s lie about to be exposed?