Preview Clip: Tuesday 14th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David tells Todd that Sarah’s gone to the funeral, which can only be bad news...

She's a right mess at the minute, who knows what she's going to say!

– David Platt

Jason blames himself for a robbery at the yard.
Alex's bad behaviour is caught out by Cathy.
And, Tim sets about building a summerhouse in the garden...

Preview Pictures: Sun 12 June - Tue 14 June

This week on Coronation Street: Will Sarah regret going to Callum's funeral? David and Jason get into a fight, Amy runs away and is this the end of Billy and Sean?

Marion places a photo of Callum next to his coffin and it's almost too much for nervous Billy...

It's down to Todd to convince him to continue with the service for Marion's sake.

But Todd also knows the police are there watching...

Grieving Gemma is beside herself, as Macca does his best to comfort his friend.

Outside, Marion thanks Sarah for coming and suggests that she'd like to be involved in Harry and Max's lives. How will she react?

Later, Billy arrives back on the Street and is stunned when Sean finishes with him!

Preview Clip: Sunday 12th June

Tonight on Coronation Street's hour long episode!

Billy's shocked when Marion asks if he conduct the service for Callum's funeral.

He was murdered.

– Marion Logan

Feeling desperately unwanted, Amy runs away from home.
Sean accuses Billy of cheating - is this the end of their relationship?
Nick confides in Leanne how much he misses Carla.
And, will Sally discover what Tim's been up to in her conservatory?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 8th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Craig's got a hangover - We wouldn't want to be in Tim's shoes when Beth finds out!

I don't think we need the internet to see what's wrong with Craig, do we mate?

– Kirk Sutherland

Todd’s shocked when his plan to mislead the police backfires.
Michelle begs Steve to forgive her but Steve remains cold.
And, Sean begins to suspect Billy is seeing someone else!

Preview Clips: Monday 6th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Amy's ruling the roost at the Rovers.

We need to be firm with her!

– Steve McDonald

Todd goes to the police station and makes a statement.
Leanne vows to help him win back the bistro from Robert.
Sophie suspicious when Tim starts flogging bottles of his home brew from the conservatory - Sally won't be happy if she finds out!


Robert offers Nick a job - three guesses how that's going to go down?

I compromised, why can't you!?

– Robert Preston

Steve reels when the truth about Michelle and Will comes out.
Tensions erupt between Todd and Jason.
And, Craig helps himself to some of Tim's home brew...

Picture Previews: Mon 6 June - Sun 12 June

This week on the Street: Steve learns about Michelle and Will, Todd's got a plan to save Jason but he's not going to like it, Leanne vows to help Nick get back on his feet and Sean suspects Billy is playing away...

The week begins quite well for Steve when Tim reveals his homemade pub, The Sponge & Bucket!

But then Saskia comes storming into the Rovers making accusations...

Michelle begs Steve to forgive her, but he's reeling from the devastating news.

Focusing his attention to Amy and making sure she's okay.

Will turns up at Street Cars in an attempt to smooth things over.

But with Steve's arm still injured, Tim steps in for his mate and punches Will!

And that's where things get messy...

Very messy...

Todd goes to the police station telling them that Tony confessed to Callum's murder months ago.

Jason’s speechless when Todd reveals what he’s done.

After Todd helps Billy, when he finds Lee unconscious, the two have a friendly hug.

But Sean clocks it and immediately thinks the worst!

Leanne's heartbroken to see Nick so defeated and vows to help him win back the Bistro from Robert.

So when Robert offers Nick a job you can imagine their reaction!

Preview Clips: Friday 3rd June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Todd promises Jason he'll figure out the truth.

All you've got to do is trust me.

– Todd Grimshaw

It's Bethany's 16th Birthday but will anyone be in the mood to celebrate?
Norris' building work doesn't go quite according to plan.
And, when Zeedan learns he's got a free house for the evening he excitedly texts Rana.


Michelle’s shocked to find Amy grilling Will about how they know each other!

So, are you and Michelle friends?

– Amy Barlow

Todd's got a dilemma on his hands.
Gemma angrily accuses Jason of murdering Callum.