Preview Clips: Friday 31st July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


When Beth finds the pregnancy testing kit in the bin, she and Sean wonder who it belongs to.

While Cathy and Roy go out for the day, Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney set to work on her house.
Audrey attempts to get her family talking again.
And, Michael isn't impressed with Eileen's behaviour.


Roy makes Cathy and offer. Will she accept?

Alya has a confession to make...
Kylie returns home with the kids.
And, Sarah cancels her date with Callum to look after Bethany.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 29th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Cathy has a fright when a pile of boxes suddenly come tumbling down upon her. Will she be okay?

Alya's feeling nauseous, maybe there's a test she needs to take?
Has Callum got Bethany right where he wants her?
And, Michael’s unimpressed by Gail and Eileen's childish behaviour.

Previews Clips: Monday 27th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The police raid The Dog & Gun, just as Callum asked Bethany to hold onto some drugs for him...

It's in my pocket...

– Bethany

Gary's romantic gesture doesn't go according to plan.
Anna asks Faye if she wants to see Miley.
And, Sally has big plans for Tim...


Tim gives snobby Sally a piece of his mind.

I climb the ladder every day Sally, with some soapy water and a sponge.

– Tim

Tyrone suggests Cathy joins in their next curry night.
Alya has some apologising to do.
And, Bethany has a confession to make to Callum...

Preview Pictures: Mon 27 July - Fri 31 July

This week on the Street: Roy is forced to help Cathy (whether she likes it or not), Bethany gets in deep trouble and Alya's guilt starts to catch up with her.

Cathy has a fright when a pile of boxes suddenly come tumbling down upon her.

This is the last straw for Roy, who takes Cathy out for the day so that Fiz, Tyrone and Chesney can clear some junk out her house. How will Cathy take it?

Sarah jokes to Callum that she thinks Bethany has a crush on him...

Desperate to impress, Bethany offers to help Callum with his next delivery and he chucks her a small package of drugs. But when the police raid the Dog & Gun, will Bethany be arrested?

Meanwhile, Sarah's feeling guilty when Kylie explains to Gail that David is spending a few days alone with his Dad, as Max's continual references to Callum were getting him down.

Sally has a go at Tim over his lack of ambition. How will she react when he admits he's fed up being compared to Kevin?

Gary surprises Alya with a picnic hamper for lunch. Will he get the reaction he was hoping for?

Later, Beth finds a pregnancy test in the bin and teases Alya - saying it's hers!

Gary's completely bemused but Alya is secretly horrified...

While everyone else is laughing, Sinead clocks Alya's strange reaction.

Later, Sinead approaches Alya who breaks down, confessing to her friend how she slept with Jason. How will she react?