As far as the family are concerned Adam is in Canada but he was seen by viewers skulking around by the salon before boarding a bus out of town without being seen by anyone.

Was he back in Weatherfield to seek revenge for Ken washing his hands of him?

EVIDENCE: Tracy finds the money

Tracy finds the money, proving Adam told the truth and that Amy was lying to the police.

EVIDENCE: Adam's Alibi

Adam gives the police his version of events on the night Ken was pushed.

  • Adam

EVIDENCE: Adam is arrested

After new evidence is uncovered Adam is taken in by DS MacKinnon.

  • Adam

EVIDENCE: Adam and Tracy are onto each other

Adam accuses Tracy of a false alibi, while Tracy wonders why he's desperately trying to direct the suspicion onto anyone but him...

EVIDENCE: Adam publicly appeals to Ken

Ken is visibly shaken when Adam tells him that he could never hurt him.

  • Adam

EVIDENCE: Ken's will

Tracy and Adam argue after Tracy discovers Ken's will.

Adam Barlow

DS MacKinnon takes a closer look at what makes Adam Barlow a suspect in her investigation - can you help the police solve the mystery?

EVIDENCE: Adam needs an alibi

Adam tries to coerce Rosie into telling the police that she was with him on the night of Ken's attack.

  • Adam