After several suspicious phone calls with Adam, Amy went missing from her violin recital on the night of Ken's attack.

Amy could easily have shared Tracy's resentment towards Ken but enough to attack her grandfather?

EVIDENCE: Tracy has an alibi

Tracy can hardly contain her smugness at the fact that she's out of the frame for attacking Ken. But is she out of the woods yet?

EVIDENCE: Rob reveals all

Rob spills the beans to the police, will this be enough to get Tracy and Amy off the hook?

INVESTIGATION: Tracy hands herself in

Tracy confesses to attacking Ken but is everything as it seems?

EVIDENCE: Tracy thinks Amy attacked Ken

Tracy confesses her darkest fear to Rob. Could Amy be the one who attacked Ken?

EVIDENCE: Tracy finds the money

Tracy finds the money, proving Adam told the truth and that Amy was lying to the police.

INVESTIGATION: The Police Question Amy

Following Adam's statement, DS MacKinnon has a few questions for Amy.

EVIDENCE: Amy talks about Ken

Amy reveals how much she dislikes her grandad because of the way he's treated Tracy.

  • Amy

Evidence: What is Amy hiding?

Tracy's shocked to discover that Amy knows more than she's letting on about Adam.