Daniel was licking his wounds alone in the shop flat before letting himself in to No.1 where he finds a flustered Phelan standing over his father.

Although he was the one to call the ambulance, could his all consuming fury put him in the frame?

EXTRA SCENE: Ken's Attacker Revealed!

The truth about who attacked Ken Barlow has finally been revealed!

Watch our exclusive flashback scene, introduced by Rob Mallard to see what happened immediately after the attack!

EVIDENCE: Ken Names His Attacker

Ken's starting to piece together what happened on the night of his fall but has he filled in all the gaps?

  • Daniel

EVIDENCE: Daniel's False Alibi

DS MacKinnon found evidence that Daniel had lied about his whereabouts on the night Ken was attacked.

  • Daniel

EVIDENCE: What happened to Denise?

DS MacKinnon is very interested in Daniel's missing mother...

  • Daniel

Daniel Osbourne

Did Daniel Osbourne have motive to attack his father? DS MacKinnon examines what makes Daniel suspicious - can you help the police solve the mystery?

INTERVIEW: Daniel Osbourne

The police interview Daniel about his whereabouts on the night Ken was attacked.

EVIDENCE: Ken is discovered

Daniel and Phelan find Ken hurt and unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.

EVIDENCE: Daniel's announcement

Ken causes a huge argument by revealing that Daniel has gained a place at university.

  • Daniel