Picture Previews: Mon 12 Jan - Fri 16 Jan

This week on the Street: Barlow's Buys gets trashed, Gavin's secret is in jeopardy and Michael has a big question for Gail...

Fake Gavin hides behind the bar when the real Gavin's ex-girlfriend, Lisa, calls in the bistro looking for him.

Apparently Gavin is a cheating, two-timing scumbag...

Gavin might have some explaining to do...

Later, Steph is dumbfounded as Gavin explains he's not actually Gavin, but Andrew, a friend of Michael's son. Will Steph make him tell Michael the truth?

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Video Previews: Christmas Week

This week on the Street: Tracy has Tony right where she wants him, Callum invites himself round for Christmas and Roy attacks an intruder with a cricket bat!

Monday 7.30pm

Monday 8.30pm

Christmas Eve 7.30pm

Christmas Day 8pm

Boxing Day 7.30pm

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