Who Attacked Ken?

EXTRA SCENE: Ken's Attacker Revealed!

The truth about who attacked Ken Barlow has finally been revealed!

Watch our exclusive flashback scene, introduced by Rob Mallard to see what happened immediately after the attack!

EVIDENCE: Ken Names His Attacker

Ken's starting to piece together what happened on the night of his fall but has he filled in all the gaps?

EVIDENCE: Daniel's False Alibi

DS MacKinnon found evidence that Daniel had lied about his whereabouts on the night Ken was attacked.

EVIDENCE: Sinead's Motive?

Sinead confesses to Daniel that it was Ken who pushed her into having the abortion.

EVIDENCE: Sinead is questioned

After a tip off (from Adam) DS MacKinnon is very keen to talk to Sinead about her grievance with Ken...

The Suspects

Follow the evidence and tell us who you think attacked Ken Barlow!

More clues will be added after every episode and don't forget to share your investigation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

EVIDENCE: Tracy has an alibi

Tracy can hardly contain her smugness at the fact that she's out of the frame for attacking Ken. But is she out of the woods yet?

EVIDENCE: Rob reveals all

Rob spills the beans to the police, will this be enough to get Tracy and Amy off the hook?