Tracy Kills Tina

With an infamous hatred for Tina, Tracy Barlow has a longstanding reason to seek revenge on the woman who almost cost her her most successful relationship to date.

With Tina keeping a very close eye on the ins and outs of Barlow’s Buys, she’s likely to use this as ammunition to wind Tracy up; but will Tracy be able to resist the bait?

Tracy has committed murder before and got away with it and she certainly takes no prisoners when it comes to getting revenge on people who have wronged her.

– Kate Ford who plays Tracy

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Peter Kills Tina

Peter Barlow has had his way with young Tina and discarded her in favour of his beloved wife Carla.

A heartbroken Tina warns him that she’s not going to let him have his happy-ever-after and we all know that her threats are rarely empty...

Will she push Peter to the brink of despair, and how far will he go to keep hold of what he has left?

Peter fears he is going to lose Carla and the baby, he never really loved Tina, he said he did but he didn’t. Carla is the love of his life and he is desperate to save his marriage - getting rid of Tina could be the only option.

– Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter

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Rob kills Tina

Nothing gets past Tina and when she rumbles Rob and Tracy for their dodgy dealings with Tony she isn’t afraid to make it known.

With the memory of prison still fresh in his mind, Rob’s understandably cautious of Tina’s threats and when the penny drops about her affair with his sister’s husband, Rob has not just one but two reasons to lash out...

Rob is not someone who is afraid of confrontation and will be determined to try and persuade Tina to keep quiet about both the affair and what she knows about the business. If she refuses then who knows what could happen.

– Marc Baylis who plays Rob

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Carla kills Tina

When Carla learns the truth about Peter’s affair with the babysitter, there’s every chance that her rage will be strong enough to ensure Tina never lays a finger on her adulterous husband again.

Carla will want answers but when she confronts Tina emotions will be running high and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

– Alison King who plays Carla

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