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Coronation Street Appoints New Producer

ITV today confirmed Iain MacLeod has been appointed as the new Producer of Coronation Street, following Kate Oates’ decision to leave the soap and move into drama series production.

Kate is moving to work with ITV Studios owned label Tall Story Pictures, where she will produce the forthcoming second series of Bancroft, starring Sarah Parish.

Kate and Iain leave their respective soaps in strong form, as each is up +5% year-on-year for volume, on both consolidated and overnights ratings.

In 2018 to date, Emmerdale has increased its average audience in the consolidated ratings, pulling ahead to become the UK’s second most popular soap.

The Emmerdale appointments will take effect from the beginning of June, to coincide with Iain taking the helm at Coronation Street.

Find out more about Emmerdale's restructure

9.4M viewers tuned in to see Eileen confront Phelan

Coronation Street continues to be the UK’s most popular soap, with Good Friday's 8:30pm episode scoring the highest rating in this slot in more than 4 years when 9.4m viewers tuned in to see Phelan confess his string of crimes to Eileen at the lighthouse.

Across that week, Coronation Street delivered an impressive 40% share among 16-34's, the soap’s highest share for this demographic since just before the tram crash in 2010.

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Coming up: Baby 'Barlow' is born, Jude's fishy tale is put to the test and has Beth bagged Kirk a new job?

Barlow's Baby Bother

Simon questions Toyah on a receipt for a cottage in Lymm, Toyah covers by telling him it was surprise for Peter. Will Simon believe her?

Toyah heads to the cottage but hears Eva's screams coming from the bathroom!

Eva's in labor as Toyah manages to break into the bathroom, will the ambulance arrive in time?

Later at the hospital, Eva does her best to avoid holding the baby, until the nurse gives her no choice.

How will she feel when she holds her daughter in her arms for the first time?

Filled with joy, Toyah video chats Peter and Simon introducing them to baby Susie.

But Simon watches his Dad's reaction with mounting jealousy...

As Toyah arrives back in Weatherfield with baby Susie, Peter is instantly smitten.

The new parents take baby Susie for a walk. As Aidan stops to say hello, Toyah is troubled by her lies.

Aidan notices Toyah's awkwardness, will he start asking questions?

Jude Gets A Surprise Visit!

Jude is startled when Angie arrives at the Marine Life Centre.

In a panic, he sets off a nearby fire alarm. Will he escape without her noticing?

Later, Angie catches Jude in a lie... Will Mary defend him?

Later, furious with Jude, Angie heads over to the solicitors office to get some work one.

But she bumps into Adam who pours some whiskey as she pours her heart out... Could it be more than just the whiskey that's on the rocks.

First dates...

Geoff and Audrey go out for dinner together.

Audrey spots Geoff looking wistfully over at Yasmeen. Realising it's Yasmeen he wants, Audrey encourages him to talk to her.

Later, Sally's mortified at the thought of Geoff dating Yasmeen and invites him over to dissuade him. What will she say when Geoff arrives with Yasmeen in tow!

Jenny's heartbreak

A confused Johnny tells Aidan that Jenny has postponed their leaving party.

Later, Jenny takes Johnny to the children's park where she scattered her son Tom's ashes, explaining it's the anniversary of his death.

Jenny explains that one of the reasons she is so keen to leave the country is to escape the bad memories. Will Johnny be sympathetic?

Kirk's canine conundrum

Under Tyrone's advice, Kirk lies and tells Beth that Sharon, the lady who's dog he is training, is in her sixties.

Inspired by Kirk's new venture, Beth steals Eccles from outside of Speed Daal!

And then walks him back to Ken, advising he should employ Kirk as a dog walker. Will he go for it?

Rana Drama

A hopeful Zeedan surprises Rana with some flowers.

Can she convince him that she doesn't love him anymore?

David's State Of Mind

Jack P Shepherd talks about David's struggle and whether there is any hope for David and Shona's relationship.

Is David angry at Shona?

No, he has pushed her away he still loves her but he can’t be with her at the same time as
trying to deal with what happened to him. He can’t be near her, he doesn’t want to be with her sexually, but it’s because he loves her.

He showed his feelings in a very violent way at the boxing match and now he is
paying the price. What made him react in that way?

It was the culmination of all his anger and anxiety over the rape. He was in the boxing ring
and wasn’t putting up much of a defence when Josh whispered in his ear, "I bet you’d rather go round two with me." There is a just a red mist moment where he hits Gary and can’t stop.

Jack P Shepherd is nominated for Best Actor in this year's British Soap Awards!
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An argument between Sally and Yasmeen over a bird feeder ends up with another trip to A&E for poor Audrey. How will this one end?

I tried talking to you, but as usual you wouldn't listen so I was forced to take direct action.

– Yasmeen Nazir


Not content with simply bunking off school, Simon helps Tyler steal alcohol from the corner shop. But how will Tyler react when he discovers Simon used his phone to text Summer?

It was wind-up. You were gonna do that to Toyah...

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 25th April

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BRITISH SOAP AWARDS: Support Team Corrie


A family meal out with Kate, Johnny and Jenny causes Rana to reflect on how she has cut off all ties with her parents. How will she cope with the loss of her family?

Aidan, Kate and Carla might be grown up but I need them in my life.

– Johnny Connor


Shona talks to a despondent Summer and offers her some support and advice about how Billy will make things better for them both...

Sometimes even for the best of folk, life spins out of control...

– Shona Ramsey

Preview Clips: Monday 23rd April

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BRITISH SOAP AWARDS: Support Team Corrie


Gary calls to see David at the Salon and tells him that he thinks he is heading for a breakdown. Will David go along with this view?

It's not worked very well so far has it, you turn your car into a bomb and you almost kill my mum.

– Gary Windass


After Summer apologies to Alya for showing her up, Alya asks her to help her with a new idea and pitch a sportswear range to Aidan and Carla. Will they be impressed?

With styles to suit everyone, from teens to silver sprinters.

– Summer Spellman