Preview: Monday 22nd December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


It's the morning after for Tony and Tracy...

Rob's sentencing is the talk of the Rovers...
Steph and Gavin flirt as they work side by side at the bistro.
And, Lloyd tries to talk to Steve.


Tracy delights in taunting Tony.

Gary gets a few home truths from his family.
Callum turns up on the Street looking for Kylie.
And, Steve suggests they hold a massive Christmas party at the Rovers.

Picture Previews: Christmas Week

Christmas on the Street: The festivities begin with a bang when Callum introduces himself to David... Tracy starts playing games with Tony, Gary hits rock bottom and Roy attacks an intruder!

Callum turns up on the Street, wanting his car MOT'd by Kevin.

And if he manages to bump into Kylie while he's there, that's purely incidental...

Later, Callum lets himself into the Platt's and then Kylie's forced to make some awkward introductions.

It's fairly safe to say that David and Callum aren't going to see eye to eye.

And that's before the rest of the family show up!

Watch the Christmas Promo

Text Santa: Mel B on the Cobbles

Take a look at the first pictures of Mel B taking to the the cobbles of Coronation Street for the Text Santa Christmas special.

Mel will be playing Chief Operational Head of Christmas management services.

It all sounds very official - we wonder what the storyline could be?

It looks like Mary (Patti Clare) will be in for a surprise on the night.

Behind the scenes, there's no rest as the team ready for the next scene.

Keep checking back for more pictures and big surprises on the build up to Text Santa night on Friday 19th December.