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The Secret Life Of Phelan

Did you notice all the times that Phelan was acting suspiciously over the past few months?

Connor McIntyre invites you to look a little closer at the past few months as we spot all the times that Phelan was up to no good!

Preview Pictures: Mon 28 Aug - Fri 1 Sep

This week on the Street: Gary returns but will he be able to fix things with Sarah? Gemma and Rosie team up, Will offers to lend Robert a hand and Gina plots against Sally...

As Sarah attends the parents' support group, she's taken aback when Gary arrives.

At the support group, Sarah talks candidly about how she feels she let Bethany down.

Gary offers some heartfelt words and promises her that from now on he'll be there for her. Will Sarah thaw towards him?

Back on the Street, Gary assures Izzy and Anna that his job isn't dangerous, he's part of a well trained team, but will they be placated?

Preview Clips: Friday 25th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


As Norris and Mary leave the street for the wedding, Mary seems wracked with guilt. Will they go through with it?


Will persuades Michelle to go for a drink, but when he starts quizzing her about Robert, Michelle becomes defensive. Has Will exposed his plans?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 23rd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Shona visits Clayton in prison and is taken aback when he seems pleased to see her.

Does she need to be suspicious?

Preview Clips: Monday 21st August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Hiding his anxiety from Sinead, can Chesney find a way to overcome it?


Intrigued by Phelan’s behaviour Nicola has followed him to the house he's working at. Will she find out what he's hiding?

Andy's Diaries: Episode One

Andy's alive!

In the first episode, go behind the scenes with Oliver Farnworth for a unique insight into how we kept one of Coronation Street's biggest secrets...

Coronation Street: Then, Now & Forever

Journey back through 57 years of Coronation Street with our exclusive new promo which recreates iconic scenes in a celebration of Britain’s most popular continuing drama.

The promo depicts iconic scenes from each decade of the Street, showing not only the scenes themselves but also the craft involved in creating the moments we see being filmed.

Some of the scenes were shot on the Coronation Street set whilst classic sets were recreated at Shepperton Studios.

The costumes were created using archive photography and footage while actors were cast to match the original performances and emulate the moments featured.

Tony Pipes, ECD of ITV Creative, said:

"Everyone has a favourite Coronation Street scene, a memorable moment and the chance to recreate some of these was a beautiful adventure."

Sarah Tobias, Head of Marketing and Media at ITV, added:

"Coronation Street is on brilliant form at the moment, so now seemed like the
perfect time to celebrate the soap. We hope viewers love reliving these classic moments as much as we have loved recreating them.’

Kieran Roberts, Executive Producer ofCoronation Street, said:

"We're delighted to have such a brilliant marketing campaign celebrating Coronation Street's past, present and future. These promos are simply stunning and I'm sure viewers will love them as much as they love Corrie itself."

Four Miles from Manchester: Tony Warren’s Coronation Street

The early life and career of Tony Warren, creator of Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running continuing drama, will be remembered in an exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, which is operated by Salford Community Leisure.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 21 October 2017 to Tuesday 3 July 2018

Coronation Street is four miles in any one direction from the centre of Manchester. Emotionally, it's wherever you want it to be in your own heart

– Tony Warren, 1995