Preview Clips: Monday 3rd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah finds out what Callum and Bethany have been up to.

Carla returns to the Street but is evasive when Lloyd and Roy ask about her trip to Spain.
Tim makes plans to extend his window cleaning round.
And, Robert's in for a shock when Joni catches up with him.


Michelle asks Roy for help with Carla. Can the two of them get through to her?

Sarah is horrified by the dangerous situation Callum has left Max in.
Tim’s attempts to surprise Sally with a holiday to Wales.
Beth feels sorry for an upset Joni when she tells her that her marriage to Robert was over a long time ago.

Picture Previews: Mon 3 Aug - Fri 7 Aug

This week on the Street: Carla's back with her problems in tow, Sally makes some bad decisions, Max gets caught up in Callum's dark world and Robert tries to make peace.

Carla returns but is evasive about her trip to Spain...

Could that be because she actually went to Las Vegas?

Upset that her secret is out, Carla heads back to the casino but this time a concerned Nick insists on going with her. He's aghast to see her recklessly gamble away hundreds of pounds.

Meanwhile, Tim's attempt to surprise Sally with a holiday falls flat when she point blank refuses to take time off work at such short notice.

Later, Sally's busy working through Underworld's accounts.

Until Carla catches her and fires her on the spot for snooping!

Sally thinks her dreams are in tatters, but Kevin tells her he's decided to invest in her plan...

Sally's overjoyed and goes in to kiss him! Will he reciprocate?

Later, Tim asks Kevin to be his Best Man, will he accept? And can he and Sally mask their guilty secret?

Callum's True Colours

Apparently Callum has been playing nice all this time, but the gloves are about to come off! Sean Ward teases what's coming up...

He knows that Bethany has a crush on him, so he uses that to his advantage at every turn.

– Sean Ward

Callum loves nothing more than manipulating everyone around him, but he doesn't know the can of worms he's opening when he turns his sights to Bethany.

Bethany can be unpredictable at the best of times and that eventually leads to Callum's facade slipping just enough for Sarah to get suspicious.

Expect a big game changer with poor Max caught in the middle when he finds something he really shouldn't hidden in his bedroom...