Previews: Friday 5th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Kevin bags himself a date!

"You just sit there looking rugged!"

Sean’s excited at the thought of a big night out with his mates.
Yasmeen sets her sights on No.6 when she hears the house is going up for auction.
And, Carla does a good deed, but how will it be received?


Sean's night suddenly perks up when he meets Billy.

Kevin goes on his hot date (joined by Tim and Sally...)
And, Ken offers Tracy some advice.

Tracy's Showdown

Tracy is at an all time low - heartbroken, penniless and humiliated and it's all Carla's fault. We spoke to Kate Ford about Tracy's thirst for revenge!

Rob was the love of Tracy's life and all her hope for the future was been taken away from her on their wedding day.

At the same time, Carla's business is booming, she's giving out bonuses and going on spa trips with Michelle.

This doesn't sit right with Tracy and she becomes fixated on Carla as the villain in her life - and once the bit's between her teeth, there's going to be no stopping her!

Get ready for the showdown you've all been waiting for.

WATCH: Tracy v Carla Promo

Preview: Wednesday 3rd December

7.30pm \- One Hour Episode

Tracy breaks into Underworld - looking for revenge!

Kevin buys a posh second hand sofa, but will he be able to get it through the door?
Gary and Alya struggle to find some time alone.
And, the police tell Todd they’ve caught the guy who assaulted him.

PREVIEW: The Showdown

Take Cover! Tracy is on the warpath and Carla is set firmly in her sights.

Watch our extended preview of the hour-long special episode.

Coming Wednesday 3rd December, at 7.30pm on ITV.

You DO NOT want to miss this!

Christmas on the Cobbles

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Expect plenty of treats and surprises, including Christmas carols and twilight tours on Fridays and Saturdays until 7pm.

Not only that, but throughout the twelve days leading up to the big day itself, 13th to 24th December, you'll be filled to the brim with yuletide cheer as visitors are serenaded by choirs, brass bands and singing groups.

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