Picture Previews: Mon 25 Aug - Fri 29 Aug

This week on the Street: Cutting corners on the loft conversion has dangerous consequences for Tyrone. Peter collapses after he finds Jim's stash of alcohol and downs the lot! And, is romance in the air for Luke and Katy?

Tyrone's delighted with the progress on the loft conversion, unaware of the shortcuts made by Todd...

But when he accidentally slips from the ladders, Tyrone crashes through the floor below...

And is left badly hurt! Will he be okay?

Leanne loses it!

Things are going to get messy when Leanne unleashes her inner-Battersby - Jane Danson reveals all.

Leanne has been getting more and more frustrated with Nick's behaviour during the divorce and she soon sees through his lies when he starts pretending that he's ill.

Unfortunately, no one else believes her - even going as far as to blame her for Nick's predicament - and that just makes Leanne mad!

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