Preview: Friday 6th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Roy prepares to say a final goodbye to Hayley at the place where they shared their first kiss.

Liz and Michelle argue over how best to deal with Steve.
A jittery Michael readies himself for the operation.
And, Audrey spots Faye skiving in town.

Watch Roy and Hayley's last visit to the boating lake

Hayley and Roy took a trip back to the special place where they shared their first kiss.


Callum asks David for a favour...

Can Eileen get through to Steve?
Steph and Gavin/Andy agree to tell Michael the truth.
And, Roy considers restarting his driving lessons.

Callum's feud

The rivalry between Callum and David is really heating up. We spoke to Sean Ward (who's not nearly as naughty in real life) about what's coming up!

Looking for ways to spend time with Max, and wind David up in the process, Callum sets his sights on romancing Katy.

But when David tells her of his drug dealing past, Callum is furious and decides to lay down the law...

Does this mean we'll be seeing more of Callum on the Cobbles?

Bethany's Back!

Watch out Weatherfield - Bethany Platt is back and she means trouble!

In this first shot of actress Lucy Fallon on the Corrie set with Helen Worth and Jack P Shepherd, Bethany looks all sweetness and light.

But it soon becomes clear that the teenager is going to cause problems for the already beleaguered Platt family.

Blackpool born Lucy, 19, started filming this week just days after landing the part. This is her first TV role.

Lucy said: “Walking onto the set was surreal and nerve wracking but everyone has been really welcoming and I am thrilled to have been given this great opportunity.”

Lucy meets Sue Nicholls for their first scene together.

Bethany will be on screen in late March when she arrives in Weatherfield from Milan - after a huge fall out with her mum Sarah.

She will be followed a week later by Sarah, played by Tina O’Brien, who is determined to drag her daughter kicking and screaming back to Italy.

Sarah and Beth will end up staying in Weatherfield when things don’t go exactly to plan and in the coming months expect fireworks at number 8 as poor Gail struggles to cope with her family’s secrets and lies.

Preview: Wednesday 4th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Roy visits Sinead in hospital.

Steve tells the therapist how he feels that his family, although trying to help, are making matters worse.
Callum tries to convince Katie to go out for a drink...
And, Craig looks after Faye when she confesses to being bullied.

Remembering Anne

Look back at some of Anne Kirkbride's memorable moments as the irreplaceable Deirdre Barlow.


Previews: Monday 2nd February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David's furious when he find Callum paying Max a visit.

Roy agrees to look after Joseph whilst Chesney is visiting Sinead.
Maddie and Simon get on Norris' nerves (it doesn't take much).
And Gavin/Andy's ex-girlfriend turns up at the Bistro...


Is Andy's secret about to be revealed!?

David tells Katie who Callum really is.
Maddie seeks revenge against Norris.
And, Craig offers to be Faye's bodyguard.