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Bhavna Limbachia on Rana's Struggle

Bhavna Limbachia talks about Rana's struggles with her sexuality. What does her affair with Kate mean for Rana's relationship with her family?

How do Rana’s parents react when they realise the relationship between Kate and Rana is still going on?

Rana’s family are absolutely disgusted and feel betrayed that she’s broken the terms of the contract. In desperation to cover up their daughter’s shame they take drastic measures to make sure that Rana and Kate can’t be together.

When Rana’s mum calls to say she’s going to Pakistan to see her dying sister why does Rana agree to go with, despite how strained their relationship has been?

Rana believes the only way she can make things right and win her mum round is to be her support system for her dying sister. She feels so guilty and so ashamed of what she’s done that she doesn’t question anything.

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Coming Up: Rana gets an unexpected visit, David shocks his family and does Liz have a new love interest?

Rana Is On Rocky Ground

After receiving an anonymous phone call, Rana is shocked when her dad arrives at No.6.

He angrily accuses Rana of having her mother arrested, will this ruin their deal?

With no money coming from her parents, Rana has to tell Kate she can't move into the flat with her.

Zeedan tells her he needs her help, and she sets about sourcing the furniture for the restaurant.

Rana apologises to Zeedan, who in return offers her a job at Speed Daal.

Zeedan tells Kayla he thinks Rana still has feelings for him, is he getting his hopes up?

David's Struggle

After Shona and Maria have a heart-to-heart, a concerned Maria decides to talk to David herself.

Later, Maria calls at No.8 and is stunned to see Emma there in a state of undress.

When they're left alone, David hands Emma a set of keys and asks her to move in! Will she take him up on the offer?

David then introduces Emma to the family. We can't wait to see Gail's reaction...

And what will Bethany say when she realises Emma was in the year above her at school!

Romance For Liz?

Liz and Mike go on a night out together.

But Liz finds herself distracted by Johnny, what does this mean for her and Mike?

Trouble At Underworld

Summer spots a miscalculation in Alya's figures, which could cost Aidan thousands!

Alya is utterly humiliated. What will she do next?

Evicting Billy

Tracy is adamant that she wants Billy out of the flat.

Shona and Adam vow to try and help Summer, will they be able to change Tracy's mind?

Later, Tracy evicts Billy telling him that he is three months behind with rent. Where will Billy and Summer go?

Angie Smells Something Fishy

Angie is concerned about Jude and tries to talk to him about being bullied by his colleagues.

Later, Angie tells Rosie that she thinks Jude is keeping something from her.

Abi's New Job?

At the garage, Abi winds Tyrone up by diagnosing a car problem he hadn't noticed.

He is impressed with her mechanical skills. But will he give her a job?

Does Geoff Have The Gift Of The Gab?

Elsewhere, Audrey is thrilled to see Geoff at the hospital, but Yasmeen is not as impressed.

Geoff soon wins Yasmeen round by asking her out on a date, will she agree to go?

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Coming up on the cobbles...

David is irritated to discover that Maria has taken on an apprentice at the salon. How will her youthful exuberance go down?

In case you'd forgotten, Audrey's off sick, Bethany's still training and you're off God knows where. David, I need an assistant. And she's dead nice...

– Maria Connor


After hearing of Summer's disappointment that the United Kingdom Space Agency can't offer her work experience, Aidan offers her some experience at the factory. How will she react to the offer?

I didn't have a second choice, but I wanted to aim high like you said. Did you know the female to male ratio of CEO's in Britain?

– Summer Spellman

Preview Clips: Wednesday 18th April

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When Nicola calls round, Eileen breaks down insisting she knew nothing about what Phelan was up to. How will she react when Nicola says she believes her and would like her to be a part of the baby’s life?

The only way that I can make sense of it is that... I'd never been loved. Not like that... used yeah... settled for yes... rebound into. Pat made me feel that I was enough, more than enough. That's how stupid I am....

– Eileen Grimshaw


As Rana and her mother leave the street for their trip to Pakistan, before she goes she takes the time to say goodbye to Kate. When will the couple be reunited?

Text me when you get to the airport, and at the gate... and when you land, and at baggage control. Does that sound needy?

– Kate Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 16th April

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Ahead of Michelle's family dinner, in the cafe Carla asks Ali about steroid abuse. When he realises she is talking about Robert, will be agree to help?

Why would you think I meant Robert?

– Carla Connor


Toyah visits Eva at the cottage and tells her that Simon might know about their secret. But when Eva tries to reassure her, will Toyah be able to carry on lying as she starts to crack under the pressure?

What am I gonna say, oh do you mean about the baby? and then he goes... oh, what baby? And then we're right up the creek aren't we.

– Toyah Battersby