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This week on Coronation Street: Todd and Billy kiss, Tracy struggles a year on since Deirdre's death, Dev and Mary go for a spa day and Michael's back and he's got Phelan's number.

Finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd's grateful when Billy offers to help out.

Billy calls in the pub and tells Sean he can spend the week with him in London. Sean's delighted, while Todd quietly fumes.

Sean and Billy set off for London, but spotting Todd outside the flower shop, Billy can no longer contain his feelings and orders the driver to stop.

While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss.

Billy tries to resist but his feelings get the better of him and they kiss passionately.

Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch. Amy quickly grabs her school bag and heads out ignoring her Mum.

It's Simon's birthday and everyone gathers to give him his presents.

Tracy arrives at Simon's party armed with presents for Amy - who's furious!

Later, Tracy sits at Deirdre's graveside and cries as she talks to her about Amy.

Sarah opens up to the psychiatrist about her ordeal with Callum. Will she reveal everything that happened?

An excited Bethany shows Kylie her gym application form.

Later, Lauren parks herself next to Bethany and makes out she's sorry for bullying her, could things be on the up for her at last?

Elsewhere, Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

After a night raiding the minibar Dev's horrified to realise he's spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

Could this be the start of something beautiful?

Macca and his mate demand free kebabs from Gemma...

When Chesney arrives back from Wolverhampton, Macca and his mate slink out, leaving Gemma relieved to see the back of them.

Steph and Andy approach Eileen and confirm that they're happy with the rent increase as Michael has agreed to move in.

Eileen's delighted while Phelan quietly fumes. Taking Phelan to one side, Michael warns him that he might have Eileen fooled, but not him.

First Pics: Mary and Dev!

Wowsers! Could this be the start of something beautiful?

What would Mary's Mother say?

Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

Of course that's all fine, they are good friends after all...

But the next morning Dev's horrified to realise he’s spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

We wouldn't want to be in Dev's shoes when Erica finds out...

Bon Voyage Michelle?

Is this the end for Steve and Michelle? Kym Marsh hints at the heartbreak to come...

Talk us through how Michelle’s feeling since Steve found out the truth about Will?

It has been really difficult for her as Steve has frozen her out and she can’t get through to him. She has got to the point where she really doesn’t feel there is anything more she can do to try and get him to come round and forgive her.

She didn't properly cheat but did cross a line – out of the two ofthem who do you sympathise with more?

She is the first person to admit what she did was wrong and she could have done a lot worse. Remember she was left on her own for months and he hadn’t even turned up for her birthday, or so she thought.

I’m not condoning what she did, as it was wrong but Steve does need to cut her some slack. She did confess and now she is paying the price.

What response have you had from the viewers? Are they on Michelle’s side?

The viewers do seem to really love Steve and Michelle as a couple and most people seem to want them to sort out their differences and move on. They do think that he is being a bit harsh considering what he has done to Michelle in the past.

Steve did properly cheat on Michelle with Becky back in the day. Is she quick to remind him of that?

Exactly and yes she does remind him, what he did was much much worse but they are older now and more settled and he is obviously hurt. He was ill after all with the depression and he knows he stayed away too long so he probably blames himself a bit but he won’t admit that.

Steve and Becky

Does she have any idea that Steve’s secretly pining for her?

No, he is doing far too good a job of being cross with her and freezing her out. She genuinely believes that this is the end and that he is never going to forgive her. The viewers will be wanting to bang their heads together, it is one of those times when you are shouting at the screen. It is areal Ross and Rachel storyline.

Are they both being a bit stubborn?

Yes, they are as stubborn as each other. If they could just admit that they have both made mistakes and forgive each other and move on then it would all be OK but neither of them is going to back down.

How does Michelle feel about the prospect of working away on a cruise ship?

She has got to the point where she just thinks there is nothing left for her. Carla has gone, her son is abroad and now it looks like her marriage is over so when her friend tells her about the job on the cruise ship it just seems like the right thing to do. She still loves singing and it feels like a fresh start for her. She can’t bear the thought of staying in Weatherfield and seeing Steve every day.

Do you think she’s right to consider going, or should she stay andfight for her marriage?

If Steve is not going to forgive her I can totally understand her desire to get away. She probably is also doing it to try and call his bluff, but that is a dangerous game as it looks very much as though he is going to let her go.

Now that Carla is gone,who can you picture Michelle becoming good mates with?

That’s the thing, she has got the rest of the Connors but it isn’t the same as having your best mate around. She does chat with Maria, but with everything that is going on she has lost Liz’s friendship too. She does need some girlfriends.

Has it been strange not having Alison King on set, seeing as you had a lot of scenes together?

Yes it is really strange as I also shared a dressing room with her so I will miss having her around. I have been away on holiday though so I haven’t had too much time to miss her properly yet and now Simon and Bev are both back so the McDonald crew is back to full strength which is always good fun.

Preview Clips: Friday 1st July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Luke spots something suspicious about Caz at Liam's party.

Must be tough for you, being away so much.

– Luke Briton

Amy makes it clear Tracy isn't welcome at her violin recital.
Izzy faces her final moments of freedom.
And, will Phelan be the cat that gets the cream?


When Beth finds Eccles wondering the streets alone she worries what could have happened to Tracy.

Where's Tracy?

– Beth Sutherland

Izzy suggests she and Gary should get back together. How will he respond?
Sophie and Luke join forces against Caz.
And, Eileen has grand designs!

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Supporting Sarah

Sarah has had an incredibly tough year. We spoke to Tina O'Brien about getting Sarah some help.

How does everyone react when they realise Sarah's having a breakdown?

Everyone’s genuinely worried for her but David has a lot of issues trusting the police or her having any kind of medical intervention because of their secret and that she might reveal what actually happened and they could go to prison for it.

Can anyone get through to her?

No, she thinks Callum is there and is going to get them.

Why does she barricaded herself in?

She barricades herself into her house because of what this guy’s told her. That Callum’s out to get her. She feels she needs to make the house as secure as possible so that if he does come looking for her he can’t get in.

How do things look when she’s taken to hospital? What does the psychiatrist report?

The psychiatrist says she is having episodes of psychosis because of what’s happened - the body has been discovered in the house, she’s just had a baby and the lack of sleep contributes to it all.

What state is she in when Todd and Jason visit?

She’s been given a lot of medication so she’s kind of there, but not there. She’s not anxious and not in a state of mania.

Where does she go from here?

Sarah acknowledges that she needs to get better. People are telling her that it’s not real and although she has moments when she believes what everyone is telling her, her head still tells her that she’s right.

How have you found filming this storyline?

It’s easily the hardest thing I’ve ever filmed. It’s been really tough, and sad. It’s definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone.

Can Sarah get better?

I hope so, I’m not sure yet but I think she’s getting all the help she can get in a mother and baby unit.

Do you think it would be better if the secret about Callum was out?

It would be better for Sarah. That’s the root of a lot of her problems, it’s the dark secret that’s been eating her up.

Are you hoping it will come out eventually?

I think so, yes, because it would be a good story to play.

What’s it like filming with the babies who plays Harry?

I love them, they are so adorable.

Have you enjoyed working with Daniel Brocklebank?

I love working with Dan, he’s brilliant. Working with different actors definitely brings out different dynamics. Because Sarah doesn’t have a boyfriend it’s great that the writers are finding other people for her to confide in.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 29th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Jason calls at No.8 and breaks the news to David, Kylie and Gail that the police have found the murder weapon.

I've had some bad news...

– Jason Grimshaw

Ken encourages Leanne to set up a new restaurant with Nick.
Liz arrives back from Spain and is stunned to learn that Michelle is going away.
And, Norris and Kirk's board game tournament steps up a level.


Nick admits to Leanne that he still has feelings for her. How will she react?

No one else comes close.

– Nick Tilsley

Can Steve stop Michelle from leaving?
Chesney and Sinead set a plan in motion to bring Beth and Kirk back together.
And, Jason wants a word with Gemma.


Tracy suffers a stab of pain and doubles over. Will she be okay?

You know this is a florist and not a therapist right?

– Tracy Barlow

Jason announces he's leaving Weatherfield.
Amy's determined to sort out hapless Steve.
And, Leanne resigns from the Bistro leaving Robert flummoxed.