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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

The Force is strong with Mary and Norris' wedding pictures, Chesney is tempted by the Dark Side, there's a New Hope for Billy and Todd and Liz has a bad feeling about her new job...

Gemma overhears that Rich, the guy who stabbed Chesney, is a friend of Robert's.

After summoning Adam, Chesney eventually agrees to sue - against Sinead's better judgement!

Adam calls in the Bistro and tells Robert that Chesney will settle for £10k.

But that's the least of Robert's troubles after the is Bistro is attacked by vandals. Could Rich be out for revenge?

Preview Clips: Friday 21st July


Bethany’s horrified when Craig admits he intends to quit the police force. Can she get him to reconsider?

What have I done so far, other than bottle it with Neil and let you down...

– Craig Tinker


Steve and a reluctant Liz pack up their final belongings. How will Liz deal with the fresh start?

At least drunk people are happy!

– Liz McDonald

Preview Clips: Monday 17th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David calls at No.11 and implores a reluctant Shona to help him track down Lara, in a bid to help Bethany get the justice she deserves. Will she help?

There's no way in a million years she's ever gonna testify against Nathan.

– Shona Ramsey


Eva asks Adam to stop blackmailing Aidan as she wants to forget about his affair for the sake of their baby. Will Adam agree?

Aidan's been seeing Maria, but I get the impression you knew that already...

– Adam Barlow

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Will Adam ruin Eva's revenge? Can Craig help Bethany bring Neil to justice? Will Luke and Alya kiss? And, Nicola agrees to a DNA test.

Adam tries to blackmail Aidan over the photograph when Aidan refuses to pay up, Adam orders him to tell Eva the truth.

Worried that if she is 'told' about the affair her revenge is over, Eva orders Adam to meet her in the ginnel.

Later, Adam shows Eva the photo of Aidan snogging Maria.

But will he smell a rat when she asks him to stop blackmailing Aidan..?

Back at Underworld, Aidan reveals that Eva will be moving into the office to learn the business side of things. Can you guess how Jenny and Alya will take the news?

Preview Clips: Friday 14th July


Having searched high and low for Shona, as a despondent Sarah leaves the drop in centre with Rana, they’re distracted by two girls arguing. They're taken aback to see that one of the girls is a clearly injured Shona. Will she be okay?

Oh you stupid cow, I am trying to help you. You've just messed it all up!!

– Shona Ramsey


Gary meets an old army friend of his for a drink. Joe tells Gary he’s running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, the money is fantastic and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react?

Mate I'm telling you, pay's amazing. One of my lads does 2 weeks out there, takes home what you probably made in a month.

– Joe Haslam

Preview Clips: Monday 10th July


A desperate Sarah calls at the police station and begs Neil to have a word with Bethany and make her see that she’s not to blame. When will the truth come out?

Girls like Bethany gets preyed on because they don't think they matter. They do matter. My daughter matters...

– Sarah Platt


On his way to meet Erica at the hotel, Kevin phones Anna and lies to her making out he’s on a breakdown. When emotional Anna tells him how sorry she is for pushing him away, Kevin’s overcome with guilt. What will he do next?

I know that it must have been awful for you, all of this. And I want us to get back to the way we were. More than anything...

– Anna Windass