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Preview Clips: Friday 8th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Amy struggles with the anniversary of Deirdre’s death.

I want to be on my own.

– Amy Barlow

Todd's conflicted as Sean and Billy get ready to leave for London.
Chesney is forced to go to Wolverhampton to see Cilla, leaving Gemma in charge of the kebab shop.
And, Leanne admits to Nick that her new job is awful.


Tracy makes an emotional visit to Deirdre’s grave.

If you were here, you'd knock our stupid heads together.

– Tracy Barlow

While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss.
Simon mischievously suggests that Leanne should get back with Nick.
And, Macca turns up at the kebab shop demanding free kebabs and threatening to give Gemma a hard time.

5 Reasons We Are Going To Miss Jason Grimshaw

As our favourite builder heads off for sunnier climes we wanted to take a moment to look back at what made Jason Grimshaw so great!

1. Look At His Little Face

He's just so cute! We first met Jason back in 2000, when he ran all the way to the Battersby's to find Eillen, after getting bored at his dad's house.

Butter wouldn't melt...

2. Clothes just seem to fall off him!

We're not sure how it happens but Jason often ends up in situations where he's not wearing his top...

We can't think why... Can you?

3. He has a weakness for the ladies

It's fair to say that Jason is pretty unluckily in love. He just can't catch a break the poor guy...

Violet was Jason's first serious girlfriend, until she kissed Charlie behind his back and he had an affair with Sarah...

Sarah caused a rift between Jason and Tood, having been in a relationship with both brothers.

Things looked good for a brief time with Tina, but the Platt family have a tendency for messing things up for Jason (and we wonder why Gail and Eileen don't get along!)

Jason and Rosie were going to be Weatherfield's answer to David and Victoria Beckham but unfortunately she left for London without him.

Jason had a brief affair with Stella, which caused all sorts of trouble with Karl who started a vendetta against our favourite builder.

Jason would later get with Eva (Stella's daughter - awkward!) but things went south with them after Todd convinced Jason she was having an affair with Tony!

4. He loves his mummy

The most important person in his life is his Eileen - where would he be without her?

5. And he loves a bacon butty

Jason's happiest when he's filling his face with food surrounded by his friends and family - you can't say fairer than that!

Get More Jason

Preview Clip: Wednesday 6th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Having found Billy's phone in the flower shop, Todd mischievously returns it to Sean.

We're rock solid, back on track.

– Sean Tully

Tracy arrives at Simon’s birthday party armed with presents for Amy.
Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.
And, Bethany joins the gym.


The nation’s most successful and popular soap drama, Coronation Street, is to broadcast a sixth weekly episode from late 2017, ITV announced today.

ITV’s Director of Television, Kevin Lygo, said the news reflected the broadcaster’s commitment to high quality soap for its hugely loyal audience.

I am a life-long fan of Coronation Street and one of the first things I wanted to explore when I became Director of Television was taking the production to six episodes a week.

The soaps are the cornerstone of the ITV schedule, and Coronation Street continues to
produce some of the finest drama and comedy on television. It is a hugely important part of what has defined ITV throughout its history, and I want it to continue to be right at the heart of what ITV defines in years to come.

As a viewer I have watched the soap as it has continued to evolve, entertain, and grip the
nation with fantastic storylines and this move will be the next exciting chapter in Corrie's story.

– ITV’s Director of Television, Kevin Lygo.

ITV Studios Managing Director of Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North, John
Whiston, who has responsibility for overseeing both Coronation Street and Emmerdale, said:

From a creative perspective this is an extremely exciting development for the production team, writers, cast and crew who work on our globally renowned soap drama. Coronation Street’s new producer Kate Oates, modern filming and editing facilities at the programme’s Production Centre and our fantastic, peerless drama teams will help turn this great idea into reality.

– ITV Studios Managing Director of Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North, John Whiston.

The plan, which was unveiled to the writers, cast and crew today, will create employment
opportunities adding a new and exciting dimension to filming the UK’s longest running soap drama.

The current layout of the set will be extended to facilitate the expansion in production, and create additional studio space on the 7.7-acre site in Trafford, Manchester. The programme currently has four operational studios, as well as the exterior lot of Coronation Street, and space has been identified on site for the creation of a further filming zone.

Preview Clips: Monday 4th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David and Kylie brace themselves as Sarah opens up to her psychiatrist.

Whatever you have to do or say to make yourself better, you do it.

– Kylie Platt

Under pressure from Phelan, Eileen hands Andy and Steph a notice of rent increase on their flat.
Tracy's upset when Amy refuses to visit her in hospital.
And, Gail suggests she should find herself a summer job.


Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there’s been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room...

We are both grown ups

– Mary Taylor

Bethany’s frightened and upset when Lauren and the rest of the bullies strike.
Michael comes up with a plan thwart Phelan's schemes.
And, finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd’s grateful when Billy offers to help out.

Picture Previews: Mon 4 July - Fri 8 July

This week on Coronation Street: Todd and Billy kiss, Tracy struggles a year on since Deirdre's death, Dev and Mary go for a spa day and Michael's back and he's got Phelan's number.

Finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd's grateful when Billy offers to help out.

Billy calls in the pub and tells Sean he can spend the week with him in London. Sean's delighted, while Todd quietly fumes.

Sean and Billy set off for London, but spotting Todd outside the flower shop, Billy can no longer contain his feelings and orders the driver to stop.

While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss.

Billy tries to resist but his feelings get the better of him and they kiss passionately.

Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch. Amy quickly grabs her school bag and heads out ignoring her Mum.

It's Simon's birthday and everyone gathers to give him his presents.

Tracy arrives at Simon's party armed with presents for Amy - who's furious!

Later, Tracy sits at Deirdre's graveside and cries as she talks to her about Amy.

Sarah opens up to the psychiatrist about her ordeal with Callum. Will she reveal everything that happened?

An excited Bethany shows Kylie her gym application form.

Later, Lauren parks herself next to Bethany and makes out she's sorry for bullying her, could things be on the up for her at last?

Elsewhere, Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

After a night raiding the minibar Dev's horrified to realise he's spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

Could this be the start of something beautiful?

Macca and his mate demand free kebabs from Gemma...

When Chesney arrives back from Wolverhampton, Macca and his mate slink out, leaving Gemma relieved to see the back of them.

Steph and Andy approach Eileen and confirm that they're happy with the rent increase as Michael has agreed to move in.

Eileen's delighted while Phelan quietly fumes. Taking Phelan to one side, Michael warns him that he might have Eileen fooled, but not him.