Ask Shayne Ward

That cheeky chappy Shayne Ward took control of the Coronation Street Twitter to answer your questions.

Shayne has been nominated for Best Newcomer in the National Television Awards.


Who would you like to see Aidan in a relationship with?

Do you have any advise for an aspiring actress/singer?

What did you do when you found out you got the part?

What's the best thing about working on the cobbles?

Did you have a favourite character before you joined?

If you could be any other character who would it be?

What's been your favourite scene so far?

Winning The X Factor or being on Corrie?

Aidan is a snazzy dresser. Do you pick his clothes?

Would you consider singing a duet with Kym Marsh?

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Preview Clips: Monday 19th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Callum’s mother Marion calls at No.8 wanting answers about her son's whereabouts, but David snaps and throws her out!

Your son is a drug dealing thug!

– David Platt

Johnny realizes he needs Aidan’s help.
Alya struggles with her guilt.
Maria hears news that her mum has had an accident and arranges to leave for Cyprus.


Luke’s outraged when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless Luke cooperates! What will Luke do?

The Platts are determined to keep their secrets hidden, whatever the cost to the family.
Aidan joins Johnny in the bistro, will he manage to rescue the deal ?
Alya and Gary discuss their wedding plans with Yasmeen and Sharif.

Picture Previews: Mon 19 Oct - Fri 23 Oct

This week on the Street: Jamie threatens to share some saucy pics of Steph if Luke doesn’t race, but he’s promised Maria he won't. Alya has a proposal for Gary after she grows concerned about the time he’s spending with Jason. The Platts realise with horror that one of the family may have blabbed. Johnny needs Aidan’s help, while Eva makes it her mission to persuade Aidan to give her a job at the factory. Tyrone is unable to give up on on the idea of taking Hope to Lapland and Audrey takes Ken out for lunch.

Luke's aghast when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless Luke agrees to race.

However, he’s promised Maria that his racing days are over. Desperate to protect Steph, will Luke give in to Jamie's demands?

David and Kylie are mortified when they realise Sarah has spoken to Billy and threaten to tell the police that she killed Callum if she speaks to anyone else.

Having had enough, Sarah tells Bethany the are moving back to Italy, but Bethany is not happy!

She goes to moans to David about moving, but he tells her it's for their own safety as Callum has threatened to kill them both

Johnny realises he needs Aidan's help, can he manage to rescue the deal and secure a large order?

Meanwhile, Eva's got her mind set on making Aidan give her a job at the factory

Elsewhere, when Alya admits to Jason how difficult she’s finding it to live with the guilt, he snaps that she might be best to tell Gary the truth

Clearly wound up, Jason picks a fight with a punter in the pub on a lads night out with Gary, Tyrone, Kirk and Chesney

Confused by Jason's behavior, Gary demands to know what's the matter with him.

Hearing of the boy's altercation, Alya calls at No.11 to find Jason and Gary putting the world to rights. Will Jason spill?

First Pics: Luke's under threat!

Jamie calls in the garage and tells Luke he’s put him down to race on Saturday. Luke refuses, explaining he’s promised Maria he won’t race again, but Jamie tells Luke he needs cash from the race to clear his mounting debts.

Luke’s aghast when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless Luke cooperates! Will he give in to Jamie's demands?

Preview Clips: Friday 16th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Beth warns Kate to stay away from Kirk and keep her hands to herself. How will Kate react?

Billy’s concerned about a clearly troubled Platt family.
Fiz and Tryone are touched when Sinead visits them in hospital with a homemade present for Hope.
Maria’s furious when she realises she’s been lied to.
Ken buys a violin for Amy.


Billy assures Sarah that as a vicar, whatever she tells him is in the strictest confidence.

Kate continues to wind Beth up. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?
Maria gives Luke an ultimatum.
Tracy persuades Ken that Amy needs proper lessons from a qualified violin teacher.

Preview Clips: Wednesday 14th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Todd starts asking questions about Callum...

Fiz and Tyrone wait anxiously for news on Hope.
Ken buys Amy a new violin.
Jason, Gary and Tony continue with the building works. Can the Platts get the closure they need?
Luke is hiding something from Maria.