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Preview Clips: Friday 30th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah's uncle Steven offers to buy back her shares in his business but will she accept the unexpected windfall?

Take the money

– David Platt

Todd and Phelan are at a stand-off, who will come out on top?
When Maria tells Caz that she has to go to visit Pablo in London, she’s shocked when Caz invites herself along too.
And, David's furious when he gets some news about Clayton!


Phelan and Vinny decide they need some insurance for dealing with Todd...

There's no point in pussyfooting around is there?

– Pat Phelan

Maria tells Caz that she only sees her as a friend, how will she react?
Bethany finally gets a victory over bully Lauren. Is this the last we'll hear of her?
And, David agrees to go to grief counselling to keep Gail quiet.

Don't Mess With Alya!

Alya has been through a lot over the past couple of years but Sharif's betrayal has made her see the world in a different light.

We spoke to Sair Khan about Alya's harder edge - Sharif better watch out!

How does Ayla feel when she finds out about Sharif’s affair?

Alya feels completely dumbfounded when she finds out about Sharif’s affair. She had suspicions that something was going on between him and Sonia but she never thought she was going to be proved right.

She only ever thought it was flirting and in her head that was the worst case scenario, it wasn’t on and she was going to tell him off. She never even contemplated the reality of what he’s been up to and she’s so shocked. Alya’s always looked up to her grandparents and held them in such high regard so this causes her to lose all respect for Sharif.

Initially she doesn’t find out the duration of the affair, she thinks it was a one time thing years ago so for her to have such a strong reaction without knowing the full truth says something about how disturbed she is by it all.

Is she tempted to tell Yasmeen?

The only thing that’s stopping her from telling Yasmeen the truth is that Sharif plays it down so much and tells her it happened a long time ago and he has massive regrets. She wants to tell Yasmeen the truth but she doesn’t know what good it’s going to do, she’s scared of breaking up the family, she doesn’t want to be the one who has to tear the family apart.

What’s her motivation for blackmailing him? What do you make of this ruthless side of Alya?

I think there are a few aspects to the blackmail. One is that she’s furious with Sharif, he’s got the cash at his disposal because he’s about to buy Sonia a flat but yet he won’t invest in her, also she wants to punish him, she doesn’t want him to have his cake and eat it.

Alya’s trying to make the best of a bad situation for herself. Her main motivation isn’t to get herself ahead though, it’s to punish Sharif, it’s not as selfish as it seems.

Why does Alya need the money she asks him for?

Alya is trying to set up a new business with Aidan, running alongside Underworld. Last year she made some bespoke basques with Sinead and when Aidan finds the designs he thinks he has clients who’d be interested. But they realise they’re going to need some new machinery to recreate the embroidery on the designs so she needs the money to buy this expensive machine.

She wants to become 50/50 business partners with Aidan on this side strand of the factory, she wants a bit more power.

Alya seems to be turning into a hard-nosed businesswoman - she even tells Sinead she’s no longer required. Is Alya very ambitious?

I think Alya is very ambitious, when she came onto the street having finished university she had grand plans to start her own business, that’s always been her goal. But over the last two years she’s had so many setbacks in her personal life that it’s been really difficult for her to achieve her dream.

When she blamed Carla for her dad Kal’s death that really set her back in the factory so she’s been doing her best to get back up the ladder ever since and when this opportunity arises she’s determined to make the most of it. Everything else is falling to pieces around her after the discovery of Sharif’s affair and it’s only her work, her drive and her ambition that are holding her together at the moment.

In terms of Sinead, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that she knows to focus on the business and make any money out of it she can’t have any spare parts and Sinead’s collateral damage, sorry!

Are you enjoying playing this edgier side of her? Would you like her to go a bit darker?

Yes I’d definitely like to see her go darker, reflecting on everything that’s happened to her over the last few years I don’t think you would just be bright and bubbly. She’s been orphaned, lost what she thought was the love of her life through a stupid mistake which nearly ripped her family apart, and now she’s realised she’s on her own.

She’s got to look out for herself.

– Sair Khan

Is she worried that Yasmeen will find out about her involvement, that she knew about the affair and blackmailed Sharif?
She is really worried about Yasmeen finding out, she makes the decision not to tell Yasmeen because she thinks it was only a one off and maybe they can bury it as it happened so long ago.

How did you all react as a group when you learned about Sharif’s affair twist?

We all reacted very positively because as a family it gives us all so much to play out, it sticks us bang in the middle of all the conflict. It was set up so perfectly after seeing Sharif’s strong reaction towards Alya when he found out about her fling with Jason, now we find out he’s had an affair, the hypocrisy of the situation is great to play.

What is your dream storyline for Ayla? Underworld’s new boss, perhaps?

My dream for Alya wouldn’t be to own Underworld but to own her own business on the street that would rival Underworld and be better, to see her become a bit of a business mogul, she’s got dreams that are bigger than just knicker factories.

Is it about time she found a new man?

It’s absolutely time that Alya found a new man, Gary’s moved on and she’s genuinely happy for him, she’s put to bed what happened even though she’ll always love him and it’s great to see him looking to the future and she wants the same for herself.

She needs someone to test her, so we can see a different side to her. I think she needs an older man, who’s strong, who’s got their life sorted and who’s got focus and drive like she has.

Preview Clip: Thursday 29th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan offers to help as Maria prepares to say goodbye to an old friend.

Is there anything I can do?

– Aidan Connor

Todd insists on helping Billy with a community project to try and get back in his good books.
Tyrone tries to gently broach the subject of marriage with Roy and questions him about him and Cathy.
And, Gail announces that Michael is moving back in.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 28th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Roy and Tyrone have a heart-to-heart about Cathy.

I have to learn that Cathy is not Hayley.

– Roy Cropper

Billy gives Eileen food for thought about Todd and Phelan.
Maria and Kirk are devastated by some shocking news.
And, will Sharif have landed himself in even more hot water?

Toyah Battersby to return to Coronation Street

Actress Georgia Taylor will return to the role of Toyah Battersby next month and will appear on screen this December.

Christmas is a time for families and Leanne Battersby is heading for a festive family reunion with her step-sister Toyah.

With Leanne pregnant with Steve McDonald’s baby the sisters have a lot of catching up to do, but viewers will have to wait and see what exactly brings ‘Our Toyah’ back to Weatherfield.

Toyah was last seen on the cobbles 13 years ago in February 2003. She left Weatherfield after finding out her college lecturer boyfriend had got her friend Maria pregnant.

Toyah left Weatherfield with Spider in 2003

She has been mentioned regularly in scripts by Leanne who has visited her sister a few times.

How has Toyah changed in the past 13 years? Does she have unfinished business with certain residents? What baggage will she bring with her to Weatherfield and is she here to stay? All will be revealed this Christmas on the ITV soap.

Producer Kate Oates said:

“I am delighted that Georgia Taylor has agreed to return to the role of Toyah. She is a talented actress who has had great success since leaving the show in 2003.

“Family relationships are the lifeblood of soap operas and I am excited to explore the drama that Toyah will bring with her to the cobbles. She has led an interesting life away from Weatherfield and she has secrets she has kept even from Leanne.

“Her arrival this Christmas looks set to put the cat amongst the Coronation Street pigeons.”

Toyah and Leanne back in 1997

Georgia Taylor said:

“I am thrilled to be re-joining my old friends on the cobbles and hugely excited to be given the opportunity to explore the character of Toyah 13 years on.

“Coronation Street has always had a place in my heart and I'm delighted to be working again with my good friend Jane Danson and bringing the Battersby sisters back together.

“The script writers and producers have come up with some fantastic, clever, and detailed story-lines that have inspired me and I feel excited to get started!”

Preview Clips: Monday 26th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


When Aidan tells Alya that they’d need in order to bulk produce her designs would cost up to £14k, Alya vows to get her hands on the money...

Watch me!

– Alya Nazir

Roy tries to protect Alex from Cathy's anger.
Beth resolves to fight for her man!
Erica is sceptical but Dev is impressed by the twins’ business enterprise as they arrange flowers from the school garden into bouquets for him to sell.


Alex tells Roy and Cathy that he's moving away. Will Roy be able to stop him?

Thanks for having me.

– Alex Warner

Sharif is in turmoil as Alya and Sonia make demands. How is he going to get out of this one?
Beth is devastated when she heads off to court with neither Craig nor Kirk by her side.
And, Aadi and Asha tell Tracy they’ll stop selling flowers at Dev’s if she sacks Mary...

Preview Pictures: Mon 26 Sept - Fri 30 Sept

This week on Coronation Street: Can Roy stop Alex leaving for Scotland? Maria and Kirk get some devastating news, Billy tempts Todd back to the light and Gail and David have a little chat...

Roy is shocked when Alex announces that he's going to live in Scotland with his mum and Cathy does nothing to dissuade him.

At the allotment, Roy tries to brush off Alex's concerns but Roy is aghast when Alex hits the nail right on the head.

Can Roy make Cathy see sense and encourage Alex to stay?

Beth tries to persuade Kirk to support her in court, will he find the strength to say yes?

Kirk and Maria are left devastated when a close family member passes away, but Caz relishes the opportunity to be a pillar of support to a grieving Maria.

Knowing she has to have an honest conversation with Caz, Maria explains to her that she only sees her as a friend. How will she react?

Sharif is at a loss as to where he will find the funds to appease both Alya and Sonia. He needs to come up with an idea and soon!

Erica tricks Aadi and Asha into admitting to Dev where they've really been getting their flowers from. How will Dev react?

Eileen is gutted when she witnesses Billy refusing to give Todd the time of day.

In a dramatic turn of events, Todd and Billy find themselves in an A&E waiting room together.

Todd realises how much he wants Billy back and decides he needs to do the right thing and pull out of his partnership with Phelan.

Sarah is delighted when she unexpectedly receives a large sum of money and decides to approach Phelan about buying one of his flats for her and Bethany.

But, when Todd learns what Sarah is doing he confronts Phelan, ordering him not to rip off his close friend or he will blow the whistle on him and Vinny. Will Pat listen?

Gail and Audrey are curious about David's constantly beeping phone and decide to check it, but are left gobsmacked by what they find.

Can Gail convince David to go to grief counselling?