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Four Miles from Manchester: Tony Warren’s Coronation Street

The early life and career of Tony Warren, creator of Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running continuing drama, will be remembered in an exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, which is operated by Salford Community Leisure.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 21 October 2017 to Tuesday 3 July 2018

Coronation Street is four miles in any one direction from the centre of Manchester. Emotionally, it's wherever you want it to be in your own heart

– Tony Warren, 1995

Corrie Out-Takes!

You asked for more bloopers and we listened. Here's our all new collection of classic Coronation Street out-takes - enjoy!

Watch more bloopers here

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week: Will Mary and Norris get hitched without a hitch, Shona gets some worrying news about Clayton, Chesney's panic attacks have grave consequences and Liz plays detective...

As Jude arrives with his wife Angie and their baby, Mary can barely contain her excitement.

Clearly stressed, Norris reckons they should abandon the whole marriage charade but Mary won't hear of it, pointing out how disappointed Jude would be.

As Jude walks Mary down the aisle, he tells her how he's thinking of tracing his father's family. Mary does her best to cover her shock.

All at sea, will Mary go ahead with a marriage of convenience to Norris?

Later, Mary explains to Angie how she was raped as a teenager by Jude’s father who was a family friend.

But, none of them notices Jude who overhears every word...

It's Norris who assures Jude that Mary was only trying to protect him from the awful truth but will he manage to get through to him?

Preview Clips: Friday 18th August


An innocent Gemma is taken away by the police for stealing from Rita.

Will the truth come out?

I didn't do nothing...

– Gemma Winter


How will Sarah react when she hears that Gary's accepted a job in a war zone?

You knew, if you told me what you were doing I'd say no, you can't go.

– Sarah Platt

Preview Clip: Wednesday 16th August


Eva delights in telling Maria that, while she's away, it's her job as bridesmaid to get everything organised for the wedding! How will Maria react?

Note to self, stop being so smug.

– Eva Price

Preview Clips: Monday 14th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


When Sally and Tim discover more of Gina's purchases, Sally queries what's behind her spending sprees.

I know she got a bonus from work but she's spending it ten times over.

– Sally Metcalfe


How will Jenny react when Johnny tells her he's agreed to a double wedding with Aidan and Eva?

Congratulations... You've got what you wanted.

– Jenny Bradley

Preview Pictures: Mon 14 Aug - Fri 18 Aug

This week on the Street: Eva plays secret agent, Rita and Gemma have an almighty falling out and Kate's in for a bit of a shock but not as much as Mary's son Jude when he finds out she's marrying Norris!

Aidan and Johnny return to Underworld early...

Will they catch Eva in the act of returning the 'borrowed' hard drive?

Adam's heart goes out to vulnerable Eva, who suggests she pretends Stella's having a crisis so she can escape to France for a few weeks.

Eva thanks Adam for all his support. Buoyed by her words, Adam acts on his feelings and leans in for a kiss. Will Eva respond?

Later, Eva delights in telling Maria that as her bridesmaid and best friend, she'd like her to take over the wedding planning and hen do while she's away!

Preview Clips: Monday 7th August


The morning after the night before, Steve tells Liz about his marriage proposal to Leanne. How will THAT conversation go?

It all just kind of happened really...

– Steve McDonald


After Michelle's abduction, Robert is hellbent on revenge! Just how far will be go?

He could have done anything to me...

– Michelle Connor