Sally Kisses Kevin!

Things are about to get complicated when Sally locks lips with Kevin! We spoke to Sally Dynevor to ask, "What about Tim?"

In Sally's eyes, Kevin has finally pulled his socks up and become the man she always wanted him to be!

Then, Carla announces that she's putting Underworld up for sale and that gets the cogs turning for Sally - maybe she could be the boss too?

At the same time, Sally is getting frustrated by Tim's more laid-back attitude to life and refuses to go away with him on an impulse holiday.

But when things don't quite go to plan, Sally turns to Kevin for comfort and he's shocked when she leans in for a kiss!

Will Kevin kiss Sally back? And will someone please think about poor Tim in all off this!


Preview Clips: Friday 7th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sally makes a move on Kevin!

Will Michael be tempted to return to his life of crime?
Tracy comes face to face with the Bistro's new chef - she won't be happy!
And, Liz gives Tony short shrift when he presents her with a peace offering.


Carla's loved ones try to help her. Will she be willing to let them?

Tim has a very serious question to ask Kevin...
Gail takes the moral high ground with Michael and Eileen.
And, Robert gives Tracy food for thought.

Preview Clips: Monday 3rd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah finds out what Callum and Bethany have been up to.

Carla returns to the Street but is evasive when Lloyd and Roy ask about her trip to Spain.
Tim makes plans to extend his window cleaning round.
And, Robert's in for a shock when Joni catches up with him.


Michelle asks Roy for help with Carla. Can the two of them get through to her?

Sarah is horrified by the dangerous situation Callum has left Max in.
Tim’s attempts to surprise Sally with a holiday to Wales.
Beth feels sorry for an upset Joni when she tells her that her marriage to Robert was over a long time ago.