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Preview Clips: Friday 30th March

Coming up on the cobbles...


The Rovers is going family friendly! What could possibly go wrong..?

What happened to a lovely family friendly pub?

– Leanne Battersby


Eileen learns the truth about Phelan, but has the warning come too late?

You need to tell us where you are. Pat is dangerous, they think he's killed two people!

– Tim Metcalfe

Preview Clips: Wednesday 28th March

Coming up on the cobbles...


Convinced that Phelan buried the gun that killed Luke in the cement, can Seb convince Tim and Gary to help him retrieve it?

We've got to find it before someone else does and it ends up getting 'lost'...

– Seb Franklin


Carla has a heart-to-heart with Simon and decides to try and solve his problem behaviour by offering him a job at the factory. Will he accept?

What right has he got to go heavy on me? Like he's a doting parent.

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Monday 26th March

Coming up on the cobbles...


Audrey is knocked to the ground and robbed by a gang of youths. Is this a sign of Richard Hillman's curse striking again?

All this talk of curses isn't doing her any good...

– Audrey Roberts


Martin tells David he is baffled by the rush to move to New Zealand, whilst Sarah points out that Shona and the children don’t want to move either. Will it make any difference?

I'd love to see my grandkids grow up, but not if it's not the right thing for you. That's all I've ever wanted.

– Martin Platt

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up on the cobbles: As the net closes in on Phelan, will Eileen see the light? Join us for a family fun day at the Rovers and Audrey gets her own radio show!

The truth is out!

Phelan's not at all happy when Mona tells him that his concrete work will have to be laid again, which means digging it back up...

In a panic, Phelan convinces Eileen to join him in checking out a possible cottage for them to move to.

As they set off to the seaside cottage, Summer waves them off...

Putting two and two together, Seb is convinced that Phelan has buried he gun that killed Luke in the concrete and recruits Gary to help him break in and search for it.

But as the police turn up and arrest them, will they find more than they have bargained for!?

Alone on the coast, Eileen gets a phone call from Tim warning her to get away from Phelan...

But has truth come too late?

Preview Clip: Thursday 22nd March

Coming up on the cobbles...


In the Bistro, having become convinced the Platt's woes are caused by Richard Hillman's curse, Gail tells Rosemary she will find the time and money needed to get rid of it.

With a spirit as malevolent as Richard Hillman, we're going to need quite a few sessions so I completely understand if you want to leave it.

– Rosemary Piper