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Preview Clips: Friday 28th September

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When a worried Daniel tells Robert and Michelle who Cormac’s dad is, they look for a way to 'delicately' get him out of the Bistro.

I hardly think this Ronan is going to beat us all up for making his son redundant.

– Michelle Connor


Jude is shocked when Roy offers him a cheque for £3k to help fund his paramedic training. Will he take him up on the offer?

I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you.

– Roy Cropper

Preview Clips: Wednesday 26th September

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Tracy tells Steve to enjoy his free pass before the wedding. Not realising she means a pass for a spa, Steve thinks she is talking about sleeping with another woman!

I'm surprised more than anything, it's a very big gesture.

– Steve McDonald


Billy is caught between a rock and a hard place as an unsuspecting Sean welcomes Josh to the flat. How will David react when he finds out his secret?

You're no closer to feeling any remorse as you were before you were attacked.

– Billy Mayhew

Preview Clips: Monday 24th September

Coming up on the cobbles...


Sally pours her heart out to Gina about how she feels Tim has abandoned her. But will she listen when Gina defends him?

This place is turning me inside out.

– Sally Metcalfe


Ken invites Claudia for dinner and, over his favourite goat's cheese lasagne, tries to persuade her to tell him her salacious stories from the salon. Will she fall for his cunning plan?

I could tell you a story about Sacha Distel.

– Claudia Colby