Sarah Platt: Back on the Cobbles!

If you thought that Bethany's return caused a stir, just you wait until her mum shows up! We spoke to Tina O'Brien in her first interview.

Sarah left Weatherfield in 2007 for the sunny climes of Milan, so it's going to be interesting for her to see what's changed.

But some things never do - such as her turbulent relationship with the rest of the Platts and an eye for a good-looking guy.

Unfortunately for everyone at home, that good-looking guy might be Callum...

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Trailer: Sarah and Callum


Sarah's back on the Street next week and it's not long before cocky Callum pops over to say hello.

Will Sarah fall for Callum's charms? Or will she listen to David's warnings?

Previews: Monday 30th March

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Craig and Faye argue over their birth plan.

Tony pays off Steve's tax bill - don't tell Tracy!
Bethany’s unimpressed after being forced to work at the Bistro for the day.
And, Sally spends the day working as Norris’ butler.


Sarah arrives wanting a word with her wayward daughter...

Tracy's on the warpath...
Tim and Sally quiz Craig over his relationship with Faye.
And, David becomes suspicious of Gail’s strange behaviour.

Trailer: Sarah Platt's Back!

Bethany's unexpected arrival may have ruffled a few feathers last week but that's nothing compared to the ruckus her mum's going to cause when she gets hold of her...

Sarah's coming home and the cobbles won't know what's hit them!

Sneak Peek: Monday

Not sure you can wait half an hour for the next episode of Coronation Street?

Here's a little tease of the first scene of the 8.30pm episode.

The mediation takes a turn for the worse for David as Callum turns on the charm...

Michelle's proposal

Steve is going to pop the question to Michelle, but will money troubles stand in the way of their happiness? Kym Marsh teases what's to come.

Since Michelle learnt of Steve's depression their relationship has been growing from strength to strength.

And eventually Steve plucks up the courage to ask her to marry him!

But Michelle has a secret. Steve's amassed a lot of debt and she's worried about how to break the news to him.

'Luckily' Tony sweeps in and offers to lend them the money, behind Steve's back.

But will it be a favour they live to regret?

PREVIEW: Watch a clip of Steve's proposal before Wednesday's episode

Picture Previews: Sun 29 Mar - Fri 3 Apr

This week on the Street: Sarah's back but Bethany isn't the only trouble she has to face, Faye goes into labour and Carla returns from LA.

Nick goes to take Bethany to the airport, but she hides in Barlow's Buys, until Todd finds her!

Sarah returns to hear Bethany pouring her heart out to Jason, will she think about staying around for a while?

Later, Callum makes a beeline towards Sarah, just as Bethany storms out of a shop - has she been shoplifting?

Will Sarah be taken in by Callum's charms?