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Deaf Awareness Week

ITV and Coronation Street have been working with ITV SignPost to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week.

Deaf Awareness Week takes place from 2nd-8th May. It’s a national initiative centred around promoting the positive aspects of deafness, encouraging social inclusion and championing deaf organisations.

Sign language will feature in scenes in the Rovers, bought to life by signing actors Emma Wilding and Haylie Jones on Friday 6th May.

Throughout the week, Emmerdale and ITV's Daytime will also be featuring sign-language on their shows.

Reflecting the diversity of modern society both on and off-screen is a key commitment under ITV's Responsibility strategy, raising awareness of social topics through our most-loved and most-watched programmes.

Dolly-Rose Campbell, Emma Wilding and Haylie Jones in the Rovers


First Pic: The Hens Hit the Town!

You can take the girls out of Weatherfield, but you can't take Weatherfield out of the girls!

Each dressed as Carla, the hens (Beth, Kate, Michelle, Maria, Sally, Caz , Gail, Kylie and Cathy ) set off to a club in town.

In high spirits, Gail and Kate wrestle over the DJ’s microphone, each wanting to say a few words about Carla. In the scuffle, they damage the DJ’s equipment and club manager intervenes.

Preview Clips: Friday 6th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Todd overhears Phelan's Plan...

I've got some items of interest you might want to take a look at.

– Pat Phelan

Steve plans to give Michele a night to remember.
Sarah's paranoia begins to grow.
Having taken a call from the travel agent, Sean’s upset as Billy failed to pay his half of the deposit.
When Sophie drops off some van keys with Kate, Caz watches jealously from across the street.
Fed up of being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the bistro kitchen, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him.


Steve and Michelle talk it out.

Will you stop going on about the flaming dinner. Seriously, it's the least of our worries!

– Michelle

Jason finds comfort in Gemma's arms.
Sarah's paranoia become cause for concern. Can Kylie calm her down?
Caz corners Sophie in the pub and implores her not to take Kate from her. Sophie’s taken aback.

Nick's Nightmare

Could Nick's brain injury put his future with Carla in jeopardy? Ben Price hints at what's to come...

It's perfectly balanced for him to have the best time of his life or the worst time of his life.

– Ben Price

The wedding is nearly here and Nick is feeling excited, but equally stressed. The fallout from his brain injury is really starting to affect him and the more he worries about it, the worse it appears to get.

Looking for some hope, he goes to see the consultant, but when he doesn't get the answers he's looking for, he loses it again.

The realisation that he may have to live with this for the rest of his life, weighs heavy on his shoulders and he's not sure how to deal with it.

What will the future bring for Nick and Carla?

Is Alex Going Off The Rails?

Cathy's worried that Alex has been enjoying his new found freedom a little too much. We asked Liam Bairstow whether Alex can have too much of a good thing?

Is Alex’s drinking a recent problem?

It is a recent thing, he’s drinking with his friends.

Why do you think it is that he’s turning to the bottle at this particular point in his life?

I think he’s trying to impress his friends so he can be part of the group. It makes him feel like they welcome him being with them.

What does Cathy think of his drinking?

She’s not happy but if anyone can get through to him it’s Cathy. He thinks she’s a bit of a nag at the moment but she’s no worse than his mum, Nessa.

Can you tell us what’s going on at home with his mum?

Lately she’s been trying to get Alex to go to Scotland with her and her new boyfriend. But he doesn’t really want to go. He wants to stay with his Auntie Cathy and Roy but things take a turn for the worse.

Why doesn’t he want to move to Scotland?

He doesn’t get along with his mum’s boyfriend. His mum doesn’t spend a lot of time with him, she’s really not interested.

Why does he want to move in with Cathy?

Because he knows Cathy cares more than his mum. Cathy treats him like a nephew but also like a son. He likes Cathy.

Will this see Alex move to Weatherfield permanently?

I don’t know, but I’d like that.

How do you feel about becoming a more regular fixture in Corrie?

I feel really excited, really emotional.

What’s the Corrie experience been like for you so far?

It’s been a rollercoaster on my journey.

Has anyone in the cast taken you under their wing and shown you the ropes?

William Roache is so supportive and always gives me a hug when he sees me. Kym Marsh, Debbie Rush and Beverley Callard have been great too and Melanie Hill who plays Cathy has done some extra rehearsals with me and she’s been really supportive which helps with the relationship between the characters.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

David Neilson who plays Roy. I really like him. Shayne Ward as well, I’ve done lots of scenes with him now.

Have you been recognised by Corrie fans when you’ve been out and about?

I’ve had girls wave at me and someone asked me for a selfie at the train station.

What else is coming up for Alex in the coming weeks/months?

I don’t know but there’s been talk about a possible girlfriend in the long term.

Preview Clips: Wednesday 4th May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah breaks down in front of Jason.

He's in there. He's just there!

– Sarah Platt

Leaving Nick to look after Harry, Kylie and David lead Sarah to the Salon. As Harry screams, Nick realises he’s out of his depth.
A suspicious Kate confronts Caz.
Todd proves blood is thicker than water.
Billy’s appalled to find Lee begging money from Steve.
Sharif’s appalled when at Yasmeen’s request, Phelan measures up the back garden for an orangery.

Preview Clips: Monday 2nd May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick gets some bad news...

My entire future hangs on this!

– Nick Tilsley

Liz confronts Michelle and demands to know if the reason she’s avoiding Steve is because of Will. How will she respond?
Sophie is suspicious about Caz.
In a bid to take his mind off Tony’s death, Phelan persuades Jason to accompany him to the County match.


Kevin warns Sophie to mind her own business!

Even if you are right, I guarantee Kate isn't going to thank you.

– Kevin Webster

Michelle's guilt grows.
Nick loses it again and Carla gets caught up in the crossfire. Will Nick admit the truth?
Rain stops play at Yasmeen's BBQ.

Picture Previews: Mon 2 May - Fri 6 May

This week on the cobbles: Nick's temper accidentally hurts Carla, Todd hatches a plan to catch Phelan out, Jason and Gemma get together (yes you read it here first!) and Yasmeen tries to have a garden party - in this weather!

Nick accidentally pours boiling water on his hand while making a cuppa. He loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall, hurting Carla in the process.

Nick admits to the consultant that he's scared that he might lash out at Carla. Will he get the diagnosis he is hoping for?

Billy is appalled to find Lee begging money from Steve. Will Steve believe that he's a troublemaker from the homeless shelter?

Todd confides in Billy that he reckons Phelan is after Jason's money and hatches a plan to get to the truth.

Triumphant Todd returns home and with footage of Phelan flogging Tony's gear behind Jason's back.

Eileen's gutted, how's Phelan going to worm his way out of this one?

After one drink too many, Jason makes an awkward pass at Eva. When she turns him down Jason focuses his attention on Gemma instead.

Gemma's thrilled and readily follows him home!

Later in the week, Jason does some work in Gail's annex but Sarah breaks down leaving Jason wondering what's wrong.

Fretting, Sarah takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her she's got a lovely healthy baby and there's nothing to worry about.

Fed up of being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the Bistro, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him!

Amy helps Steve pull off a romantic dinner for Michelle - can he put their relationship back on track?

Caz lets out a yelp when she bumps into Sophie, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle on purpose!

Sophie's furious, confiding in Kevin that she thinks Caz is playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.

And Yasmeen's garden party is ruined when the heavens open!

As Sally watches smugly from the comfort of her conservatory!