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Preview Clips: Friday 1st December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Rana breaks down and confesses to Kate how she can’t stop thinking about her but knows her parents would never speak to her again. How will Kate react seeing Rana in such turmoil?

You tell your family you're gay. And they pat you on the head and ask you to pass you the potatoes. In my house, I couldn't even wear a skirt below the knee without war breaking out.

– Rana Nazir


When Gemma confides in Rita that she really likes Henry but fears she’s out of her depth, Rita advises her to stop worrying and enjoy herself. Will Gemma listen?

Just be yourself love, that's all anyone can do...

– Rita Tanner

Preview Clips: Wednesday 29th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan calls in the bistro and apologising to Kate for his recent behaviour and losing his temper with Johnny, begs her to try and talk some sense into him and persuade him not to sell the factory. Will Kate listen?

I messed up. Okay! I wanted to have my cake and eat it too and I ended up with nothing. But I never set out to hurt anyone, or put good people out of work. I can't be more sorry. For all of it...

– Aidan Connor


Billy meets up with Gareth and suggests they do the decent thing and tell the police all they remember about the accident. Gareth tells Billy to keep his mouth shut or he’ll make sure he pays the price. What will a shaken Billy do next?

The woman who was driving... I just found out, she died.

– Billy Mayhew

Preview Clips: Monday 27th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Mary minds baby George in the flower shop whilst Jude and Angie go house hunting. When Mary dresses George in flowers and Kirk takes photos of him, Tracy spots a business opportunity.

Ah, and here's me thinking I might be overstaffed. Bit early for Glastonbury isn't it.

– Tracy Barlow


At the magistrate’s court, Faye quizzes Gary about Anna’s involvement in Seb’s accident. Gary loses his temper, disappointed that she could even question Anna’s innocence. What will this mean for their relationship?

And after everything she's done for you and everything you've put her through. You choose to take his word... Pat Phelan's word over hers.

– Gary Windass

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the street: Phelan puts pressure on Gary, Gemma gets a visit from Henry, Seb has some shocking news for Faye and Mary tries to get some answers about baby George.

Gary tells Phelan that he has spoken to Nicola but she wants nothing more to do with him. Phelan orders him to try harder. 

Later, having tracked Nicola down using a private investigator, Phelan watches her from across the street.

Gemma is upset when Henry doesn't call her.

But she's thrilled when he tracks her down and agrees to meet in The Rovers.

Johnny and Jenny show Matthew Singh into the factory, hoping to finalise the deal. Will it all go according to plan?

Kate tells Johnny she is coming to Spain with him and Jenny but confides in Luke that she doesn't really want to move. Is it too late to back out?

Seb and Faye discuss his fall and Seb tells her that Phelan saw Anna at the solicitors office. What will they do with this new information?

Later, Gary tells Faye not to take Phelan's side. How will she react?

Billy meets up with an old friend who was involved in the car crash. He suggests that they tell the police what they know, but will his friend agree?

Mary takes Bethany to the hospital to try and get some news on baby George. Will they get caught?

Meanwhile, Jude and Angie row about Mary but are interrupted by an alarm going off in the baby room. Will George be ok?

Preview Clips: Friday 24th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Phelan tells Anna and Gary he’s a changed man. Can he be trusted to keep the secret?

The old me would have done it in a heartbeat, but not the new one...

– Pat Phelan


Mary steps up for Angie when Sally unwittingly reveals she knows about her post natal depression.

She said she wants to be left alone. Now scram, before I do something with these lilies you won't like...

– Mary Cole

Preview Clip: Thursday 23rd November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Robert confirms to Michelle that his operation is on Wednesday but can they keep the news to themselves?

This has felt like a thunderbolt for a reason. Look at you, you're as fit as a butcher's dog.

– Michelle Connor

Preview Clips: Wednesday 22nd November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Daniel assures guilty Sinead that Joseph’s accident wasn’t her fault but Chesney clocks their intimacy and quietly seethes...

You know some people drink because they're not happy...

– Daniel Osbourne


Sally rails at Gina for fraudulently using her name as guarantor. Is this the final straw for them?

...You're my sister and I love you. And I thought you loved me.

– Sally Metcalfe

Preview Clips: Monday 20th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Can Colin convince Moira to risk her job because of his idea that Norris might be his Dad?

I am not risking my job because you have some vague notion of a familial connection with Norris...

– Moira Pollock


A distraught Michelle cradles unconscious Robert after he was hit by a car! Will he be okay?

He saved little Joseph when he ran out into the road, I didn't see him in time...

– Kate Connor