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Preview Clips: Friday 30th June


Gemma encourages a hopeful Chesney to try to win back Sinead.

My name's Chesney and I'm a tiger!

– Gemma Winter


When Robert refuses to launder Rich’s drugs money, Rich threatens to reveal a few home truths about his past to Michelle.

You can't just walk in here and ask me to launder your drugs money!

– Robert Preston

Preview Clips: Monday 26th June


Aidan fails to spot a text from Eva, revealing she’s coming home early. Will their affair be discovered?

I like to take an interest!

– Aidan Connor


Phelan shows Seb and Nicola the sights and sounds from his youth in Liverpool.

I went as far as a fiver, and a smile, would take me. Which turned out to be Reading.

– Connor McIntyre

Preview Clips: Friday 23rd June


Erica’s gobsmacked to learn that Dev has forgotten her birthday and planned a golf trip to Scotland instead...

The best birthday present you could possibly give me is a weekend without you!

– Erica Holroyd


Roy returns home to find that Brian has ‘a girlfriend’ stuck in the bathroom.

I'm a stickler for male grooming. I can't stand little tufts sticking out like little furry bushes.

– Brian Packham