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Preview Clips: Friday 27th July

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After going through the details of her new role with Claudia, Maria hides her panic about raising the money for the hairdressing franchise. Will she be able to find the cash?

Well if they've got a heartbeat they'll be younger than half the lot round here...

– Maria Connor


In Roy's Rolls, Adam is furious with Eva for deciding to leave Weatherfield for good. Is this the end of Adam's dream of a life together for them?

I know you said you didn't want to live with me. But picture our future, you, me, Susie... our own little place.

– Adam Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 25th July

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In a desperate attempt to turn Craig away from Bethany, Kayla produces a photo of Neil and tells him he’s her dad! How will he react?

I'm not saying that Nathan wasn't a nasty piece of work. But the other guys. The parties, being passed around. That was all in her head.

– Kayla Clifton


With Fiz struggling for childcare for Ruby and Hope, unemployed Brian offers his services as a child minder. How will he cope with this new role?

If you're struggling for childcare, don't overlook the unemployed guy in the kebab shop with years of experience as a head teacher and two thumbs.

– Brian Packham

Preview Clips: Monday 23rd July

Coming up on the cobbles...


Kevin and Sophie speak to a specialist about the next steps for Jack. When they're told about a prosthetics appointment, Kevin refuses Sophie's help, but worries how Jack will react.

I don't want too many people there, it's gonna be hard for him.

– Kevin Webster


Beth and Kirk throw a flat warming party. But when Tracy moans about the damage Maria has made to her hair, how will her new best friend Abi help out?

Maria, thanks to you I'm going to look like the Bride of Frankenstein.

– Tracy Barlow

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Coming Up: Is it game over for Kayla? Carla makes an offer and Tyrone gets some devastating news.

Game Over?

After reassuring Craig he doesn't have to do his rituals the pair head out in Kayla's car.

But then she deliberately slams the breaks on, blaming a cat in the road.

Causing Audrey and Gail to crash into them!

As Kayla fakes an injury, Craig is worried it is all his fault.

Later, when Bethany realises Craig has missed his police medical, she calls at Kayla's to see if he is there.

Having left Craig at the hospital, Kayla is at home and reluctantly lets Bethany in.

A horrified Bethany spots a photo of Neil and Kayla - what will she do now she knows the truth!?

A furious Kayla kidnaps Bethany and ties her up in the garage.

Will Gemma's Head Be Turned?

Dolly-Rose Campbell talks about Henry and Chesney's rivalry to win Gemma's heart.

Have Gemma and Chesney made up since their fall out?

Chesney is one of her best friends and even though things haven’t been great between them since Gemma’s fling with Tyrone because he struggled to forgive her, when he sees that she is upset he manages to put that aside and comfort her over the terrible news that Henry has got engaged.

Has she ever thought of Ches as anything other than a friend?

Yes, it did go through her mind after she broke up with Henry but when Fiz said that he seemed embarrassed at the idea, Gemma took that to mean that he wasn’t interested. Other people can see that they would make a good pairing but for many different reasons it hasn’t happened. There is always an obstacle in the way.

Does Cathy think they should be together?

Yes! Cathy knows that they are destined to be together and she wants to give it a helping hand along the way.

When Chesney asks her to go out for lunch what does she think?

She doesn’t read anything into it at all, she just thinks he is being a mate and he is trying to cheer her up and she actually forgets about the lunch and Cathy has to remind her. She finds Gemma having a pie and tells her she should be out with Chesney.

Is she genuinely upset about Henry?

Yes she had kept her hopes up because he had been in touch with her all this time, she did still dare to think that something might happen between them. She knew it started out as a bet but she does want to believe that he has feelings for her.

What happens when he comes in to the restaurant?

Chesney is just at the point where he is about to tell Gemma how he feels and that he wants the lunch meet up to be a date when Henry arrives out of the blue.

What does Henry say?

He tells her his parents had forced him to get engaged and he wasn't happy about it as he is still in love with Gemma. She isn’t sure whether to believe him and ends up leaving the Bistro and tells him to get lost but Henry wants to prove that he is telling the truth and that he does care for her.

What does he do to try and make her believe him?

In the end he tries to impress her with the grand romantic gesture of offering to buy the Rovers for them both to run as a business!

Does she think this could be the happy ending to her Cinderella story?

It would be a new start for her, going into business doing something that she really enjoys with a man like Henry at her side. She could never have dreamed that could happen to her.

Do you think it could work despite the class divide?

I think it would make some very interesting stories if Gemma and Henry got together. It would be a bit like My Fair Lady.

I don’t know if she could be changed though, I think she is a bit set in her ways and he does like that she is a bit of a breath of fresh air, she is real and more grounded and completely different to him and not after his money.

Do you think that there is more to Henry than meets the eye?

He didn’t come in with the best intentions regarding Gemma but this grand gesture could show that he does care and he wants to make a life with her. But there is something else going on and she probably should be wary of him.

Liz's Affair

Beverly Callard talks about how Liz's relationship with Johnny will be affected after he goes too far on his quest for revenge!

How has Liz been feeling about the situation with her and Johnny?

Liz has been really conflicted, she has had a few men in her time but she has never had an affair with a married man. She is very moral but she has really fallen for Johnny, she has tried to tell him that she has no feelings for him to try and put a stop to it.

What are her thoughts about his fight for baby Susie?

She understands what he is going through but she really does think that Susie should be with Eva. He knows he is angry with Jenny for saying that so she is trying to be careful about what she says. It is tricky because she wants to support him.

Does she feel guilty about him telling her how angry he is with Jenny?

Yes she does, she doesn’t take any pleasure in him talking about the problems with his marriage. She feels uncomfortable about it.

What happens when Susie goes missing?

Susie has gone missing from her crib and Johnny is also missing, then Liz discovers that she can't find her keys for the pub. She tells Kate and when Kate and Jenny search Johnny’s flat they realise he hasn’t taken his MS Medication with him. Everyone is really worried.

What does she do when she hears from Johnny?

She knows that she has to go and see him as she thinks she is the best person to persuade him to come back. The police are looking for him and Eva is all over the media with her police appeal so time is against her.

What does she say to him when she gets there?

When she gets there he totally breaks down, he can’t bear the thought of losing his granddaughter. She tries to convince him that he has to give himself up but he just won’t listen.

Have you enjoyed this storyline?

I’ve really enjoyed it, I am very lucky to be working with such great actors. We’ve seen a different side to Liz and that’s great.

Do you prefer the high drama or the comedy?

What’s great about playing Liz is that I get to do both! I love working in the medical centre, sometimes me and Louisa who plays Moira can’t keep a straight face.

Are you looking forward to Jim coming back?

I am so excited about working with Charlie again, Liz and Jim have such a complex relationship and I am really looking forward to the storyline surrounding his return.

Preview Clips: Friday 20th July

Coming up on the cobbles...


Kayla swears to Neil that she'll prove his innocence and get him out of prison. But will her plotting work?

I know that my dad is innocent and I'm going to prove it!

– Kayla Clifton


Tracy is fuming when she walks in on Eileen and Dev trying to convince Steve to break up with her!

Will their plan work?

Do you know something Eileen, you are a sad, lonely old cow who's never going to get a fella again!

– Tracy Barlow