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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up on the cobbles: As the net closes in on Phelan, will Eileen see the light? Join us for a family fun day at the Rovers and Audrey gets her own radio show!

The truth is out!

Phelan's not at all happy when Mona tells him that his concrete work will have to be laid again, which means digging it back up...

In a panic, Phelan convinces Eileen to join him in checking out a possible cottage for them to move to.

As they set off to the seaside cottage, Summer waves them off...

Putting two and two together, Seb is convinced that Phelan has buried he gun that killed Luke in the concrete and recruits Gary to help him break in and search for it.

But as the police turn up and arrest them, will they find more than they have bargained for!?

Alone on the coast, Eileen gets a phone call from Tim warning her to get away from Phelan...

But has truth come too late?

Preview Clip: Thursday 22nd March

Coming up on the cobbles...


In the Bistro, having become convinced the Platt's woes are caused by Richard Hillman's curse, Gail tells Rosemary she will find the time and money needed to get rid of it.

With a spirit as malevolent as Richard Hillman, we're going to need quite a few sessions so I completely understand if you want to leave it.

– Rosemary Piper

Preview Clips: Wednesday 21st March

Coming up on the cobbles...


When Michelle confides in Carla that she wishes Ali would come to the wedding, Carla vows to put things right. But will she be able to?

It breaks my heart that he has no interest in being part of my life whatsoever. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I say sorry...

– Michelle Connor


When Fiz is forced to confess that it was Hope all along causing the problems, a furious Tyrone is stunned that Ruby has been taking the blame. Is this the final straw for them?

It was Hope who blocked the plughole and Hope who locked them in the factory. And Hope who nearly got Joseph to fly from the top of the stairs which I never even told you about. You name it, Hope did it.

– Fiz Stape

Preview Clips: Monday 19th March

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having woken up that morning with the horror he's been raped, David returns home. But he’s stunned when Josh arrives, casually chatting with Gail. How will he react?

You need to pull yourself together...

– Josh Tucker


There's a frosty atmosphere in the kebab shop, as Chesney refuses to forgive Gemma. Is this the end of their friendship?

Because when you forgive folk they're only grateful for a while. And then they start to see you as a doormat. Fiz don't know that yet but she will...

– Chesney Brown

Ryan Clayton Interview

Coronation Street newcomer Ryan Clayton, who plays Josh, discusses the difficult subject of male rape and what's to come in David Platt's story.

What sort of person has Josh been careful to portray to the Street?

We have seen that side of him that he is possibly not all that he seems but David and Josh were bonding and getting along with each other. Josh was being supportive to David and he has enjoyed being the centre of attention around the boxing match.

Tell us what happened when Josh was flirty with David.

Josh overheard Shona say something to David like, he can’t have Josh all to himself, and Josh clocks this. It is those opportunist moments that people like Josh look for.

What happened at the bar the next day?

It stems from what Josh has heard the previous day. Josh takes David out for what, in his head, he thinks is a date and he gets a lot of personal stuff out of David and gets him in a vulnerable state.

He makes sure David drinks far more than he does then he puts something in his drink to drug him.

Josh is an opportunist but has he had this plan in his head for a long time?

Josh is prepared because he has had to pick up the drugs. It is something that Josh has planned since overhearing what Shona said. It wasn’t ever a long term plan, in Josh’s head he just thinks, “I can pull tonight.” Josh thinks that they get on so in his head maybe David thinks the same.

Evolution Of The Set

With our new Victoria Street set now revealed, let's take a look at the evolution of the famous cobbles over the years...


When Coronation Street began in December 1960 the Street itself was represented by an interior set at Granada Television Studios.

Hilda and Albert outside Number One

Originally the pavement and cobblestones were painted on the studio floor.

The original Rover's Landlady, Annie Walker

The viaduct and the Corner Shop end were no more than a scenic backdrop.