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Richard Hillman Haunts Gail!

Gail Rodwell is to get a shock when her serial killer hubby Richard Hillman comes back from the dead - via a psychic medium.

Sophie Thompson has been cast as quirky medium Rosemary who meets Audrey when she visits her salon and convinces her she has been contacted by her late husband Alf.

Gail is dismissive of Rosemary and her ‘gift’ and warns Audrey to be careful but it isn’t long before Rosemary says she is getting messages from Gail’s dead husbands.

Sophie will first appear on screen in mid March and it isn’t long before Gail is keen to find out just what her late husbands, including Richard want to tell her.

A Corrie spokesperson said:

"Sophie is perfect for the role of Rosemary and we are excited she is joining the cast and working alongside Helen and Sue.

"Gail and Audrey are convinced she is getting messages from Alf and Gail’s husbands. It remains to be seen if she is all she claims to be."

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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

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Adam finds Billy on the floor of the community centre and offers to get him some stronger painkillers. What is he up to?

Later, Eileen takes Billy to see Summer but they are shocked when she turns up alone.

Eva finds Toyah in tears and she tells her that her surrogate has lost the baby.

Preview Clips: Friday 19th January

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Is that why your back... you've gone through all the fellas in the South West and you're back for Peter?

– Toyah Battersby


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Look I'm wallowing, alright, that's what people do when someone dies. They look at pictures and they wallow...

– Alya Nazir

Preview Clips: Wednesday 17th January

Coming up tonight on the cobbles...


Eva visits the medical centre and tells the doctor she thinks she might be pregnant. Begging for a scan as soon as possible, will her fears be realised?

I just don't get it. I've had absolutely no signs that I might be pregnant...

– Eva Price


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Can I just ask a question. Who was it who put my name forward?

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