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Special Episode: Barlow’s Secrets Revealed…

Coronation Street are to air an episode which will star just four of the cast and focus on the secrets and lies that are tearing the Barlow family apart.

The episode on Monday 29th October will only feature regular characters Ken, Peter, Daniel and Sinead. The action will all take place in Weatherfield General and the Barlow’s house and will centre on Daniel’s discovery of Sinead’s cancer diagnosis.

Sinead has kept the fact that she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer a secret from Daniel but on Friday (Oct 19th) Sinead bumped into Ken in the hospital and later broke down telling him her news and swearing him to secrecy.

On Monday 29th Sinead collapses and is rushed to hospital, but when Daniel arrives he is stunned to find out the truth about Sinead’s illness and that Ken knew all about it.

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This week on the Street: Sinead's secrets start to crumble. Nick makes his return to the Street more permanent. And, will Ali crack when Ronan’s mother arrives looking for answers?

Daniel's Discovery

Sinead takes a turn for the worst... But can she keep her secret hidden?

Later, Daniel's devastation turns to fury when he discovers that Ken knew about Sinead's illness before him!

Will Daniel and Sinead agree on a treatment plan?

Tracy's Revenge

Will love be in the air when newlyweds Steve and Tracy return from honeymoon?

Or will Tracy have a bombshell for Steve?

Later, Tracy is horrified to hear that her revenge has devastating consequences for Abi!

Ali's Anguish

Will Ali crack under the pressure when Ronan’s mother arrives looking for answers?

How will Robert react when Ali's conscience catches up with him?

Meanwhile, Bethany visits a wounded Ryan in hospital. Will he be okay?

Factory Wars!

Peter and Carla's working relationship is put to the test...

Will Peter be impressed by Carla's management skills?

Platt Family Meeting

Nick's planning on sticking around, but what has brought about this change of heart?

Thanks Gina

Gina's help at the Metcalfe's has not gone unnoticed. How can Tim and Faye show their appreciation?

Interview: Angie’s Future

We spoke to Victoria Ekanoye about the state of Angie’s marriage and find out whether there's a chance of reconciliation with Jude on the horizon...

How does Angie feel about Jude now he’s training to be a paramedic, has it had the desired effect he hoped for?

It’s not necessarily that he’s training to be a paramedic, it’s the fact that he’s doing something with his life and he feels real. It feels like there’s no more deceit and he’s finally manning up which is what she wants because she’s had to wear the trousers for so long. What she wants more than anything is that family unit and she’s hoping that this could turn things around.

It’s not about the job, it’s about him showing initiative and working to keep the family unit together which is her priority.

So is Angie starting to thaw towards Jude, could the marriage be saved?

Yes, I think she’s looking at him in ways she used to look at him before all this started. Drive, ambition and passion are all attractive qualities, together with the fact that he’s a great dad to George. Angie wonders maybe this is the missing piece of the puzzle and despite how much he’s hurt her maybe they can build on this and get the trust back. It looks like he’s willing to make a change so maybe there is a way forward. There was a time when Angie was madly in love with Jude and those feelings are still there if she can find them again.

Angie went on a date with someone else last week, is that really what she wants?

I think the date was a knee-jerk reaction, her trying to kid herself that she can plaster over everything and move on. But ultimately it was never going to end well, she’s still emotionally attached to Jude and they haven’t resolved anything in their marriage.

Angie goes on her first date since ending her marriage to Jude.

With her feelings for Jude reignited, how would she feel if she found out he’d been lying to her again?

I think that would be the end for Angie, everybody makes mistakes and there are certain things you can forgive but I think if she found out he was lying again there wouldn’t be any way back. He saw the consequences of his actions the first time and after they talked it out if he chose to do the same thing again it would show he had no intention of changing. She made a lot of sacrifices for Jude by moving to Weatherfield and he seems to have made none. If she finds out he’s been lying again it would be the final blow.

Mary has been very blinkered about Jude, how do you think she would feel if the scales were to fall from her eyes?

I think if Mary is to find out about Jude’s lies it could impact on Mary more than Angie. Angie’s dealt with this before and would have to accept this is just who he is whereas Mary still has her rose-tinted glasses on. Mary’s only just got her son back, and the family unit, and she wants everything to be perfect. I think Angie’s heart would really go out to Mary.

Mary discovers Jude's lies!

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Tracy arrives back from honeymoon without Steve - what has she done to him!?

He can hitch his way back on a camel for all I care.

– Tracy McDonald


Sinead’s taken aback when Claudia reveals that Ken has told her about her cancer. What will she decide to do?

I'll put the kettle on.

– Ken Barlow

Preview Pictures: Wednesday 24th October

Coming Up On The Cobbles...


Nick surprises the Leanne and Toyah by revealing he has put a deposit down and paid three months rent on Johnny’s old flat for them. Will they accept his offer of help?

It's my way of saying sorry.

– Nick Tilsley


Chesney, Emma, Gemma and Spike go on a double date... What could possibly go wrong!?

He's a dark horse is Chesney!

– Gemma Winter

Preview Clips: Monday 22nd October

Coming Up On The Cobbles...


With Jude having convinced everyone that he's been accepted on a paramedic course, Mary answers a call from the university and discovers he has been lying again. What will she do?

You are lying, again!

– Mary Cole


Greg calls at the Websters to chat to Jack about his prosthetic and how much he’s been able to achieve. Will Jack be impressed?

Dad, I think I might be okay at holiday club tomorrow.

– Jack Webster