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Leanne Gives Simon A Red Card

Will Leanne report Simon to the police!? We spoke to Jane Danson about Leanne's very difficult decision.

Things have seemed on a more even keel with Simon since he’s been having counselling?

Yes, Leanne feels as though things are a lot better - he is still moody and grumpy but much more the normal moody grumpy behaviour of a teenager - that she can cope with and the violence has stopped. She really feels as though it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Do warning bells start to ring when Simon says he doesn’t want her at the footy match?

She thinks he is just being grumpy because she has had a go at him about his homework. So she still plans to go along.

Was she surprised to see Tom and find out who he is?

She is really surprised when he comes over to talk to her - neither of them had mentioned having a child so it is a surprise to both of the to see each other there, But it is a nice surprise and they start chatting - something that Simon immediately spots.

Did she notice Simon getting angry when he sees her talking to Tom?

Yes she kicks herself as she realises he has seen her doing what he sees as flirting with Tom - he has been teased by one of the other boys about it so he feels really stupid.

Simon notices a spark between Leanne and Tom.

What’s Leanne’s reaction when he brutally tackles and badly injures another player?

Kyle the young lad who is injured is the one who was teasing Simon and he says that Simon did it on purpose. It isn’t something that she wants to believe but there is part of her that thinks it is entirely possible knowing what he has done to her and Amy in the past.

What’s her reaction when Zeedan tells her that Simon admitted to her that he did do it on purpose because he got angry?

She is devastated but she realises that things have gone too far and if he is starting to lash out at other people she needs to do something about it. It is one thing her having to deal with his anger issues but she knows that if things are going to start happening at school then there is a whole world of problems ahead for him unless she nips it in the bud now.

Michelle Connor’s old flame arrives on the cobbles

Leon Ockenden joins the cast as Michelle's ex-boyfriend, Will!

Should Steve be worried?

Michelle Connor’s marriage to Steve McDonald will be put to the test this spring when her first love arrives in Weatherfield.

Will turns up in the Rovers to book Michelle as his wedding planner but she is stunned to realise her new client is an old flame from her teenage years.

Leon Ockenden, best known for his roles in Waterloo Road and Mr Selfridge, has been cast as the charming ex-boyfriend and it isn’t long before Will and Michelle are taking a trip down memory lane.

With Steve McDonald still over in Spain helping out brother Andy, Michelle has been left running the pub and helping with Steve’s daughter Amy, whilst trying to run her own business.

And it soon becomes clear that there is unfinished business for the former lovebirds as they spend more and more time together planning the wedding.

Can Michelle and Will avoid temptation or will they risk both their relationships by letting their feelings for each other take over? Will Steve arrive back in Weatherfield in the nick of time?

Will’s first scenes will be screened in April, Leon and Kym started filming together this week.

Leon's first day in the Rovers with Kym.

Preview Pictures: Mon 15 Feb - Fri 19 Feb

This week on the Street: It all becomes too much for Anna, Carla's terrified as Tracy vows vengeance, Leanne pays the price for her betrayal, Sally's got a surprise for Tim, Sinead's got model ambitions and Zeedan's smitten!

Having finished work on the Arches, Phelan bids farewell. But having been summoned by Jason, Phelan returns to No.11, where Jason explains that he’s landed a big new contract!

As Anna discovers Phelan will be sticking around, she vows to have it out with him once and for all and sets about smashing up his van.

When Phelan arrives back, Anna launches herself at him, her hatred evident. Kevin rounds the corner and is stunned to see Anna attacking Phelan. Appalled by Anna’s behaviour, Kevin orders Gary to take her home.

Calling at No.13 Anna apologises to Kevin for her latest outburst. Will Kevin accept her apology or has Anna gone too far this time?

Elsewhere, as Michelle and Carla arrive for the wedding fayre, they’re annoyed to see Tracy and Robert there (with a stand for the florists). Robert is equally surprised to see Carla whilst Tracy is convinced Carla and Robert have organised a secret tryst.

Barging into Carla’s room and snatching her painkillers from her, Tracy reveals she knows all about her night of passion with Robert. Carla finally admits she had a one-night stand with Robert but at the time he’d split from Tracy and it meant nothing. Will Tracy tell Nick and destroy everything for Carla?

Simon Gets Arrested!

When Simon lashes out on the football pitch, Leanne is forced to report him to the police. Jane Danson teases what's to come...

Enough is enough!

– Jane Danson

Things have been starting to calm down between Simon and Leanne recently. His counselling sessions have been going well and for the first time in a while Leanne has allowed herself to hope that things are getting back to normal.

BUT things go rapidly wrong during a football match when Simon sees red and a lad is seriously injured.

Feeling if she doesn't do something now, something worse might happen Leanne does the unthinkable and reports her son to the police.

Will they ever be able to repair their relationship?


SALLY ANN MATTHEWS: Jenny Bradley's Back!
RICHARD HAWLEY: King of the Connors

Preview Clips: Friday 12th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The police come for Simon.

What former incidents?

– Simon

Beth's itching for a fight but will David come clean?
Izzy confides In Erica that since in terrible pain with her hip.
And, Ken steps down as Sally's campaign manager. Who will she choose as a replacement?


Norris v Mary - who will Sally choose?

I'm making them sweat Tim!

– Sally

The police grill Simon, will he admit the truth?
Beth and Kylie continue to hurl abuse at each other, can Audrey save the day?
And, Erica gives Izzy something to help with the pain...

King of the Connors

It's been a hard journey for Johnny so far. With the truth now out about being Carla's dad, Richard Hawley tells us what it's like being a Connor on the cobbles.

Does Johnny feel like a real dad to Carla?

I think it’ll take time to start to feel like her dad and it’s been very interesting to think about- in some ways you don’t just ‘love’ someone, you take the responsibility for them first. I think Johnny is relieved that Carla now knows the truth, because now he can be himself completely. When you live your life based on a secret you have to build endless structures in order to safeguard it, and you can never quite be yourself. There’s been a lie at the centre of his world for years and now it’s out there - and that was rough and scary and he was forced into confronting it, but it’s actually been for the best. It’s going to take some time but I think the family can now flourish without this lie at the centre of them all, holding them all back.

Does he feel guilt over what’s happened to Carla through her childhood without him there?

Johnny of course feels guilt, he wasn’t there for her and he just couldn’t look at things in the time. I think he’s put to one side the bad memories and he’s selective memory and remembers all of the good times they had together. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves and reinhabit some of the good times, which I think Carla needs to do - but equally, if you think everything was perfect in a past time you’d do well to be reminded of the harder times - which Johnny needs to do! Johnny idealises a lot as a coping strategy.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 10th February

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Leanne tells the police everything about Simon!

I can't let that happen again.

– Leanne

Anna and Kevin join Tim and Sally on a double date - we're sure it will go fine!
Erica offers to help Izzy when she sees her struggling with some fabric.
And, Todd proudly shows off his first bouquet, what will Tracy think?