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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming Up: Rosie gets her moment of fame on This Morning, The Connors fight for the factory and will Robert keep Steve's secret?

Rosie's Fame

At the photoshoot, Gemma and Rosie plan to plant the drugs in Antoine's bag.

Rosie goes into the office to plant the drugs, but Antoine comes in and catches her red-handed.

Demanding that they tell him what is going on, Antoine threatens Gemma!

How will Gemma and Rosie get themselves out of this?

Tyldesley's Tours

Meet Olga (aka Catherine Tyldesley), head tour guide at Tyldesley's Tours! She'll be taking you around Coronation Street. Come along and see some of our most iconic sets!

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Gary Windass: Phelan Hunter

We spoke to Mikey North about Gary's relationship with Phelan and how he intends to track him down!

What happens when Gary first realises that there is something suspicious about this person that keeps talking to Nicola?

The town Abergele keeps popping up in this chat room that’s been talked about on the Street that day, so Gary is on a hunch that it may not be who Nicola thinks it is.

He calls around all the caravan parks in Abergele and he doesn’t land on anything. Then he gets a call back later that day from a guy that thinks he might have seen someone that matches Phelan’s description.

Is Gary shocked when he is told this?

It’s more, "Damn, I’m going to have to go through with this now." because I don’t think he really wants to go through with what he is planning but once he thinks it’s him he knows that he can’t stop himself from doing this.

What should Gary do when he sees Phelan?

Well, he shouldn’t have gone in the first place, he should have stayed put and called the police! Having said that, it’s a bit easier said than done.

What happens when he sees Phelan?

He’s got Joe there under false pretences, he says that he just needs to go and scare Phelan. But once he sees him, that goes out of the window and he makes a really bad decision to take him back to Weatherfield.