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Preview Clips: Friday 23rd November

Coming up on the cobbles...


A police officer quizzes Angie about Jude's disappearance. Is Mary right to be worried that no one has heard from him since he ran away?

You couldn't make it up could you... Well he probably could.

– Adam Barlow


After Hope is excluded from school, Brian sets about trying to convince Phil to give her another chance. But will Phil be willing to listen?

Her parents are thinking of going to the media.

– Brian Packham

Preview Clips: Wednesday 21st November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Duncan takes the stand as Sally's trial begins. Will she be able to keep her cool in the face of his lies?

There was an instant spark between us.

– Duncan Radfield


A furious Gemma lashes out at Chesney and Emma, claiming they got Spike arrested! Is this the end of their friendship?

Also: Chesney's had a bit of a makeover...

You talking about me?

– Chesney Brown

Preview Clips: Monday 19th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


After another sleepless night, Ali resorts to extreme measures, getting drunk while mixing anti-depressants. Will he take it to far when he starts chatting up Bethany?

Honestly, it's fine. Ryan will be here any minute.

– Bethany Platt


Carla craftily proposes a deal to a hurting Elsa. Will her cunning plan to oust Nick work?

What if I told you there was a way that you could hurt Nick back and make a shed load of money while you're at it?

– Carla Connor