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Bhavna Limbachia on Rana's Struggle

Bhavna Limbachia talks about Rana's struggles with her sexuality. What does her affair with Kate mean for Rana's relationship with her family?

How do Rana’s parents react when they realise the relationship between Kate and Rana is still going on?

Rana’s family are absolutely disgusted and feel betrayed that she’s broken the terms of the contract. In desperation to cover up their daughter’s shame they take drastic measures to make sure that Rana and Kate can’t be together.

When Rana’s mum calls to say she’s going to Pakistan to see her dying sister why does Rana agree to go with, despite how strained their relationship has been?

Rana believes the only way she can make things right and win her mum round is to be her support system for her dying sister. She feels so guilty and so ashamed of what she’s done that she doesn’t question anything.