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Todd's Rollercoaster

Todd discovers Sarah's secret, Phelan ramps up the stakes with his schemes and there's the small matter of telling Sean about Billy...

We spoke to Bruno Langley about keeping up with all the drama in Todd's tempestuous life!

How have things been going between Todd and Billy?

Todd hasn’t been in a relationship that he’s been really serious about for a really long time so this is quite strange for him. He genuinely really likes Billy and there’s been nothing in the way of that apart from the obvious - Sean.

Todd really cares about Sean as a friend and it has been playing on his mind that Sean is going to find out about him and Billy sooner or later. Todd has tried to persuade Billy that they should just get it out of the way and tell Sean so they can move on. But things keep cropping up and obstacles keep getting in the way so Billy keeps telling Todd they should wait until a better time. But all's fair in love and war!

It’s hard to define how Todd feels about Billy. We’ll see what happens between them, but I’m not sure what kind of relationships Todd had whilst he away in London. But this is definitely the first person he has been very serious about in a really long time, and we’ve seen Billy and Todd grow closer and closer as time has gone on. It would make sense for something to grow between them and develop. That desire for it to go well is definitely genuine.

Why have they decided to keep their romance a secret from Sean?

The thing is is that Todd was anxious about getting together with Billy because of what he knew what it would do to Sean. Sean is like family to Todd and Todd has really started to see how important family is in recent months. He’s protective over not only Eileen and Jason but also those he perceives to be like family too - Sean, and Sarah in many ways too. So Todd knows that when Sean finds out the truth, it’ll be another example of Todd hurting his family again. But he knows that they have to tell him at some point.

Can you talk us through how Sean finds out that they are together?

Sean sees Todd and Billy being quite close and affectionate and I think he is probably harbouring some deep-rooted suspicions that maybe he isn’t even aware he has yet.

Then at Kylie’s funeral, Todd is like a dog with a bone because he’s adamant David killed Callum and he’s fuming that he let Tony take the rap for it, which caused Jason to leave Weatherfield. So Todd and David end up scrapping and then when Billy and Todd comforting each other, Sean sees the affection and love between them and puts two and two together.

Neither Todd nor Billy can lie and it’s written all over their faces.

– Bruno Langley

What is his reaction?

It never goes well for Sean does it! He reacts the way most people would act. He goes through the stages...shock, anger, denial, depression. At first he’s affronted and then later he’s more angry with Eileen because he jumps to conclusions and thinks she was in on it and didn’t have his best interests at heart and maybe went behind his back. That really hurts Sean that he feels Eileen wasn’t on his side.

How are things at home after the truth comes out?

Sean feels completely betrayed by Todd and Eileen and says he can’t live under the same roof as Todd. Sean gives Eileen an ultimatum and says she needs to choose who she wants living with her. Eileen is in a predicament but at the end of the day Todd is her son and it dawns on Sean that he’s going to have to be the one to move out.

Eileen thinks, here Todd goes again, hurting people and him no longer being the person he once was. She knows he can cause trouble but at the same time Eileen is someone who believes in love so over time she probably will give Todd and Billy her blessing.

Does Todd have any idea about what’s Phelan’s plotting?

He’s got Phelan’s card marked definitely. Todd is suspicious of him - he doesn’t trust Phelan whatsoever. Phelan is looking after Jason’s business whilst Jason is away and Todd doesn’t like that one bit. He doesn’t believe the business is in safe hands at all. Todd knows what Phelan is like because he has some similar aspects and traits in himself so he can spot them a mile off!

How do you think Todd would fare against Phelan if push came to shove?

In a war of words Todd would win, hands down. He’s more intelligent than Phelan. I think if push came to shove he could pull one over on him, definitely.

Meanwhile, he’s got all the stuff with Sarah going on. What’s his reaction to finding out that Kylie’s the killer?

Todd does a complete 360 over who he thinks killed Callum - he goes from Sarah to David, to then discovering it was actually Kylie! Todd has believed for so long that it was Sarah, so he is flawed by this. But he trusts Sarah so when she tells him it was actually Kylie, he does believe her. And actually Sarah never categorically said it was her who killed Callum - Todd just inferred it from something she had said ages ago.

How does he react when Sarah begs him not to tell the police?

Todd is flummoxed by this. He’s pretty adamant about going to the police, even though it would have implicated himself. He thinks it’s the right thing to do, despite the consequences. But Sarah is like family to him and seeing the journey she’s had recently he can’t bring himself to do it to her.

Preview Clips: Friday 5th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick tries to convince Leanne to go into business with him.

Who are you, the Godfather?

– Leanne Battersby

Sean gives Eileen a difficult choice.
Anna tells Gary he’s fooling himself and he needs to be honest with Izzy.
And, when Phelan’s dodgy mate Vinny wonders if he’d like to invest in his latest scam.


Luke and Kirk invite David out for a game of darts but it’s clear he’s desperately lonely.

Best game ever.

– Kirk Sutherland

Phelan lets slip that Eillen knew about Billy and Todd. Will that be the final staw for Sean?
Gary confides in Anna that he’s determined to try and make a go of it with Izzy for Jake’s sake.
And, Aidan and Eva struggle to find some privacy.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 3rd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Phelan tries to weasel his way back into Eileen's good books.

The cheapest of cheap apologies.

– Michael Rodwell

Can Sarah stop Todd from destroying their lives?
Meanwhile, a vulnerable David sits by Kylie’s grave and admits he’s struggling to keep his anger in check.
And, Nick takes Max to the Bistro for a takeaway of his choice and is taken aback to find the place in complete chaos.

Preview Clip: Monday 1st August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Sarah’s shocked to realise that Todd thinks she murdered Callum.

I've done so much for you, the least you could do is quit with the game playing.

– Todd Grimshaw

The Platts say goodbye to Kylie as Max delivers a heartfelt eulogy at her funeral.
Eileen’s beside herself when she gets news that Jason’s had an accident in Thailand.
And, Norris plans to have a clear out.


Sean confronts Billy about Todd...

You deserve an explanation.

– Billy Mayhew

Will Todd unearth the truth about Callum's murder?
Craig comes to the rescue!
Phelan oversteps the mark, could this be the end of his relationship with Eileen?

Picture Previews: Mon 1 Aug - Fri 5 Aug

This week on Coronation Street: Kylie's funeral unearths some deeply guarded secrets, Gemma's safety is threatened, Sean finds out about Billy and Todd and Gary comes to a decision about Izzy.

The time has come to say a final goodbye to Kylie.

And Max is keen to do right by his mum.

By delivering a heartfelt eulogy.

Meanwhile, Eileen's beside herself when she hears that Jason's had an accident in Thailand and she needs to fly out as soon as possible.

Deeply concerned Todd clashes with Sarah, pointing out how he's covered for her by letting Tony take the rap. Sarah's shocked to realise Todd thinks she murdered Callum.

But seeing Sarah's confusion, furious Todd lays into David telling him how Jason is now in a hospital bed because he believed his dad to be a murderer when all along it was him!

Unable to stand it any longer, Sarah finally cracks and reveals that Callum's killer was Kylie! Todd's stunned.

Todd jumps in Phelan's van and races to the police station.

Can Sarah stop him from reporting the truth of what happened?

A vulnerable David sits by Kylie's grave and admits he's struggling to keep his anger in check.

Meanwhile, Macca grabs Gemma and threatens to teach her a lesson if she doesn't retract her statement about Clayton.

In a tender moment, Phelan tells Eileen he loves her. Will she believe him?

Sean returns home. Billy and Todd might have some explaining to do, especially when Sean issues an ultimatum!

And, Gary confides in Anna that he's determined to try and make a go of it with Izzy for Jake's sake. Anna despairs while Faye thrilled to hear they're back together.

First Pic: Will Leanne Keep Mum?

That awkward moment when you find your wife taking care of the woman carrying your unborn baby...

Steve dashes to the local hospital after Tim tells him Michelle has gone there.

Worried that his wife is ill he is sent reeling when he finds her sitting with an anxious Leanne who has been experiencing stomach pains.

Has Steve arrived just in the nick of time? Or will Leanne tell Michelle that she's carrying Steve's baby?

The Big Corrie Preview

Passions run high this summer on the cobbles as affairs, death and births threaten to destroy lives and wreck marriages.

As this new photograph shows some of Coronation Street’s residents could be seeing red and it won’t all be hearts and flowers in Weatherfield.

Watch our exclusive advanced previews below to find out what's coming up for our characters on the cobbles...

Battersby Baby

Hapless Steve McDonald has been in some scrapes in the past but this time he is faced with the daddy of all problems. Having discovered he is the father of Leanne’s baby, following an ill judged one night stand, he is stunned when wife Michelle announces she is also pregnant.

As the two women bond over their baby news will Steve be able to keep the secret of his illegitimate child from Michelle?

Aidan, Eva and Maria

Over at the factory Aidan and Eva are fast becoming Weatherfield’s new power couple and Eva is keen to take things to the next level, unaware that her plans have pushed Aidan into the arms, and bed, of her friend Maria.

When Maria’s friendship with Caz takes a sinister turn it is Aidan and Eva who are there for her - but how will Eva feel if she ever finds out about Maria’s fling with her fella?

David's Revenge

Having lost his wife in devastating circumstances, David is at a loss without Kylie by his side. Unable to come to terms with what’s happened, David is bereft and heartbroken - but most of all... he’s out for revenge.

The pain still raw, unhinged David will vow to make Kylie’s killer pay and when he has his mind set on something, he’s not one to let it go.

But how far is this lone wolf prepared to go to make Clayton pay for taking his wife and the mother of his children from him and can anyone stop him from going vigilante?

Phelan's Plan

Phelan has his eyes on the prize when it comes to getting his grubby paws on Jason's money, but Eileen keeps inadvertently thwarting his every move!

They say two heads are better than one and when Pat bumps into his old mate Vinny the dastardly pair soon hatch a scam which will touch the lives of more than just the unexpecting Grimshaws. Will Phelan finally get everything he wants?

Bethany and Gary

Things get worse for Bethany as the bullies continue to make her suffer. Trying to channel her pain in a positive way Bethany hits the gym, but things escalate and soon she is tempted to take diet pills.

As Bethany spends more and more time at the gym, it's Gary who begins to notice that something is seriously wrong. Will he be able to help Bethany before things go too far?

Barlow's Back

That's right, Peter's returning to the Street, but he won't be the only one! Peter will be joined by his half-brother, Daniel, and Ken’s grandson Adam.

Watch out Weatherfield - the Barlows are coming home!

Preview Clips: Friday 27th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The Platts try to sort through Kylie's things. Is it too soon for David?

Billy ropes Todd into helping at the Community Centre Play Group.
Michelle confides in Liz how she and Steve have decided to try for a baby.
Yasmeen advises Zeedan to sort out his differences with Rana.


Eileen knows! We wouldn't want to be in Billy and Todd's shoes right now...

Gail and Sarah put pressure on David to let Gemma attend Kylie's funeral.
Waving some ferry tickets at Steve, Michelle announces she’s booked them a few days in Ireland.
And, Rana begs Zeedan to give her another chance. Will he agree?