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Preview Clips: Friday 16th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Intrigued by Leanne's celebrations, a suspicious Elsa is hot on her heel... But, what will she discover?

You and Nick Tilsley are a car crash waiting to happen!

– Tracy McDonald


Gina tries to catch Duncan out when she arranges to go on a date with him. Will he fall for her ruse?

You really are as stupid as Sally said you were.

– Duncan Radfield

Preview Clips: Wednesday 14th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


As Abi's life spirals out of control, she makes a shocking decision regarding the twins. How will Seb react?

They'd carry that rejection round forever!

– Seb Franklin


Sinead invites her new friend Steff for a brew and they talk about the alternative treatments. Will Sinead mention anything to Daniel?

It's amazing how a life threatening illness focuses the mind

– Steff

Preview Clips: Monday 12th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


It's the North West Hairdresser of the Year Awards but how will Audrey react when it's revealed what she is nominated for?

It's just to humiliate me.

– Audrey Roberts


Nick and Leanne discuss their respective love lives since he left the cobbles.

But how long before Nick's lies are out in the open?

I met an Elsa...

– Nick Tilsley