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Preview Clips: Friday 21st September

Coming up on the cobbles...


Ken asks Claudia to 'fix' his hair cut after visiting Audrey's Salon... How will she react?

I just popped by to fix Ken's hair...

– Claudia Colby


Tracy forces Steve to have a dance lesson ahead of their wedding. What could possibly go wrong!?

If I listened to you every time you said no, we wouldn't be getting married.

– Tracy Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 19th September

Coming up on the cobbles...


Carla is left with no choice but to keep Vicky on when Beth and Kirk phone in sick. How will Peter react when he sees she's still around?

If you don't like it you know what you can do!

– Carla Connor


In court, Imran is amused that Sally is representing herself and wastes no time telling the judge that she has harassed a witness.

Will Sally be able to hold her own?

How many other witnesses has Mrs Metcalf threatened?

– Imran Habeeb

Preview Clips: Monday 17th September

Coming up on the cobbles...


As Hannah and Steve provide swabs for a DNA test, Hannah surreptitiously swaps Steve’s swab for a swab taken from her brother. Will her devious plan work?

Do I really want two brothers?

– Hannah Gilmore


After Sally tells the Battersby sisters what Imran has been up to, a furious Leanne and Toyah decide to teach him a lesson...

He is in so much trouble!

You've just bagged yourself a couple of Battersbys... big man.

– Toyah Battersby