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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming up on the cobbles: Will Brian's Big Christmas Show bring the house down? Sally and Tim continue to unravel, Abi faces temptation and Jenny's jealousy has disastrous consequences...

Brian's Big Show

Brian offers to help Jack remember his lines for the school nativity.

Later, Brian is sent home during the nativity run through for exhaustion, he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers. But, he soon decides that he has every right to watch the show...

Back at the nativity with Phil out to get Brian, is this a disaster waiting to happen?

Preview Clips: Friday 14th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


Feeling the pinch over Elsa's demands for money, Nick tells Leanne that he has no choice but to sell his car. Will this solve his financial woes?

If it means selling the car to keep our heads above water, then so be it.

– Nick Tilsley


Evelyn demands Craig investigate the disappearance of Cerberus and ropes in Roy to help with the search. Will they be successful?

These two are about as much use as a fishnet sleeping bag.

– Evelyn Plummer

Preview Clips: Wednesday 12th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


Beth reveals her plan to help Sinead but will Chesney and Kirk like what she's got up her sleeves?

I've never seen her like this, I've just been with her. She's really scared.

– Chesney Brown


Having lied about his whereabouts during the Bistro blackout, Michelle demands to know where Robert’s been. Will he come clean about his and Kate's baby plan?

Every since I said I didn't want a baby, there's been this gulf.

– Michelle Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 10th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having worked all hours on the Nativity, Brian offers Liam a larger role in the production. But will poor Brian pay the price for all his hard work?

Who says there needs to be three Kings eh? Let's make it four.

– Brian Packham


Liz and Mike go out for dinner. The only problem? Liz and Eileen have sworn off men - we're sure she'll understand though...

You know I'm here don't you..?

– Liz McDonald