Preview: Boxing Day

Tonight on Coronation Street...


A furious Roy attacks an intruder.

David struggles in the aftermath of Christmas Day.
Nick is on the lookout for a new manager at the bistro.
And, Sally's sofa saga continues - poor Tim.

Callum's Christmas

It's safe to say that Callum is probably on Santa's naughty list, but that won't stop him trying to get what he wants for Christmas - Kylie!

Sean Ward tells us what to expect on Christmas Day...

Callum has revelled in causing trouble for Kylie but David knows something isn't right.

So when David returns home and catches Callum red-handed trying to give Kylie drugs, you just know it's all going to kick off!

Don't miss the explosive episode on Christmas Day at 8pm.

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Preview: Monday 22nd December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


It's the morning after for Tony and Tracy...

Rob's sentencing is the talk of the Rovers...
Steph and Gavin flirt as they work side by side at the bistro.
And, Lloyd tries to talk to Steve.


Tracy delights in taunting Tony.

Gary gets a few home truths from his family.
Callum turns up on the Street looking for Kylie.
And, Steve suggests they hold a massive Christmas party at the Rovers.