Preview: Friday 2nd January

Tonight on Coronation Street...


David and Eva go in search of missing Kylie.

Will Roy pay the price for his unreasonable force?
Alya tells her family she's back with Gary.
And, Audrey plays matchmaker.


David and Eva break into Callum's flat.

Luke cooks for Maria but will he have to set an extra place at the table?
Alya’s guilt-ridden as Sinead surveys the damage to Beth’s basque.
And, Roy deals with reactions to his sentencing.

Maria and Luke

Maria and Luke are really hitting it off, but will their big date be a disaster?
Samia Ghadie teases what's to come.

After a rather rocky 2014, things seem to be going well for Maria (for a change).

So with the Dobbs family away, flirty Luke invites her round for a romantic dinner, but then Tyrone comes home early - awkward!

Will Maria and Luke's relationship go off the boil before it's even warmed up?

WHAT WOULD KIRK DO? Watch Maria and Kirk in our interactive mini-series

Preview: New Year's Eve

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Could a ghostly Blanch be visiting Amy?

Gary is released from hospital.
Michael is evicted after still not being paid by StreetCars.
Is there any hope for Steve?
And, Steph hopes for a New Year's kiss from Gavin.

Goodbye Kylie

No, don't go! We caught up with Paula Lane to talk about Kylie's shocking departure.

Kylie thought that she had finally left her past behind her, but Callum wasn't going to let her go that easily!

Paula chats about filming the emotional final scenes with Jack (David) and Harry, who plays Max, and asks whether we've seen the last of dastardly Callum?

When will Kylie return and more importantly where will she return from?

Photos: The List

Preview: Monday 29th December

This week on Coronation Street...


Leanne's suspicious of Gavin's past. Can he talk his way out of this one?

Eileen and Michael haven't been paid - will Steve have an explanation?
The police question Roy about attacking Gary.
And, Norris, Rita and Emily get spirited away.


Picture Previews: Mon 29 Dec - Fri 2 Jan

This week on the Street: Roy spends the night in prison, Steve's spending catches up with him and David faces off against Callum.

Liz is worried when Steve seems unenthusiastic about taking Amy to the Panto.

But maybe he's got other things on his mind after Eileen confronts him about not being paid. Has Steve's financial mess caught up with him?

Michael is evicted when he can't pay his rent (thanks to Steve). Will David take pity and offer to put him up?

Max is upset when Kylie doesn't show up. Will David be able to find her?