Andrea on the roof

When we asked Hayley Tamaddon if she wanted to dangle off the roof of the Rovers, she jumped at the chance! We caught up with her (with feet firmly on the ground) to ask what's going on with Andrea.

When poor heart-broken Neil is lead to believe that Lloyd is going to propose to Andrea, he makes a final bid to win her back - by climbing onto the roof, in protest.

But, as Andrea tries to coax him down, he slips, knocking the ladders flying and leaving Andrea hanging by her finger tips!

Will they be okay? And if Andrea and Neil get out of this in one piece, will she kill him anyway?

Preview: Friday 26th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Neil takes his fight for Andrea to new heights.
Eva takes pity on Todd and invites him to stay at her flat. How will Jason react?
Beth plans the wedding of her dreams.


Kal warns Todd that he had better behave, if he's thinking of staying with Eva and Leanne.
Andrea's life hangs in the balance.
And, Tim's embarrassed to be offered help by Kevin.

Jim v Peter

Jim has set his sights on Peter and in prison there's nowhere for him to hide. Chris Gascoyne tells us what to expect.

"Jim wastes no time telling him that as a consequence of what Peter did," says Chris. "He can no longer supply the booze and tells Peter he better watch his back as he has made a lot of enemies.”

Prison is not the sort of place to be public enemy number one and Peter knows that life in there is going to be even more difficult than it was before.

– Chris Gascoyne who plays Peter