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Bethany's Diet Pill Danger

Bethany's bully pushes her to do something drastic. We asked Lucy Fallon if anyone can help Bethany in her hour of need?

Why has Bethany become concerned about her weight?

It’s because of the bullies, she’s receiving texts from several girls at her school saying that she’s fat, so it’s made her really self-conscious and this is what’s made her determined to lose weight.

How does Bethany feel when the garden swing collapses with her in it?

She feels horrible, especially because Craig takes a picture of her while she’s on the swing when it breaks, he puts it on a social media website so everybody sees it, so Bethany is absolutely mortified because she already feels really self conscious anyway because of the bullying, so that just makes it worse and heightens it.

Why has she ordered the diet pills? And how much does she know about them?

I don’t think she really knows a lot about them, she knows that they are illegal and that she shouldn’t be taking them, and because she’s not eating either, she knows that it’s really not good for her.

I think she ordered them just to sort of make the process faster and lose the weight quicker, because she’s going to the gym quite a lot, so I think she just thinks that it’ll really help her to shed weight quickly.

Why is she being so secretive about the pills?

It’s because she knows how bad they are, so she doesn’t want her mum to find out because of everything that she’s gone through already. Aswell as everything the whole family is going through with Kylie’s death, she thinks that if they know she’s taking diet pills they’ll think there’s something really wrong with her, so she wants to keep it to herself.

Is she worried after she passes out at the gym?

Yes, I think it does worry her a little bit because she obviously knows that she’s not eating and she’s taking these pills, on top of really pushing herself at the gym, so it’s obvious to her that something is wrong. But I don’t think it worries her enough for her to want to stop doing it, because she’s quite young, she’s so fixated on the fact that she’s over weight, so it doesn’t worry her too much.

How does she feel when Gary finds the pills?

She’s going to be really worried that Gary’s found the pills because she doesn’t want him to tell anybody. She doesn’t want him to tell her mum or any of her family, so that they don’t worry.

What is she thinking when Gary suggests they report the bullies to the school?

She doesn’t want to do that at all, because she doesn’t want to make it worse, she doesn’t want to report the bullies and then for Lauren to keep bullying her because of it, she thinks it’s just going to make it even worse, so she really tries to persuade him not to do that, but he does it anyway.

Does she think by losing the weight that the bullying will stop?

Well at first, it wasn’t really about her weight, it was because she was new at the school and she didn’t really have any friends. They were bullying her for different reasons and then they started to fixate on her weight. I don’t think she thinks that the bullying will stop, but she will feel better about herself if she doesn’t feel like she’s fat.

Why is she so keen to keep the bullying hidden from Sarah?

Well, Sarah’s just come out of hospital and if she tells her that she’s still getting bullied and that it’s got even worse, that it’s got physical,she’s worried her mum will just lose the plot again and end up back in hospital, so she just wants to keep it from her while her mum get’s better.

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true.

– Lucy Fallon

What are you hoping that teenage girl viewers will take from Bethany’s body issues?

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true, I know that really I’m not overweight, and I hope that they see that bullies just say cruel things to bait people and to be nasty.

They’ll probably realise that what Bethany is doing is stupid, and it will show them how serious taking diet pills and not eating can be.

Have you had many fans get in touch with you about the bullying story?

Yes, I’ve had quite a lot of tweets about it, people telling me they have been in similar situations and that the storyline has helped them want to tell somebody so that’s really nice to hear. And there was a girl who came into work yesterday to look around the set and she was telling me about how she had been bullied in the past and that watching the storyline develop made her upset, but she was glad that we’re highlighting just how bad bullying can be, and luckily she told her parents what was happening and she doesn’t get bullied anymore.

Are you glad to see Bethany stand up for herself and punch Lauren?

Yes, definitely. And I think that Lauren deserves it,although it doesn’t really make things better for her, in fact if anything it makes it worse.

Do you think that Bethany regrets doing it?

Yes, as soon as she does it she regrets it, but it was just her instinct, it was her initial reaction to just punch her, and then as soon as she did it she felt so guilty and she was really worried about what the consequences would be because of that.

Do you get on well with Shannon who plays Lauren?

Yes, I get on really well with her. She’s really lovely and because she’s the same age as me as well, we’ve got quite a lot in common, and she’s really easy to get on with.

What about the rest of the cast?

I am really good friends with Colson, if we are free in between scenes we will often go for a drive somewhere and get some food, he’s like my brother.

Leanne's Leaving For Liverpool

To avoid the secret of her baby's father getting out and to spare Nick more heartache Leanne makes the decision to move to Liverpool. We asked Jane Danson whether anything could tempt Leanne to stick around?

How did you react when you found out about Leanne’s pregnancy shock, and that Steve would be the daddy?

At first I was intrigued by how it came about because Leanne and Steve have never really been romantically linked. They were good friends a long time ago, and they occasionally revisit that friendship when they’re going through a tough time, but it was put to me that it was a bit of a moment in time where they were both a bit low and feeling a bit vulnerable. Leanne was in turmoil over Nick and Steve thought Michelle was leaving the Street.

Things like this can happen but it’s just Leanne’s luck that it goes a bit pear shaped. I think it’s been very clever, it’s had everybody guessing. Leanne’s finally pregnant with the baby she’s always wanted but it’s bittersweet as it’s with Steve, who’s married to Michelle, who’s always been quite nice to Leanne.

As time goes on we see a friendship developing between Leanne and Michelle which makes Leanne feel even more guilty because she feels really two faced, she has this huge secret which could destroy Michelle’s life.

Did you have lots of people asking you who the father was?

Yes, Twitter’s gone crazy for it! Most people thought it was Robert because there was a slight flirtation between them which was a bit of a red herring. Also Zeedan was in the mix because they have a nice friendship but that would have been a bit wrong seen as he’s her ex’s fiance’s son. Then there was Nick, there’s obviously masses of history there but that would have just been too easy.

Does Leanne want this baby, and what would it mean for her to have a child of her own?

She really wants this baby, she’s always wanted a baby and she’s had difficulties in the past, experiencing both miscarriage and abortion, so this is her third time lucky. Because of her history she sees this as her last chance, she thought that it would never happen and that her chance was gone so even though this isn’t the most ideal of circumstances she wants to make a go of it.

Let’s face it she’s done pretty much everything else in her life on her own so I don’t think she sees it as such a big deal. I think she’ll cope quite well.

Given how complicated life will become for her and Steve, does she want Steve to be apart of the baby’s life?

There’s a chink of ‘do you want anything to do with this?’ for all of 5 seconds, then as soon as he says no she says well let’s forget it ever happened, you can carry on with your life and I’ll carry on with mine.

That said they live about 20 yards from each other so it’s not going to be easy.

Talk us through Leanne’s reasons for wanting to leave Weatherfield and move to Liverpool?

Nick’s feelings for her are becoming more and more apparent and as time goes on she realises that she’s got feelings for him too. But given what he’s gone through with Carla and Robert, and how much he’s been hurt, she almost sacrifices herself to stop him hurting so she decides to leave. With his brain injury as well she doesn’t want him to suffer any more unnecessary pain.

How does Leanne feel when Michelle reveals she’s pregnant?

Fuming! She’s fuming with Steve because when she told him she was pregnant he said ‘how could you let this happen’ now he’s gone and planned a baby with Michelle and it makes the whole situation even more complicated. Michelle was there for Leanne when Leanne was at her most vulnerable and now Michelle wants to be pregnancy buddies and it’s all getting a bit much.

Everywhere she turns, the more she tries to back away from it, it seems to chase her, she can’t get away from it and it’s on her mind all the time.

How does Leanne feel when Nick stops her from leaving and reveals that he knows about the pregnancy?

He declares his feelings and says maybe we can make this work. But given the baby is someone else’s it’s whether Nick can accept that or not. Taking on Steve’s baby would be a huge undertaking because Steve lives on the street and they see him every day.

What does it mean for Leanne when Nick tells her he wants to help raise the baby and be a family?

She’s torn and she feels guilty, what Nick is offering is great but while she’s trying to blank out the fact that she’s carrying someone else’s baby it’s a ticking time bomb and deep down she knows this moment won’t last forever.

Talk us through the moment when Leanne’s pregnancy is revealed in the Rovers, and how she and Steve deal with it?

It’s awful, you don’t reveal somebody else’s baby news, but then it’s Tracy Barlow sticking her neck in. She’s seen them at the hospital while she was having a kidney check up so Leanne’s backed into a corner and because she’s not had the time to cook up a story Nick jumps in and says it’s mine.

Obviously it’s plausible because they’re living together and because of their history but it’s not got them off to the best of starts.

How do you think Leanne would cope if the real truth came out? In a catfight between Leanne and Michelle, who do you think would win?

I think that’d be quite a good fight, they’re both little powerhouses although they are both pregnant so shouldn’t really be fighting! I think it would be more of a verbal slanging match. Michelle would obviously be devastated to know what her husband did but in Leanne’s eyes they were on a break and it takes two to tango.

Even though she feels guilty Leanne will come out fighting her corner, she’ll never admit she was wrong.

How do you feel about the prospect of filming birth scenes?

I’ve never had to do it on screen before so I don’t know. I suppose all births are different so there’s no right or wrong, I just hope it’s a lot quicker than mine were!

Are you looking forward to working with a newborn on set?

Well working with children and animals is always unpredictable but I’m a mum so I hope it comes back to me, it’s been awhile.

How does it feel to have such a big storyline with Simon Gregson after all these years of working together?

It’s always nice to work with different people. We’ve had big storylines together before a long time ago so it’s nice to revisit that, which they have done as friends over the years. There was a scene about 18 months ago where they were sat on a bench talking about the old days and I think possibly that’s where this story was born. (SEE BELOW!)

Preview Clips: Friday 26th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan and Maria just need to act normal around each other - how hard can that be?

Keep it normal.

– Aidan Connor

Nick's got an announcement to make and Gail's not going to like it one bit!
Concerned about Bethany’s health, Gary drags her to the café insisting they need to talk.
Phelan brings Vinnie in on his plans to scam the money from Eileen.


Eileen tells Phelan that Jason has come to a decision about investing in his development project. Is he in?

You're going to string this out as much as you can aren't you?

– Pat Phelan

Is Steve's dark secret about to be revealed?
Telling Aidan what a lovely girl Maria is, Eva resolves to find her a new man!
Bully Lauren tracks Bethany down to the gym and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 24th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michael offers to help Gail with the kids.

Sorry Mister, can we have our ball back please?

– Michael Rodwell

Bethany collapses at the gym, will she be okay?
Tracy sees something she shouldn't but can she keep it to herself?
And, Sharif and Sonia have a heart-to-heat.

Preview Clips: Monday 22nd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Leanne says goodbye to Weatherfield, but does Simon have other ideas?

If we get there...

– Simon Barlow

As a celebration of Kylie’s birthday, David buys a garden swing for Max and Lily.
Sharif and Yasmeen arrive home and are utterly thrilled to find their grandchildren have arranged a surprise 45th wedding anniversary party.
Michelle books an appointment at the doctors to discuss her pregnancy.


Bethany is horrified to realise that Craig’s posted a photo of her online.

I thought you'd find it funny!

– Craig Tinker

After some prompting, Nick comes to a decision.
Sharif’s clearly agitated by their new houseguest.
And, how long can Aidan put off moving in with Eva?

Preview Pictures: Mon 22 Aug - Fri 26 Aug

This week on the Street: Can Nick stop Leanne from leaving? Gary to the rescue as Bethany collapses, The Nazir's celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary and Phelan introduces Eileen to Vinnie...

Leanne reveals to Steve that she's leaving Weatherfield.

As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begs Leanne not to go and that he knows about the baby!

Leanne's stunned. As Simon waits with bated breath will the pair admit their love for each other?

Of course they will! Later, Nick accompanies Leanne to her first baby scan.

But you can imagine Gail's reaction when Nick announces that he and Leanne are back together and she and Simon will be moving in with him!

While the Platts argue, Tracy approaches and asks Leanne when the baby's due! All eyes turn to Leanne and Steve watches, his heart in his mouth.

Convinced she's overweight, Bethany secretly pops two of her diet pills.

While Gary oversees Craig's induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine.

Suddenly, Bethany collapses! She quickly regains consciousness and assures Gary she's fine but Gary's not convinced.

Worried that Gary is about to reveal her health problems to Sarah, Bethany quickly shoves the envelope containing her exam results at her mum, warning her that she's done really badly.

Back at the gym Lauren tracks Bethany down and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Bethany finally snaps and punches Lauren in front of Gary.

Bethany begs Gary not to tell Sarah about the bullying. Gary agrees on condition they report Lauren to the school.

Watch a preview!

Double Trouble For Steve

With baby McDonalds popping up whichever way he turns we spoke to Simon Gregson about how Steve's going to cope with two new babies by two different women!

How’s Steve been feeling since he found out Leanne’s pregnant?

When he found out that Leanne is pregnant, his whole world crumbled around him. He initially thought that he and Michelle were officially over, and that she was going to go.

He had gone over to Leanne’s very innocently and one thing led to another, after some drinks. They’re both in the same headspace, and they end up sleeping together. He’s feeling extremely guilty and very worried about what’s going to happen next.

Can he handle watching her pregnancy develop?

Steve is under the illusion at the moment that he will be able to handle it, but I’m sure when it comes to it, he is going to find it very difficult.

Will he be able to let her cope alone?

Steve’s not a bad guy, he is quite a sensitive chap, so he will feel guilty about that and he will want to be there for the child. But, he has to do what he thinks is right to save his marriage because he loves Michelle past the sky, and at the moment saving his marriage is at the forefront of his mind.

How terrified is he that Michelle will find out?

He’s absolutely petrified that she’s going to find out. For once everything is going great for him and Michelle, and he makes this one mistake that could jeopardise it so he’s in a bit of a quandary.

Why has he agreed to have a baby with Michelle?

He’s always wanted another baby. When he was with Becky he desperately wanted her to have a baby, and when he’s been with Michelle in the past he’s wanted a baby, because he’s never had a child out of love. It’s never been planned. So to actually have one for the right reasons is what he’s after.

Why doesn’t he want to?

Because obviously he knows about Leanne being pregnant, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with that, and now he’s going from nobody wanting a baby, to having two new ones.

How’s he dealing with Michelle's plans to get going?

He’s taken a lot of Ginseng.

What advice does Tim give him?

He’s given him a lot of humorous advice, sometimes it’s good advice, but then on the other hand, sometimes it’s not very good at all. Tim’s more of someone to vent spleen at, rather than take advice from.

Does he know about Leanne and Liz’s heart to heart?

Eventually he does, and he’s not very happy about it.

How does he pluck up the courage to come clean to Michelle about not wanting a baby?

Well Liz has been on at him about coming clean and telling Michelle because she knows how much Michelle wants a baby, and with him knowing that Leanne is pregnant as well, I think he realises that this could seriously affects things so he knows the right thing to do is to tell Michelle the truth.

How does he feel when he does?

Well obviously he feels like an idiot, he’s wanted a baby for so long but now because of the news with Leanne he has to say that he doesn’t want one. He loves Michelle and when he tells her he doesn’t want a baby, Michelleis devastated.

And then to make things even worse, Michelle tells him that she’s already pregnant and he just feels terrible, and is really worried about how it’s going to affect his marriage.

What’s his first reaction?

He thinks it would be absolutely mad to have a baby. He’s both very shocked, but also pleased as well. It’s a massive mixture of emotions for him. He wants the baby, but it’s difficult because of what’s happening with Leanne.

Can he handle this?

As soon as the situation with Leanne has calmed down, and Steve is convinced that it will remain a secret and everything is going to be ok, he is very happy and pleased for him and Michelle.

Will he tell her about Leanne?

I don’t think he would no, I think he’d keep it to himself.

What would you advise him to do?

Leave the country, start again somewhere else.

How are you feeling about Steve having two babies?

Well I’ve got three at home, so I don’t really want two at work, so let’s just see what happens with that.

A cue for comedy situations or might it push him over the edge?

It’s going to be a cue for comedy situations, we’ve already done Steve over the edge so it is nice to play the comedy.

Where do Steve and Michelle go from here?

Hopefully, they have a happily ever after, but Steve andMichelle are very much Ross and Rachel, the audience want them to be together but he always manages to mess it up. They are on and off all the time.

Can their relationship escape unscathed?

Well it’s soap land, so obviously there is going to be some huge eruption at some point.

Are you glad that the secret's out about Leanne?

No, definitely not - this is bad news for Steve so really he wants it to remain a secret.

Are you expecting a hard time about it?

Yes, Steve is going to be lucky to walk away from this one unscathed!