Previews: Monday 27th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Jenny slaps Maria!

Sinead prepares to come home from hospital.
It's Bethany's first day at school.
And Sharif leaves Roy to do his dirty work.


Cathy calls at the cafe to see Roy.

Sophie tries to warn her dad about Jenny.
Chesney struggles to hide his jealousy towards Sam.
And, Sarah becomes the latest barmaid to grace the Rovers.

Sneak peek: Monday

Are you eagerly awaiting the next episode?

Here's a sneak preview of what's coming up at 8.30pm.

How will Callum react when he finds Andy planting drugs in his car?

Andy takes on Callum

David blackmails Andy into joining his fight against Callum. What could possibly go wrong?

Oliver Farnworth hints at what's to come...

David's a man with a plan. Unfortunately it's not a very good one, as it relies on Andy planting drugs on Callum.

So when Andy gets caught red-handed, David is forced to try and save the day.

Which leaves them both at evil Callum's mercy!


Sneak peek: Friday

Not sure you can wait half an hour for the next episode of Coronation Street?

Here's a little tease of the first scene of the 8.30pm episode.

Sean and Billy confront the homophobic landlord.

Previews: Friday 24th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


The doctor has some good news for Sinead.

Gail prepares for her wedding - will this one go off without a hitch?
Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day
And, Sharif has a plan.


Is this the end of Luke and Maria?

Will Gail confess all to Michael?
Bethany causes a scene.
And, Roy takes a stand.