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Preview Clips: Monday 2nd May

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick gets some bad news...

My entire future hangs on this!

– Nick Tilsley

Liz confronts Michelle and demands to know if the reason she’s avoiding Steve is because of Will. How will she respond?
Sophie is suspicious about Caz.
In a bid to take his mind off Tony’s death, Phelan persuades Jason to accompany him to the County match.


Kevin warns Sophie to mind her own business!

Even if you are right, I guarantee Kate isn't going to thank you.

– Kevin Webster

Michelle's guilt grows.
Nick loses it again and Carla gets caught up in the crossfire. Will Nick admit the truth?
Rain stops play at Yasmeen's BBQ.

Picture Previews: Mon 2 May - Fri 6 May

This week on the cobbles: Nick's temper accidentally hurts Carla, Todd hatches a plan to catch Phelan out, Jason and Gemma get together (yes you read it here first!) and Yasmeen tries to have a garden party - in this weather!

Nick accidentally pours boiling water on his hand while making a cuppa. He loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall, hurting Carla in the process.

Nick admits to the consultant that he's scared that he might lash out at Carla. Will he get the diagnosis he is hoping for?

Billy is appalled to find Lee begging money from Steve. Will Steve believe that he's a troublemaker from the homeless shelter?

Todd confides in Billy that he reckons Phelan is after Jason's money and hatches a plan to get to the truth.

Triumphant Todd returns home and with footage of Phelan flogging Tony's gear behind Jason's back.

Eileen's gutted, how's Phelan going to worm his way out of this one?

After one drink too many, Jason makes an awkward pass at Eva. When she turns him down Jason focuses his attention on Gemma instead.

Gemma's thrilled and readily follows him home!

Later in the week, Jason does some work in Gail's annex but Sarah breaks down leaving Jason wondering what's wrong.

Fretting, Sarah takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her she's got a lovely healthy baby and there's nothing to worry about.

Fed up of being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the Bistro, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him!

Amy helps Steve pull off a romantic dinner for Michelle - can he put their relationship back on track?

Caz lets out a yelp when she bumps into Sophie, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle on purpose!

Sophie's furious, confiding in Kevin that she thinks Caz is playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.

And Yasmeen's garden party is ruined when the heavens open!

As Sally watches smugly from the comfort of her conservatory!

First Pics: Nick's at boiling point!

When Nick accidentally pours boiling water on his hand, he loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall.

Carla is horrified! How will Nick explain himself!?

At Carla’s insistence, she and Nick try on their wedding rings and Nick’s overcome with emotion.

Later, as Gail bonds with Carla in the Rovers, David drags Nick into the Rovers back yard to ask what the consultant said. Will Nick tell him the truth?

Having returned home, Nick attempts to make a cup of tea but when he accidentally pours boiling water on his hand, he can't handle his emotions and throws the mug across the room.

As Carla stands there mortified, will Nick tell her the truth?


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Jason's Bad News

Things come tumbling down for poor Jason when he finds out his dad has passed away.

Ryan Thomas talks of the troubles to come...

This is going to be really horrible as a viewer to watch, as you'll see the downfall of Jason.

– Ryan Thomas

Jason has been having a fun time with his new buddy Phelan, but his world comes crashing down with the news of his dad's death.

Having adored his father, Jason starts to struggle with his emotions, and never missing a trick, Phelan manages to take advantage of Jason's vulnerable state of mind.

He's becoming bitter and confrontational, struggling to deal with his anger. Will Jason be able to pull it himself together before he loses everything?

Preview Clips: Friday 29th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nick worries about his brain injury.

I can feel myself losing control.

– Nick Tilsley

Jason lashes out at everyone!
There's someting troubling Billy.
Rita suggests Ken should hurry up and make a move with Audrey. Will he tell her how he feels?
Alya reckons Rana is taking Zeedan for a mug.
Alex asks Cathy to let him stay with her as Nessa is trying to force him to move to Scotland. Will she say yes?


It all kicks off in the rovers!

Fight me, come on, I'm ready!

– Billy Mayhew

Nick is caught in secrets and lies.
Zeedan gives Rana a taste of her own medicine.
Ken’s disappointed when Kylie and Freddie gate-crash his date with Audrey.
Lee approaches Billy and begs him for more money. How will Billy react?

Preview Clips: Wednesday 27th April

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Eileen tells Liz about Tony!

It was never boring!

– Liz McDonald

Eva clocks Billy handing cash to an ill-kempt young lad in the ginnel. Will he tell her who it really is?
Cathy comes to Alex's rescue!
Telling Jason that Tony deserves a good send off, Tracy hands him a card for Preston’s Petals. Jason can’t believe her brass neck.
Zeedan confides in Alya that he may have blown it with Rana as she’s ignoring his calls.

Future Faces At The Factory

After a tempestuous reign at Underworld Carla's about to set sail, leaving Aidan and Johnny at the helm. But as Carla dreams of her happy-ever-after will it all be plain sailing for those that remain at the factory?

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As you’ll see from this exclusive picture, factory boss Aidan is firmly setting his sights on Eva’s charms. With their relationship now firmly cemented what will Coronation Street’s hottest new couple bring to the business?

Aidan’s dad and business partner Johnny Connor also appears to have his eye on a member of staff - Jenny Bradley. But with her troubled past will a liaison with Jenny bring more drama to the factory?

As Carla’s wedding to Nick draws closer it’s all smiles. However the smiles mask the hidden pain and secrets that many of the workers are hiding.

Carla’s happily planning her big day and her move to Devon. But with Tracy blackmailing Carla, using her knowledge of Carla’s one night stand with Robert, it’s a fragile happiness that could be shattered at any moment.

Carla’s not the only Connor for whom the wedding bells are ringing. Kate was all set to marry fiancee Caz. However a forbidden kiss with friend Sophie has left Kate dreaming about what else could be. With Sophie making her feelings clear, Kate will have to choose between a new life with Sophie or her future with fiancee Caz.

Izzy’s embarked on a dangerous path, using cannabis as a form of pain relief. The health benefits outweigh the risks for Izzy but when the law catches up with her will her future at Underworld be called into question?

Fiz is back at work in a bid to make ends meet. With the debts continuing to pile up at home can Fiz and Tyrone pull together or will financial pressures tear them apart?

Sean’s life has been heavenly since vicar Billy came into his orbit. However when someone from Billy’s past turns up on the street, the secrets Billy tries to hold onto will threaten his relationship with Sean.

Sinead’s on cloud nine as she lives out her modelling dream at Underworld. With Auntie Beth at her side her new career seems to be going from strength to strength. But will Chesney’s growing jealous streak dampen her spirits?

With Carla out of the picture Alya sees herself stepping into her shoes. They’re big shoes to fill, has Alya got what it takes or will Underworld business remain a family affair?

And newly elected Weatherfield councillor Sally Metcalfe will be taking snobbery to new heights. Will her position alienate her from her fellow machinists and put more pressure on her marriage to happy-go-lucky window cleaner Tim?

Whatever happens there’ll be a lot more going on than just knicker stitching at Underworld this spring.

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