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Toyah Tells The Truth

Georgia Taylor speaks about THAT secret and how Peter discovers the truth about baby Susie...

There’s been moments where Toyah is worried that Eva may change her mind about the pact, how anxious is she that Eva will want Susie back?

Toyah is always on the verge of feeling like that is going to happen, like she is walking a tightrope and at any moment she could just fall off. Susie is quite literally a piece of Aidan and Toyah knows that Eva has to look in to that child’s eyes knowing that it is the last remaining piece of the man that she loved.

But in the meantime, Toyah and Peter have both bonded with Susie.

Toyah absolutely feels as though Susie is her daughter and she feels very much like the mother she has always wanted to be but the fact they are all living on top of each other is really exacerbating the tension of the situation.

So living with the lie hasn’t become easier for Toyah now that she has Susie?

No, the only thing that feels easy is how natural it feels for her to be a mum because that is something that she has wanted for so long.

What happens when Eva tells Peter, Toyah and Leanne how she caught Simon and his mate smoking over the pram?

Eva goes ballistic because this is her child and she still feels protective so Eva lays in to Peter about it but Peter goes on the defensive for Simon, so Eva and Peter are at loggerheads. There is a genuine moment of tension where Toyah doesn’t know whether Eva is going to reveal the secret. She manages to dissipate the drama but it’s the fact that they have come so close and for a short time Peter and Eva aren’t talking to each other and that is terrifying to Toyah because the drama is bubbling away.

Richard Hawley On Johnny's Grief

Richard Hawley discusses Johnny's state of mind ahead of Aidan's funeral.

How would you describe Johnny and Jenny’s relationship at the moment?

This is the story of men’s difficulty in expressing feelings and in this case, Johnny is finding difficulty with grieving and of course he is deeply traumatised. He’s acting out the silence that Aidan lived in.

Does Johnny realise that he is pushing Jenny away?

Johnny is blinded to everything, he is keeping other people out, not deliberately but he can’t stop it. This is the danger of the difficulty of grieving. It’s an instinctive response to protect his own pain and vulnerability and it’s a classic case of you lash out at the ones closest to you.

What happens when Johnny tells Jenny she is not welcome at the Chapel of Rest?

The trigger for banning Jenny is because she spills a coffee on Aidan’s suit which is almost like desecrating his son. He sees innocent mistakes as desecration because all of his feelings are elevated, you just can’t reach him.

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It's the day of Aidan's funeral and the Connors gather in the Street. But when Alya insists that as Aidan’s friend she should be there, Carla sends her packing.

If you have any respect for this family you stay away, you've already caused enough trouble.

– Carla Connor


Johnny returns to the street emotionally drained and admits to Liz he can’t bear to be in the same room as Jenny. But when Liz invites him back to her flat, is this all going to end in further heartbreak?

I can't bring myself to even look at Jenny, much less grieve with her. All I see is a two-faced woman with nothing but contempt for my boy.

– Johnny Connor

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Michelle’s delighted when Ryan explains he’ll be sticking around a bit longer but Robert has already offered Ali his room - we're sure they'll both be fine with it...

Come around this afternoon, bring your stuff.

– Ryan Preston


Eileen announces she’s moving with Nicola to Bristol. Is this the end of her time on the Street?

Nobody treats me normal round here, they've all got their heads bent to the side squeezing my arm. Eileen, the poor, deluded cow...

– Eileen Grimshaw

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Alya drops the bombshell to the workers that she’s now Underworld's owner and instructs them to get cracking as they’ve a large order to get out.

Will Alya able to cope with now being the new boss?

I know it's a shock, but I want you to know that nothing changes not where you're concerned.

– Alya Nazir

Unable to bear her guilt any longer, Toyah tells Peter that Susie is Eva’s baby.

How will Peter react to the truth?

She's not your girl, she's not my girl, she's not Jackie's girl either... She's Eva's.

– Toyah Battersby

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Coming up: It's the week of Aidan's funeral and Johnny continues to struggle with the loss of his son, Underworld has a new owner, Toyah reveals the truth about baby Susie to Peter and Eileen and Nicola leave Weatherfield.

The Connor's Struggle

Alya tells The Connors that she knows Aidan left the factory to her in his will. Johnny is shocked to realise Carla and Jenny already knew and kept the truth from him.

They tell him that they can contest the will as Aidan wasn't of sound mind. But Johnny insists that they respect Aidan's wishes.

In anger, Johnny then bans Jenny from the funeral and goes round to Liz's flat.

Clearly drunk Johnny kisses Liz. How will she react?

Elsewhere, Carla is furious to discover that the locks have been changed on Underworld. Carla tries to reason with Alya by offering her a percentage of the business. But will Alya accept?

Alya later announces that she is now the owner of Underworld. How will the factory girls react?

At Aidan's funeral, Johnny gives an emotional eulogy.

When he says that Aidan would have made a great dad, it all gets too much for Eva and she rushes out of the church.

Peter Learns The Truth

After Peter has encouraged Simon to take Susie out in her pram, Eva returns with the baby.

Leanne, Peter and Toyah are shocked when Eva reveals she found him and his mate smoking around the pram.

Later, Peter finds the hospital photo that Eva has of Susie and confronts her about it.

Worried and unable to cope with the guilt, Toyah makes the agonising decision to tell Peter the truth.

But when he discovers that Susie is Eva's baby, how will Peter react?

Goodbye Nicola

Gary is shocked when Nicola reveals she is moving to Bristol with baby Zack.

Eileen decides to go with Nicola and bids a fond farewell to Weatherfield. Will she return?

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Rosie, Craig and Gemma are at the 'This Morning' studio having their make-up done before going live with Phillip and Holly. As the nerves build, will they be able to cope?

Don't mention any of the names, or any of the details of what happened...

– Rosie Webster


Michelle tries to comfort a distraught Carla who confides how she blames herself for Aidan’s death, as the stress of being given the factory might have been too much for him.

He gave me life and I couldn't help him. I couldn't save him...

– Carla Connor