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Interview: Jenny's Top Job

The Connors are taking over the Rovers! We asked Sally Ann Matthews what that means for Jenny and Johnny and what will happen to poor Gemma!?

How does the idea about buying the Rovers come about for Jenny and Johnny?

Jenny and Johnny are now at a loose end because they are not going to Spain and they have not got the factory because Johnny doesn’t particularly want anything to do with the factory. But he is a businessman, he is always looking for an opportunity and suddenly they are presented with the possibility of getting the Rovers which Johnny thinks would be a great idea.

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In Roy's Rolls, when Peter suggests that there’s still a spark between them, Carla’s lost for words. But is there a chance for him?

That spark's still there... between us. Still there that same old spark.

– Peter Barlow


As Alya watches Aidan’s DVD she realises just how much his family meant to him. Will this make her have a change of heart?

So what am I doing with their factory?

– Alya Nazir

Preview Clips: Wednesday 8th August

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Johnny and jenny have a heart-to-heart where he reveals the real reason he's so keen to buy The Rovers for them. Will she relent?

I know and I know I need to adjust to a different world. A world without him. But I think that I need something to concentrate on

– Johnny Connor


Rana confronts Saira and points out that had she not been banned from her Dad’s party, she would have recognised his symptoms and could possibly have saved his life. Will her plea work?

But now, he might never recover... he might even die, all because of you and your stupid pig headedness.

– Rana Nazir

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As Leanne and Toyah prepare to leave the Rovers and hand over the reigns to Henry and Gemma, Peter points out that, according to his solicitor, an absent Henry still has not signed the contract. Where is he?

Where is he? He's supposed to have signed the contract hours ago but my solicitor has not heard a dicky-bird from him.

– Peter Barlow


Abi is furious with Steve for speaking behind her back so decides to get her revenge by persuading Tracy to make their first dance the focal point of the day knowing full well Steve would hate it. How will he react?

It's just you, out on the floor in all your glory. Steve approaches, then the music starts.

– Abi Franklin

Maureen Lipman to star in Coronation Street

Acclaimed British actress Maureen Lipman CBE has joined the cast of Coronation Street.

Maureen will play Tyrone Dobb’s grandma Evelyn Plummer, she comes into his life after he decides to research his family history following the recent death of his mum Jackie.

Outspoken battleaxe Evelyn will soon be ruling the roost at number 9 much to Fiz’s dismay and it isn’t long before she starts to ruffle a few feathers on the Street.

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Coming up: Rana and Imran receive some bad news, Tracy and Steve help Abi through some hard times and Alya has an epiphany.

Rana's Rejection

Hassan drops into the solicitors office to ask Imran to his 60th Birthday party.

But when Imran finds out that Rana isn't invited, will he agree to attend?

Imran breaks the news to Rana that Hassan has had a stroke and she rushes to the hospital to visit him.

But when Saira sees Rana, she bans her from seeing her father.

Heartbreak for Abi

Mary and Beth compete with ridiculous ideas about Tracy's hen. Meanwhile, Abi tries to muscle in on their plans.

Abi has a visit with the twins but is upset when she struggles to bond with them.

Later she confides in Steve who opens up about Ruairi and encourages her to rebuild her relationship with the twins. But Steve is shocked when she kisses him.

Soon after, Tracy arrives to take her friend home. Will Steve come clean about what has happened?

Tracy is not happy with Steve when she finds out from Sally that he and Tim have given themselves a £1000 bonus from Street Cars. She suggests he goes and buys her an engagement ring, sending Abi to help him.

Alya's Epiphany

Alya is given a DVD of an interview Aidan did with a student about kidney donation.

When she watches it she realises how much his family meant to him. Will this change her mind?

Interview: Billy Don't Be A Hero

We spoke to Dan Brocklebank about Billy's good deed gone wrong and his friendship with David.

Shona asks Billy to keep an eye on David, why is that?

Shona and Billy are quite close and Billy will have counselling experience so Shona pushes him in the direction of looking after David.

Is Billy worried about David?

Yes, if Shona is worried about David then that’s enough to prompt Billy.

What happens when Billy follows David?

Billy is following David and there’s a car chase! David is chasing someone in a cab then Billy screeches out in his car and eventually he sees David parked up. Billy plonks himself in David’s car and asks him what is going on; he then tries to reason with him, reminding him he has a family and he persuades David to go home. But Billy just can’t resist sticking his nose in…

Why does Billy get himself involved?

Billy endlessly seems to do the wrong thing whilst trying to do the right thing. Potentially, Billy is getting a bit nosier the more he is in the show and he can’t resist getting involved. Ultimately he is trying to stop what happened to David to someone else so that is why he speaks to this chap who he thinks Josh is grooming. His intentions are good except he his basically doing what he has told David not to do!

What are Billy's first thoughts when he hears what has happened to Josh?

He feels terrible because he has caused it. Yes, he has stopped someone going through the trauma of what David went through but he has now actually managed to get someone beaten up so badly that they are near death.

What’s David and Shona’s reaction when Billy comes clean to them?

David is really annoyed because Billy has done the thing that he had told David not to do and calls him a hypocrite which is right actually however Gail is very much, ‘Good on you, Billy,’ because he has stopped him from hurting somebody else.

What will this do to Billy’s conscience?

Billy feels guilt towards Josh and his injuries but this could be a potential opportunity for Billy to maybe help Josh and rehabilitate him and find out why he has done the things that he has done to David and potentially stop it from happening again to someone else but going at it from a different angle.

Let’s talk about the car chase, how was that to film?

Never in my twenty five years of doing this for a living did I think I would be doing a car chase around the streets of Manchester dressed as a vicar, it was very exciting and we got to do all of our own driving which was really cool.

Had you ever filmed anything like that before?

I have driven before in TV shows and in films but I have never done a car crash before. We shut the streets of Manchester off and had proper wheel-spinning-screeching moments - it was brilliant!

Do you think David and Billy’s friendship is a one that can blossom? Do you like that partnership?

I love that partnership and I love Jack P Shepherd. In real life we are quite different and therefore our friendship is good fun so potentially Billy and David could be interesting to watch from an audience’s perspective probably for the same reasons because they are very different people too. Not only could there be a lot of drama there but there could be a huge amount of comedy.

What advice would you give to Billy?

Stop sticking your nose in! Billy, don’t be a hero!

Preview Clips: Friday 3rd August

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It is the day of Aidan’s inquest and the Connors arrive at court. They anxiously await to see if Eva will turn up. But will she be able to face it?

I want it said, for the record. So that she can read it when she gets older. Her dad was a good man, a generous man, who cared.

– Johnny Connor


When Steve discovers Tracy lied about the wedding fair and that she, Abi and Beth are off to a rave in Blackpool, he cunningly uses it to his advantage. Will she find out his plan?

I tell you what. You can even have that season ticket you've been banging on about. How about that?

– Tracy Barlow