Picture Previews: Mon 1 Sept - Fri 5 Sept

This week on the Street: Questions are asked as Peter's life hangs in the balance, Steve attempts to put his cricket team together, Luke and Katy wind up Steph and will Tyrone and Fiz discover the truth about accident?

When Carla hears that Peter's fighting for his life, she decides to pay him a visit.

But not before devious Rob has a thing or two to whisper in his ear!

Later, Carla confesses that she doesn't believe Peter is the murderer...

Can Rob convince her she's barking up the wrong tree?

Corrie cast complete the Ice Bucket challenge

Our slightly bonkers cast have been getting very soggy (and very nippy) for a good cause, by taking park in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We've collected all of their challenges below for your viewing pleasure. Click the links on the Tweets below to view each of the videos - enjoy!

And finally... Les Dennis as Mavis!

Peter's death bed

We joined Chris Gascoyne behind bars, to ask whether this is the end for Peter?

Things have been getting increasingly bleak for Peter in prison, and Jim uses his desperation for alcohol as a ploy to get Steve and Liz to visit him.

But when things don't go according to plan, Peter finds and drinks Jim's entire stash of booze.

With Peter left fighting for his life in hospital, could this be the answer to murderous Rob's prayers?

Preview: Fri 29th Aug 8.30pm

Tyrone pays the Grimshaw's a visit, wanting to talk about the accident...

Peter resorts to desperate measures in order to get a drink.
Dev has some grovelling to do when after he inadvertently insults Julie.
And, Katy and Luke decide to remain just friends.