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Preview Clips: Friday 16th May


In the bistro, a mysterious figure from Robert's past calls in. Will his arrival spell trouble for Robert?

One word and you're out on your ear.

– Robert Preston


Billy breaks the news to Todd that he’s agreed Summer can come and live with them. How will Todd react to this news?

You've made a decision that's going to effect my whole life and I didn't even have a say.

– Todd Grimshaw

Preview Clip: Wednesday 14th June

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Clearly worried about Daniel’s state of mind, Ken suggests he should see a therapist. How will he react?

Because I live in my own head okay. And I don't need some psychiatrist poking around in there, dredging things up, that I don't want to talk about.

– Daniel Osbourne

Preview Clips: Monday 12th June


An angry David refuses to discuss Shona and the reasons why she's now persona non grata around him and his kids.

Look we're not gonna be seeing any more of Shona alright!

– David Platt


In the bistro everyone is toasting Aidan and Eva's engagement. But one person is not exactly full of happiness for the turn of events...

I don't want everyone saying they're saving their best fascinators for Eva's.

– Jenny Bradley

Preview Clips: Friday 9th June


Convinced Shona might be the key to saving her daughter, Sarah visits her in hospital.

Can she persuades Shona to speak to Bethany?

I've tried to talk sense into her but I can't find the words.

– Sarah Platt


Having engineered a meeting between Aidan and the jeweller, Eva nervously waits to see if he's fallen for her 'cunning' plan.

He was pretty happy by the time that we finished...

– Aidan Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 5th June


With Nick now gone Gail makes it perfectly clear to Leanne that she owes her and Oliver nothing.

I deserve more than this Gail, Oliver deserves more than this...

– Leanne Battersby


With Bethany still under Nathan's spell, a secret meeting leads to him persuading her to lie to her family.

They're all acting like I'm traumatised, I said I am traumatised after what they did last night.

– Bethany Platt