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Preview Clips: Friday 28th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Johnny lays down the law with Alya.

Get it earning it's keep - same goes for you!

– Johnny Connor

Michelle is in turmoil when Amy discovers something she shouldn't...
After a pretend row with Maria on the phone, Caz tells Kate she’s nowhere to stay.
And, Peter and Audrey arrive just as Simon is reading aloud to Ken at his bedside.


Beth makes one last desperate plea to Kirk. Can she win her man back?

I'm like a cheese sarnie with no pickle.

– Beth Sutherland

The genetic counsellor breaks the news of his results to Steve and Michelle will they get the outcome they’re all so badly hoping for?
Caz feeds Tyrone a sob story telling him how Maria’s gone nuts and sends her abusive texts!
And, Faye’s appalled and when Seb steals a bottle of wine from the corner shop!

David’s Escape

This is the moment that a deranged and vengeful David Platt finally escapes from the Bistro cellar to carry out his lethal revenge plot.


David has been locked up in the cellar by Gail, Nick and Sarah as they tried to stop him from killing himself and Kylie’s murderer Clayton Hibbs.

But in Friday's episodes David manages to break free and, driven by his thirst for revenge, he manages to get into the death trap car that he has already filled with petrol containers.

As these pictures show, Gail and Nick desperately try to stop David driving off in the car but armed with a lighter he threatens to blow them all up unless they move out of his way.

Is this the end of David? Don't miss tonight’s explosive episodes to find out.


INTERVIEW: Jack P Shepherd on caging David
VIDEO MESSAGE: Watch David say goodbye

Preview Clips: Wednesday 26th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Having become quite attached to Liam, Eva suggests he could stay with them until Maria comes home.

Fine, I'll have a word!

– Aidan, Eva and Liam - Coronation Street - ITV

Can Sarah resist the temptation of Gary?
Peter begs Tracy for a chance to help out and make up with his Dad.
And, can Alya win Johnny over?

Preview Clips: Monday 24th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Has Amy overheard Michelle discussing that there might be something wrong with Steve?

This is so unfair!

– Amy Barlow

As Ken struggles to speak the doctor assures Tracy that his recovery will take time.
Alya has some work to do if she's to make her latest venture a success.
And, Caz packs her bags.


Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers, but what will Michelle make of Steve’s kind-hearted gesture?

I get a bad press...

– Peter Barlow

Leanne takes a worried Simon to see Ken in hospital.
With encouragement from Kirk, Liam asks Aidan if he can spend the night with him and Eva.
And, Gail orders Sarah to stay away from Gary and focus on her family.

David Trapped

Is there a cage built that can hold David Platt? We spoke to Jack P Shepherd about being locked away in the Bistro's cellar.

Gail's plan to keep David safe from himself is teetering on a knife-edge, as her desperate son will do anything to exact his revenge on Clayton.

Full of righteous indignation are their no lengths David will go to to escape?


VIDEO MESSAGE: Watch David say goodbye
BEHIND THE SCENES: Building the cellar