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Kate and Rana Kiss!

This is the moment that Rana Nazir finally gives in to her feelings for Kate Connor and shocks her with a kiss.

For weeks Kate has believed that Rana’s negative reaction to her relationship with Imogen was homophobia and the pair fell out.

Kate and Rana made up after Kate and Imogen split, and in a bid to hide her growing feelings for her mate, Rana told hubby Zeedan that she wanted to try for a baby.

But in Wednesday’s double episodes (11th Oct) a drunken Rana turns up out of the blue at Kate’s flat and stuns her friend by kissing her.

How will Kate react when she realises her married best friend is in love with her?

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Preview Clips: Friday 13th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Nicola visits her parents’ old friend Lydia and reveals her real dad is Pat Phelan. How will Lydia react?

I know it's a lot to take in.

– Nicola Rubenstein


As Angie, Jude and George arrive at No.3, Mary detects a slight chill coming from Angie.

I am a bit worried about how cramped it's going to be in there, all of us living together.

– Angie Appleton

Preview Clips: Wednesday 11th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Phelan delivers food to Andy and reveals his replacement could arrive any day now, who could it be?

He'll be here very soon indeed.

– Phelan


Johnny and Aidan burst into Adam’s office accusing him of stealing the factory’s machines. How will he talk his way out of this one?

Once we've got enough on you, you're going down.

– Aidan Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 9th October


Shona takes David with her to meet Dane where they refuse to hand over any money. How will David react when Dane responds with some vile remarks about Kylie?

We're finished here, stay away from me and stay away from her!

– David Platt


Fed up of Imogen’s pestering, Kate kills a call from her, unaware that Imogen is watching. Imogen forces Kate to admit she sees no future for them, is this the end?

We barely even know each other. Look at us having a row at work.

– Kate Connor