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Preview Clips: Friday 11th August


Gemma is absolutely delighted to see her best mate Chesney back at work, but is it too soon?

Good to have you back Ches-meister!

– Gemma Winter


Eva's got her baby scan today - how's she going to talk her way out of this one?

Are you off your head?

– Leanne Battersby

Preview Clip: Wednesday 9th August


Rosie dupes Todd and Adam into giving her an interview.

Will her cunning plan work?

Legally Blonde, or in your case Illegally Blonde since this is a pack of lies.

– Todd Grimshaw

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Robert's out for revenge, Steve pops the question, Rosie plays detective and Chesney struggles to go back to work.

The police break the news to Robert that Rich has an alibi meaning he couldn't have been behind the attacks.

Fuming, Robert goes after Rich, telling him if he goes near Michelle again, he'll finish the job off.

Mary calls at the Rovers with flowers for Leanne. Will they have the desired effect?

Later, Amy is shocked to overhear Liz talking to Leanne about marrying Steve.

Outside the Rovers, Leanne is horrified to see that Oliver is wearing a baby grow emblazoned with the words ''Will you marry my Daddy?

Everyone watches in disbelief as Steve gets down on one knee and lists all the reasons their marriage could work. Will Leanne say yes!?

Preview Clips: Friday 4th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Mary and Norris continue to plan their wedding. Will they be successful?

I've got very shapely lobes, I've been told.

– Mary Taylor


Phelan visits a church and in the confessional he tells the priest he deserves punishment for all his wrong doing. Will he confess all?

I wonder if people know, passers by on the street...

– Pat Phelan

Preview Clip: Wednesday 2nd August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


In an attempt to bond with Summer, Billy and Todd try to build a robot. Will she be impressed at their efforts?

It might be nice for us to do it together?

– Todd Grimshaw

Preview Clips: Monday 31st July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Whilst nobody’s looking, Robert grabs some cash out of the till and heads off. What's he planning?

I need you to keep an eye on Michelle until I get back.

– Robert Preston


Steve and Leanne are clearly enjoying being the doting parents but will their domestic bliss last?

Steve, this controlled crying was your idea!

– Leanne Battersby

Peter Whalley

It is with very great sadness that Coronation Street confirms that Peter Whalley has passed away.

Peter was at the heart of the Coronation Street writing team for thirty five years and wrote 600 episodes, more than any other writer in the programme's history.

Peter was given a Lifetime Achievement award at the 2009 British Soap Awards before retiring in 2013.

Coronation Street Executive Producer Kieran Roberts today paid tribute to Peter. He said:

"Peter was not just a prolific and brilliant writer, he was also an invaluable source of great ideas and equally great wisdom in our story conferences.

Everyone who knew Peter will also remember the lovely man behind the great writing talent."

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Peter's children and his wife Jan at this time.

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Steve has a proposal for Leanne, Billy builds a robot, Phelan finds out the whether he's Nicola's father and has Erica finally had enough of Dev?

It's going to be a busy week!

Steve's overwhelmed when Leanne buys him and Oliver with matching County shirts. So much so that he asks Leanne to marry him!

Leanne calls in the Rovers and knocking back the vodka, tells Eva and Toyah how Steve proposed to her.

As Toyah and Eva crack jokes about Steve, Leanne becomes defensive.

But the sisters have bigger fish to fry when it all comes out about Eva's fake pregnancy - how will Toyah react?