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Preview Clips: Friday 7th December

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After Sinead snaps at Daniel for wanting to accompany her to hospital, Billy bumps into her and she asks if they can pray together. Will she come clean about missing chemotherapy?

Right now, I am questioning everything.

– Sinead Tinker


Over drinks with Liz and Sean, Eileen reflects on her £5k windfall, but she worries where it came from and what that might mean. How will she decide spend it?

I can see Eileen's point though, it might be blood money.

– Liz McDonald

Preview Clips: Wednesday 5th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


In a bid to encourage Amy to ditch the behaviour contract, Tracy reckons she and Steve should set her up on a date with Aadi. But is this the right idea?

And I don't think we should be meddling in her love life. For want of a better expression.

– Ken Barlow


As Fiz and Hope prepare to leave the street, Evelyn offers Fiz some words of comfort and Fiz, thawing towards her, suggests she stays to keep an eye on Tyrone. Will she agree?

Course you'll cope. I know you, you'll always do your best.

– Evelyn Plummer

Preview Clips: Monday 3rd December

Coming up on the cobbles...


The morning after their chat the night before, in The Bistro, Robert and Kate agree to consult Adam about their baby plan. But how will Rana and Michelle react to the news?

If I was part of the baby's life, how would that effect you and Rana, or me and Michelle?

– Robert Preston


Shona can see that Nick and Leanne are still pining for each other, so in a bid to play cupid, she locks them both in the cafe to sort out their differences. Will her plan work?

You can pretend all you like, but you're miserable without each other.

– Shona Ramsey