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Coming up: Tyrone opens up to Gemma, Phelan feels the pressure and Sally throws a dinner party.

Sparks fly between Tyrone and Gemma

Over lunch, Gemma and Sean are surprised when Tyrone lets Fiz believe that Ruby's behaviour has improved.

Later that day, Ruby and Hope sneak into the factory and Gemma and Tyrone search for them.

Gemma spots them in the office but they've locked the door and are playing with an electric saw. But Gemma saves the day by breaking the door down.

When Gemma calls round at No. 5 to see how the girls are, Tyrone reveals that Fiz has left with Hope to stay with Chesney.

As Tyrone confides in Gemma about his past, she tries to cheer him up with stories of her own failed relationships. Caught up in the moment, Tyrone leans in for a kiss.

Phelan under pressure

Meanwhile, Phelan arrives at the Mill and is horrified to see that, after the draining of the pond, a body is beginning to emerge.

After deciding that she is going to have a party so that her friends can get to know Phelan, Eileen and her guests await his arrival.

An exhausted Phelan manages to retrieve the bodies from the water and drops them into the foundation of the Mill and turns on the concrete.

Phelan's phone falls off the scaffolding and into the foundations and, as he tries to retrieve it, he falls into the unset concrete….

At the party, Eileen is trying to get hold of Phelan so Tim offers to run her to the Mill. Will they get there in time?

Sally's house sale

Sally decided to host a dinner party to contend with Eileen's party for Phelan, and invites Imran and Kate.

Unaware of Kate and Rana's reunion, Sally raises a toast to Kate and Sophie. Kate realises she has to tell Sophie that they can no longer be together.

Later, after more friends have arrived, Sally and Dev have to deal with a clearly drunken Gina.

Following her party, Sally cleans her house from top to bottom and boasts that she has four viewings arranged and one of them is Carla.

Carla is accompanied by Michelle and, whilst Sally gives them the grand tour, they struggle to keep a straight face. But will they succeed?

Preview Clips: Monday 26th February

Coming up on the cobbles...


There's tension in the cab office when Liz and Eileen again row about Pat. Will this lead to further conflict between the former friends?

Hang on a minute... you said he reminded you of that bloke who was trying to kill the Pope in that Tom Hanks film.

– Liz McDonald


Suffering withdrawal and faced with the truth about how badly Summer is doing at school Billy gives in to Geraldine’s insistence that she come and stay with her.

Yeah, I'm getting back to normal, I swear... But until I can be a proper dad to you, till I can stop treating you like a skivvy.

– Billy Mayhew

Preview Clips: Wednesday 28th February

Coming up on the cobbles...


Craig is tense as he realises his watch has stopped and he cannot leave the flat until the time reaches an even number. But when Maria talks to Beth about his behaviour, Beth says he is just safety conscious.

Yes, he was teaching the kid to be responsible. Saving electricity and all that...

– Beth Sutherland


Bethany is quizzed by the police after she glasses the punter in the lap dancing club and is subsequently arrested. She tearfully admits she had suffered a flashback to Nathan.

I thought it was Nathan. He looked at me and I could have sworn it was him

– Bethany Platt

Preview Clips: Friday 2nd March

Coming up on the cobbles...


Tyrone is grateful for Sean and Gemma’s help with the girls and, as he thanks Gemma, is there a spark of attraction between them that is broken by Fiz's return?

Well, I just came to say thanks for helping out the other day...

– Tyrone Dobbs


Kate and Rana have a heart to heart and declare their love for each other, but what will happen when Zeedan walks in to find them kissing?

I can't commit, because I know deep down it's not what I want. She's lovely, but she's not you...

– Kate Connor

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up: Craig plans to move out but will his OCD hold him back? Fiz returns to the Street and Bethany gets into trouble at the club...

Craig's big move?

It's moving day - Beth helps Craig move his things into the Builder's Yard flat!

Kate is cooking dinner as Craig brings the rest of his things to the flat.

But when Craig starts messing with all the knobs in the kitchen, will Kate notice he's hiding something?

Preview Clip: Friday 23rd February

Tonight on the cobbles...


There's tension in the Rovers as Liz and Eileen face off after their reconciliatory lunch doesn't go exactly to plan. Will it come to blows?

Speak to me again like that McDonald and I'll smack you one...

– Eileen Phelan


A despondent Jenny tells Kevin she feels like an outsider when she is with the Connors. Will his advice make a difference?

How are we ever gonna get our dream home in Spain, he can't even walk to the corner shop without one of them getting twitchy.

– Jenny Connor

Preview Clip: Thursday 22nd February

Tonight on the cobbles...


Having seen Seb hiding in Nicola's flat a furious Phelan speaks to his daughter. Will he be able to contain his anger?

You know if there's anything I can ever do to help you only need to ask. Anything worrying you. You can ask me anything. I'm your father, your my daughter.

– Pat Phelan

Preview Clip: Wednesday 21st February

Tonight on the cobbles...


Eileen is surprised by the turnaround in Billy and quizzes him about his apparent speedy recovery from the painkiller withdrawal. Will he come clean?

I know you're still on the pills. So where the heck are they?

– Eileen Phelan