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Picture Previews: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Bethany is in trouble as Nathan's trial begins. Daniel begins a dangerous investigation in to Phelan and will Rita sell the Kabin to Colin?

Anna calls at Seb's house with groceries and meets his mum, Abi.

Anna's shocked to learn that Abi's an addict. What will she do?

Eva's taken aback when Adam reveals he's fallen for her in a big way... but does she feel the same?

Mel asks Bethany to accompany her to the Police Station.

But it looks like she has other ideas!

Mr & Mrs Connor

It's been a full on week for Jenny and Johnny. But what's next for the new Mr and Mrs Connor?

Sally Ann Matthews and Richard Hawley spill the beans on Rita, Aidan and the future of Underworld!

Preview Clips: Friday 29th September


A desperate Andy begs Phelan to consider his proposition. But while Phelan insists it could never work as he no longer trusts his captive, will he change his mind?

You'd be free of all this hassle. I wouldn't be on your conscience any more. You could get on with you life Pat. Spend more time with Eileen... with your daughter.

– Andy Carver


Over a bottle of wine, Gary opens up to Nicola about his time in the army while she shares tales of her own eventful youth. Is their closeness a mistake?

It's weird, never thought I'd make it to this age... never mind older.

– Gary Windass

Preview Clips: Wednesday 27th September


As Bethany heads to meet Craig, she’s startled when an unwelcome face appears from the shadows. Stopping Bethany calling the police, a desperate Mel begs her to listen. What does she want?

If I dish the dirt that's what I'll be... a body.

– Mel Maguire


Adam admits to Todd that his sudden cash injection came from the sale of Underworld’s assets. But will Todd keep this information quiet?

Most people would say what you've done is morally wrong, but I'd say... go for it! Very inventive. But don't get too cocky my little Jock friend.

– Todd Grimshaw

Preview Clips: Monday 25th September


Hunting for evidence against Will, Leanne and Steve secretly let themselves into his house. But after a message from a neighbour about intruders, he's on his way back. Will they be caught?

Please.... don't let there be a hand in here.

– Steve McDonald


In her flat, Maria listens sympathetically as a forlorn Aidan laments all he’s lost.

My dad hates my guts, the factory has closed down and I'm not going to have a kid after all...

– Aidan Connor

Trailer - Autumn On Corrie

Get ready for a dramatic Autumn on the cobbles with our EXCLUSIVE trailer!

Behind The Scenes: Eva's Revenge

With Underworld in tatters and Aidan in bits, it's safe to say that Eva's had her revenge but will she live to regret it?

Join Catherine Tyldesley and Samia Longchambon behind the scenes to hear their thoughts.