We're back for 2018!

Winter is coming and (brace yourselves) Dancing on Ice is back!

After a four-year-hiatus, here’s to more sparkles, more amazing routines, more daring lifts, and more sass and shimmer than ever before! Oh and maybe the odd tumble and fall along the way too...

With 12 shiny new celebs ready to take to the ice, we've also announced that there will be eight new professional skaters joining the four familiar faces of Matt Evers, Brianne Delcourt, Dan Whiston and Sylvain Longchambon.

Like a good cold snap, the pairings are coming in thick and fast! We already know that Cheryl Baker will be dancing with Dan Whiston, Antony Cotton with Brandee Malto, Max Evans with Alejandra Izquierdo, Candice Brown with Matt Evers and Alex Beresford with Brianne Delcourt – but who will be gliding onto the ice together next? Watch this space.

Our 12 celebrities and their partners will be skating to impress the new-look ice panel, consisting of skating legends Torvill and Dean, show favourite Jason Gardiner and Diversity’s very own dance master, Ashley Banjo.

To keep the show smoothly gliding each week, everyone’s favourite TV duo, Phil and Holly are back to host the show.

We'll be bringing you all the behind the scenes gossip ahead of the first live show, including sneak previews of how our celebs are getting on in training, so be sure to follow:

@DancingOnIce on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, get to know your class of 2018 right here and get your skates on, ready for the big return of Dancing on Ice!

Donna Air

TV legend Donna Air is ready to glide across the rink on this year’s Dancing on Ice.

Having presented on mega shows like The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday , the multi-talented 38-year-old from Newcastle is well used to avoiding slip-ups on live TV.

Donna said: "It is absolutely terrifying. It's exciting though, it's looking like it's going to be a great series. It's really difficult. Apparently my posture's terrible so I've got to work on that. I need to build more core strength. My daughter's like 'oh no, mum you're going to be so embarrassing'". Nothing like the support of your family and friends, eh?!

Don't worry Donna, we've got a good feeling about this...

Cheryl Baker

Pop The Fizz, let's raise a toast together as Cheryl Baker has made her mind up to join the show!

63-year-old Cheryl has come a long way from 1981’s Eurovision Song Contest – let’s just hope there’s no skirt issues while she’s on the ice!

Cheryl said:"I started training yesterday. It was such huge fun. I've never skated apart from when I was about 12. I am feeling nervous."

Don't worry Cheryl. We always find the best approach on the ice is you gotta speed it up, and then you've gotta slow it down... She won Eurovision but will she soon be adding Dancing On Ice to her trophy cabinet?

Candice Brown

After winning The Great British Bake Off in the summer of 2016, Candice will be looking to RISE to the top of our celeb leaderboard. Maybe with a few SHOWSTOPPER routines along the way. See what we did there?

Hopefully there won’t be too many soggy bottoms for the 32-year-old baker from Bedford.

Announcing the news, Candice said: "It's nerve wracking. I start my training today. I take my first steps on the ice later on. My friends call me Bambi on Ice and that's just normal day to day!".

Candice is paired with our returning pro (and former show winner) Matt Evers. Will it be another win for Matt this time around?

Perri Shakes-Drayton

On your marks, get set, DANCE (on Ice)!

Our East London athlete Perri is warmed up and ready to hit the rink running on Dancing On Ice for 2018. The competitive 28-year-old might be a champ at the 400 metres sprint, but will her need for speed impress our judges on the ice?

Perri said:"It is an opportunity and I was told in the past I’d never be able to run again and that was not nice to be told... Now the fact my body feels good, I’ve been given a challenge, an opportunity, I’m going to go give it my best shot. I came across Kem from Love Island and we saw each other at the ice rink. He saw my skills, I saw his skills... I’m better than him. I’m most excited about the costumes!”

YES! We love it, fighting talk already. What more could you expect though from one of our finest competitive athletes? Watch out, Kem...

Stephanie Waring

Things are going to start heating up (or should that be cooling down?) as Manchester-born Stephanie Waring joins Dancing on Ice!

Stephanie has been gracing our screens as Hollyoaks’ bombshell Cindy Cunningham for over twenty years, but will that grace transcend to the ice, or will we be seeing some soap-style high drama?

Stephanie said:"It's quite a daunting challenge. The first day was pretty tough. I thought I'd be better than I was. I fell over once. It's very technical; it's the way you hold yourself, the positioning of your feet. Balancing is the hardest thing to do. I thought 'well I can do yoga, I can obviously skate on ice.... no Steph you can't!"

Don't be so hard on yourself, Stephanie. We'll let our judges be the judge of that!

Kem Cetinay

He's 100% our type on ice... Love Island’s very own Kem will be gliding onto our rink come January!

The 21-year-old Essex lad not only won Love Island in 2017, but he won the girl of his dreams, won the hearts of the nation, and went on to win himself a No 1 song on iTunes with his debut single.

Will Kem continue his winning streak or will he fall head over heels when he hits the ice rink?

Kem said: "I still can't believe I'm going to be on Dancing on Ice! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be strapping on a pair of skates and dancing in some lycra. Anyone who knows me will know how competitive I am, so I'm going to work very hard to stay on my feet! I can't wait to get my skates on."

Antony Cotton

Do you want Ice with that?

Corrie legend Antony Cotton is stepping out of the Rovers Return and straight onto our ice rink for 2018.

The 42-year-old from Manchester is best known as our favourite barman and knickers-maker Sean Tully in Corrie, but how will his sequin placement and pint-pulling skills serve him in training?

Antony said: "I better get my skates on - I've got practicing to do!"