The bits you didn't see...

Can you believe that after nine series Dancing on Ice has come to an end?

We had so much fun on this final series that we felt we just had to share it with you... That's right - it's the Dancing on Ice outtakes video - enjoy!

Ray: Winner exclusive

We had the first interview with the newly crowned Dancing on Ice champion, just moments after he lifted the winner's trophy.

Ray Quinn had a special message for his fans, spoke about skating in the future, and how he plans to celebrate...

Congratulations Ray!

Ray's Bolero

Ray's Bolero outfit

We've had ups and downs emotionally, just as the Bolero is emotionally anyway on the ice, the story about it is amazing and me and Maria are telling our story.

– Ray Quinn

Hayley's Bolero

Hayley's bolero dress

It was brilliant to choreograph another Bolero because we love putting things together, we work as one, we have the same ideas. We've loved every second of it.

– Hayley Tamaddon

Ray: Wardrobe Whisper

Ray's flamenco

Ray is wearing tight, high-waisted pants and a tight shirt. To match the flamenco theme, Maria is wearing a traditional full, frilly dress.

– Wardrobe

"We work as one"

Hayley and Dan on how their perfect partnership helped when putting together their brand new bolero...