Beth goes back to basics

Ahead of the final, Beth took Lukasz to meet her gymnastics coach.

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"Don't fall over!"

You can always rely on your best friend for some motivational advice, so ahead of the final Ray went home to Liverpool to see his best friend Joe.

Ray may have support from his best friend, but does he have yours?

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"I'd love it to be me"

Relaxing in the Rovers Return, Hayley chats to Coronation Street co-star Krissi Bohn about being in the final of the last ever series of Dancing on Ice.

Hayley's got support from the Corrie cast - but does she have yours?

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"We've had ups and downs"

Ray Quinn talks to us about what it would mean to him to perform the Bolero in the last ever Dancing on Ice final.

Watch our backstage interview to find out more...

Beth on her bolero

Beth and Lukasz have been working hard on their bolero, and they have the war wounds to prove it, as they explain...

Hayley's bum squeezes

Hayley and Dan tell us all about their sexy showcase for the Dancing in Ice final...

"I'm a cheerleader!"

It's Dancing on Ice final day (the last one ever!) so what have Beth and Lukasz got planned for us tonight?

Watch the video to find out!

Judges and presenters... on ice!

Ahead of tomorrow’s last Ever Dancing on Ice, our presenters and judges have been undergoing their very own top secret training.

In a Dancing on Ice first, Phillip Schofield, Christine Bleakley, Ashley Roberts, Jason Gardiner, Robin Cousins and Karen Barber will all take to the ice.

But what exactly will they be doing? We couldn’t possibly tell you that!

Check out all the pictures below...

Christine and Phillip look like their enjoying themselves!