Who's leaving the show on Disco Week? The results are in...

They'd all polished their disco balls and delivered their finest Disco Week skates, but after Candice's departure last week, who became the second celeb to leave Dancing on Ice?

Brooke brings disco to the future

It may be Disco Week, but there's not a single flare in sight in Brooke's skate! She's bringing us a vision of the future with this routine, complete with spins, robots, and some great hair.

Cheryl's our Disco Week Dancing Queen!

Sunday night and the lights are low... Cheryl's looking out for a place to go... and that place is the ice! Watch her take a chance with a fun-filled skate to the sounds of Abba.

Heatwave alert! Watch Jake's scorching skate

Disco Week's really hotting up and it's all down to this sizzling skate. We've just got one question... How do you fit Canned Heat into the heels of those skates, Jake?

Lemar makes Disco Week look Easy...

He may have landed in the Skate Off in Week 2, but Lemar's glided back onto the ice as easy as a Sunday morning, fighting for his place a Sunday night.

Donna is all woman on the ice

Nothing beats a bit of girl power (or woman power?) on a Sunday night, and that's exactly what Donna dealt out in Disco Week. You go girl!

Grab your jacket.. it's time to boogie with Alex

It's time to slip into some sequins, grab a dancing partner and prepare to groove all night, as Alex's Disco Week dance is about to put you in a mighty real party mood.

Perri shines like a star in Disco Week

She's used to running at full speed, but Perri slowed things down in Week 3 with this dream-like skate to the dulcet tones of Rose Royce.