Personal trainers for 9-year-olds

Children as young as nine are getting themselves personal trainers and taking gym classes with some parents forking out £200 a month to get their kids active.

ONS figures say 28% of kids aged between two and15 are obese... and six out of ten may be dangerously overweight by 2050.

Journalist Anna Wharton doesn't believe in sending kids to a Personal Trainer, she spoke to us about the subject.

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Anorexia isn't just a female condition

My GP just said: 'Can't you see you're not fat?'

– Anorexia sufferer Jack Jacobs

A new report in the BMJ says the widespread perception that only women have eating disorders is preventing men with these problems from getting the support they need.

We talk to Jack Jacobs, who developed anorexia at 14 years old, to find out what he thinks the triggers were and how he found help.

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Melanie Sykes on life with an autistic son

Melanie Sykes talks to Daybreak about life with her autistic seven-year-old son Valentino, after a recent report shows few people understand the condition.

Statistics released by charity Dimensions UK to Daybreak show that the public don't understand autism making everyday life very challenging for people with the condition.

To mark the day, buildings and landmarks across the globe will be bathed in blue light as part of the annual Light It Up Blue campaign, to raise awareness of autism - one of only three health issues recognised by the UN with its own day.

Find out more about the Hearts and Minds challenge here

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