Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh, News Hour Presenter

The day after finishing my Post Grad Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, I started my six month contract at BBC Radio Lancashire, as a reporter, and news bulletin editor.

Fifteen months later, I moved to BBC Radio Manchester, where I began presenting programmes. TV reporting beckoned a couple of years later when I got a job at BBC North West Tonight, and eventually in 2008 I was asked to present the live show five nights a week.

In 2012, I became Daybreak's News Hour co-presenter, and newsreader.

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway, Presenter

I started presenting GMTV in 2000, and have interviewed some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment, including Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts!

Before GMTV, I joined Sky News in 1998 as a main anchor on its breakfast show, Sunrise. Prior to joining Sky, I worked in BBC radio and with ITV news and presented Meridian Tonight, before being picked as one of the team of presenters to launch BBC’s 24-hour rolling news channel, News 24.

In addition to my work on GMTV, I am a busy mum of two and have been involved in a wide range of network programmes including Strictly Come Dancing and Channel 4’s controversial documentary, Other People's Breast Milk.

John Stapleton

John Stapleton, Presenter

I have been a journalist/television presenter for more than 40 years having worked on BBC Nationwide, Panorama, Newsnight and, with my wife Lynn Faulds Wood, Watchdog.

I presented ITV's The Time the Place for seven years and have been an ITV breakfast presenter for 15 years.

Katy Fawcett

Katy Fawcett, North of England Correspondent

I was born and raised in a small town in North Yorkshire called Northallerton and have one brother, Ben, who’s two years older than me. During my school years I spent most of my free time writing for the school newspaper and performing in school plays and local theatre.

At the age of 18 I left home and went to University in Sheffield where I studied English Language and Literature, then onto Leeds to complete a post graduate in Bi-media Journalism.

During that year I applied for a traineeship with ITV and was over the moon when I got one of 12 places across the country. I started with ITV in the Westcountry where I learned all the tricks of the trade in the most beautiful environment, often filming out at sea!

I was offered my first journalism job as a reporter at ITV Central in 2008 and then began to do freelance work for ITV national news during weekends and busy periods. I began my current role as North of England Correspondent for Daybreak in March 2012.

Ross King

I’m a TV Host, Actor, Producer, Writer, winner of 4 News Emmys, 2 Sony Awards, 1 Golden Mic, Cycling Proficiency Badge and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh.

I’m best known for: Swanning around Hollywood chatting with celebs

Laura Tobin

Laura Tobin, Weather Presenter

I've always had a huge interest in the weather, it all started at my upper school (Duston Upper School), I had a great Geography teacher, Mr Hannant, who taught a topic on the weather talking about storms and the jet stream with pupils running around the classroom representing warm and cold air. I was hooked.

At 14 years old I called the Met Office to find out what I needed to study to become a forecaster. I learnt I had to study Maths and Physics A Level (to my dismay). As I have always enjoyed being creative I also studied A level Art. I then loved Physics so much that I went to Reading university to study a joint degree in Physics and Meteorology. I graduated in July 2003 and joined the Met Office that September.

Cordelia Kretzschmar

News correspondent, Cordelia Kretzschmar

I have spent the last ten years telling the biggest news stories in the world to a family audience on ITV.

From the disaster zones of Japan and New Orleans, the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the party zone that was our Royal baby coverage, I have brought you what you needed to know, live from the scene.

My ITV decade includes three years in New York as US Correspondent.

Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold, Entertainment Editor

Currently Daybreak's Entertainment Editor, I have been a TV and radio presenter for 20 years.

I've worked my way through three Prime Ministers, hauled myself up more red carpets than any A-lister and have hundreds of hours of live TV on under my belt, which fluctuates between a loose 34 inches and an optimistic 32.

I've also hosted quiz shows, beauty pageants, animal roadshows and cookery shows amongst other career highlights and after two decades on air I don't regret for a single moment not finishing my law degree. Or, for that matter, my performance on Stars In Their Eyes.