Christmas at Downton Abbey

Spend Christmas with the stars of Downton Abbey, in a special two hour episode.

The drama will pick up in autumn 1924. It's grouse shooting season and Rose’s father-in-law, Lord Sinderby, has rented out Brancaster Castle in Northumberland and invited the Crawley family to a shooting party. While good sport is enjoyed, Stowell has an axe to grind and a scandalous secret threatens to undermine the holiday. Surprises are in store as the families become better acquainted with each other and some new faces arrive on the scene.

Meanwhile the servants hold the fort back at Downton. As Anna faces an uncertain future behind bars, Bates takes drastic measures in a bid to clear her name. Baxter and Molesley are busy on a joint plan and Carson and Mrs Hughes consider a business venture.

The cast trade places

Which Downton Abbey character would you like to trade places with? It's a simple question, but not so simple to answer, especially for the cast.

Watch and find out who has pledged their allegiance to team Patmore and who wants to speak the wise words of Carson.

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Preview: The Downton Abbey finale

I feel as if our household is breaking up

– Lady Mary fears for the future

The Crawley's have faced widespread change to their family and their way of life, but will the series finale bring a happy ending for all?

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