How much do you remember about episode 8

The Dowager returned to make Mary see sense

What a dramatic episode! Just when it looked like Edith was going to get her happy ever after, it was cruelly taken away from her. Is this the last we've seen of Bertie?

With a narrow escape for Thomas, a change of luck for Molesley and wedding bells for Mary, we've had to cram a lot into this week's quiz. See how much you can recall.

Downton quotes - Who said that?

Since the series began the cast have uttered many a memorable one-liner but can you match the quote to the character who uttered it?

We put the Downton cast to the test to see who remembered their lines and we'll be sharing the hilarious results throughout the week.

Pick the answer you think is correct below, then check back later to see if you did better than the actors themselves.

Check back soon to see if you got it right.

You can still see how well, or not so well the cast guessed other choice quotes from the series below.