Six of the saddest Downton Abbey goodbyes ever

Keep your eyes on the road Matthew...

As we prepare to say farewell to Downton Abbey , let's get in the mood by recalling some of the biggest tear-jerker departures the series has given us.

You'll be wishing you had a freshly ironed hankerchief by the end of this sombre trip down memory lane.

The shock road crash death of Mathew Crawley
Did anyone see that one coming? No, we thought not. Matthew was the happiest he had ever been. For a matter of minutes. Matthew’s jaw-dropping exit on the day he became a father took Mary a very long time to get over and we’re still not sure we’ve recovered.

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Will Lady Mary ever find another love to match Matthew's?

Love is never far from the doors of Downton Abbey and over the last five series has been found in the most unexpected places. From dashing suitors to eyebrow raising relationships, take a look at some of the most wonderful romances to have blossomed since the Crawleys first let us inside their home.

The cast trade places

Which Downton Abbey character would you like to trade places with? It's a simple question, but not so simple to answer, especially for the cast.

Watch and find out who has pledged their allegiance to team Patmore and who wants to speak the wise words of Carson.

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