Downton darlings

Times are changing at Downton, and the next generation is growing up quickly.

Take a look at George and Sybbie as Downton Abbey series 5 gets set to return.

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Young George Crawley has his father's trade mark blonde locks

Little Sybbie bears an uncanny resemblance to her late mother

New characters

Get to know some of the new characters joining Downton Abbey series four.

Lord Gillingham played by Tom Cullen

He is dashing and charming and having had similar experiences with his own inheritance gives Lady Mary advice on the Downton estate and in particular the issue of death duties...

Charles Blake played by Julian Ovenden

Along with Evelyn Napier (friend of Mr Pamuk in series 1) Blake is evaluating the economic health of big estates around the country in order to help them run more efficiently. Which doesn't sit well with Lady Mary.

Jack Ross played by Gary Carr

A charming, suave and charismatic jazz singer from Chicago. Jack sings at the Lotus jazz club in London which is visited one night by Branson and Ladies Mary, Rose and Rosamund.