Aaron Dingle

Aaron's the misunderstood bad boy with a big heart. The son of Chas Dingle, he's inherited the family's extraordinary ability to find trouble around any corner. Saving his best friend Adam, discovering his sexuality and finding love with Robert has made him a force to be reckoned with.

The Mill : Behind the scenes with Danny Miller

Danny Miller takes us on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of The Mill. The new home of Aaron and Robert...

Video preview: Mon 10 Apr 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Robert suggests taking Aaron for a picnic to cheer him up. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 6 Apr 7pm (and 8 pm)

Thursday's preview clip: On the morning of his release from prison, Aaron's thrilled to be going home. Elsewhere in the Village...

DELETED SCENES: The missing #Robron wedding moments

Half an hour isn't enough for a small Village with TONS of Drama - especially when it's the #Robron wedding. See never-before-seen scenes that didn't make the broadcast:

Robron wedding teaser

The big day is nearing but will Robert and Aaron make it down the aisle?

Video preview: Fri 17 Feb 7pm

Friday's preview clip: As the day of sentencing looms, Liv worries about how Aaron will cope in prison. Elsewhere in the village...

Video preview: Wed 1 Feb 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Rebecca enlists Robert and Aaron's help to find her mum's wedding ring.Elsewhere in the village...

Emmerdale NTA Review with Danny Miller and Natalie J. Robb

Our National Television Awards nominees Natalie J. Robb and Danny Miller reminisce on some of the most memorable Emmerdale moments of 2016.

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