Behind The Scenes

The final chapter: John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy

John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy talk to us about some of their favourite moments of Ashley and Laurel's story over the past year.

Iain's moments of the year

Iain MacLeod spills on his fave moments from the last 12 months in Emmerdale! What have been YOUR favourite moments?

The Mill : Behind the scenes with Danny Miller

Danny Miller takes us on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of The Mill. The new home of Aaron and Robert...

Harriet's crash: Behind the scenes

When Emma tries to take out Faith with a brick, divine intervention (by way of Harriet's bus!) knocks her over. Jeff Hordley, Sally Dexter and Katherine Dow Blyton take you behind the scenes.

Dream weaving...Behind the scenes

Dream a little dream, forever....Charlotte Bellamy takes you behind the scenes of the incredible Laurel and Ashley dream sequence.

Bye Ashley, from John

Ashley came into the Village a stranger and left a part of all of our families. John Middleton says goodbye to playing Ashley Thomas for 20 years.

2017 on Emmerdale with Iain MacLeod

2017 is going to be one heck of a year...get the exclusive scoop from Emmerdale's series producer Iain MacLeod.

Ashley's special episode: Behind the scenes

Join John Middleton and the crew behind the scenes as familiar locations and unfamiliar faces all come together to create one very special episode.