Macey Madness: Behind the scenes

Charity's played some terrible games to get what she wants, but has she lost this time...and for good?

Jason Merrells, Emma Atkins, Gaynor Faye and Jamie Shelton take you behind the scenes of the #MaceyMadness. Will this game of cat and mouse end in tragedy? Watch and find out...

Behind the scenes of Dan and Kerry's Wedding

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Let the confetti fall where it may as we take you behind the scenes of the (gaudiest) event of the year - Dan and Kerry's wedding! Will it be smooth sailing from here or are there more skeletons waiting to come out of the closet? See what the groom and bride have to say...

Victoria Pendleton's golden day in Emmerdale

It's the grand re-opening of Home Farm and they've got a special guest of honour...Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton! Watch our interview with Victoria as she spills on what it's like to be in the Village and Jimmy's epic (and ill-fated) race to win her heart.

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